Kids and climate change

Youth and climate change

Youth and climate change

Video Transcript

Catherine McKenna (Minister of Environment and Climate Change): I have the huge honour of being the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. No portfolio is more important for our country. Do you ever think about climate change a little bit?

Crowd: Yes.

McKenna: Yes? Do we have to do something?

Crowd: Yes.

McKenna: Yes, definitely. Definitely, it’s for your future. We really have to change things. Student ideas to fight climate change.

McKenna: So, you’re Haley? Hi, Haley. What grade are you in?

Haley: Fourth.

McKenna: Fourth? Very good.

Haley: Is it possible to install solar panels on schools for renewable energy?

McKenna: Well, that’s a very good idea. Is it possible to install solar panels on schools to get renewable energy? Absolutely, I would love to see in all…on houses, schools, it would be good to use renewable energy like solar panels. It’s a little expensive, so…but it’s definitely part of the solution. So, thank you very much. That’s a good solution.

Make a pinky promise to fight climate change!

McKenna: So, I need your help. Do you know what pinky promises are?

Crowd: Yes.

McKenna: OK. And you have to raise your pinky up high. Who wants to promise? Let’s make a promise. So, if you’re with me, you will make a promise: you will help me fight climate change, and you will tell your parents and grandparents that they have to work with us too. OK? Let’s pinky promise. OK, we can’t break that.

Video Transcript Transcript

0:01 “Kids: have your say”

0:04 Hey you!

0:05 We want to know... what are you doing for our our planet?

0:09 Climate change matters

0:11 Make a promise with your friends.

0:13 Get involved! Participate in our kids summer challenge

0:18 Share your photos, artwork or videos!

0:21 Get more details at

0:25 Make a difference! Help us save our planet!


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