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Step up your snack game

Prepping your own snacks can be quick and easy — and can be great for your health, your wallet, and the environment.

Make healthy snacks using Canada's food guide plate


The image of Canada's food guide plate appears on the right side of the screen. Half of the plate is vegetables and fruits, one quarter of the plate is whole grain foods, and the remaining quarter of the plate is protein foods.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Healthy snacks using Canada's food guide plate

The Canada's food guide logo appears in the top left corner.

A new screen with a turquoise wooden background slides in. A wooden circular board rolls onto the screen from the left. The circular board is divided into the proportions of the Canada’s food guide plate—one half on the left and two quarters on the right.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Make half your plate vegetables and fruits

The left half of the plate turns white before fading away.

Multiple food items slide into the screen from various directions and stop on the circular board. A small ceramic dish filled with chickpeas slides in from the top and stops on the top right quarter. Another small dish with square whole grain crackers slides in from the bottom and stops on the bottom right quarter. One red pepper sliced in half, two large sticks of celery and two large carrots slide in from the bottom left and stop on the left half of the board.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Hummus with veggies and whole grain crackers

A rectangular metal lunchbox slides into the screen from the top right. The lid slides off the lunchbox revealing four sections inside. An empty glass bottle slides into the screen from the top and stops above the lunchbox.

The food items slide off the board and move toward the lunchbox. The chickpeas become hummus, which fills a small section of the lunchbox. The crackers slide one by one into another small section. The red pepper, two celery sticks and two carrots become sliced as they move into the largest sections of the lunch box.

The empty bottle fills up with water. The water bottle cap slides into the screen and fastens to close it. The lunchbox lid closes.

An insulated lunch bag slides into the screen in the top right corner and opens. An icepack slides into the screen from the top and slides into the lunch bag, followed by the lunch box. The lunch bag closes and slides off the screen, followed by the water bottle.

TEXT ON SCREEN- English muffin with cheese and apple slices

New food objects slide onto the screen and onto the circular board from various directions. A green apple slides in from the left and stops on the left half of the board. A glass dish filled with shredded cheese slides in from the top and stops on the top right quarter. One half of a toasted whole grain English muffin slides in from the bottom and stops on the bottom right quarter. The green apple rolls downwards, becoming a row of apple slices.

A rectangular plate slides on the screen from the top, stopping beside the circular board. The English muffin slides off the board and onto the right side of the plate. The apple slices disappear from the board and appear on the plate—four on top of the English muffin and the rest on the left side of the plate. The shredded cheese slides off the circular board towards the plate. The cheese tops the apple slices that are on the English muffin and melts.

The circular board rolls off the screen to the left. A placemat slides onto the screen from the bottom and the plate slides onto it. A cloth napkin, glass water pitcher, glass cup and green plant slide onto the screen, creating a place setting. The water level inside the water pitcher lowers as water fills the empty glass cup.

Bites are taken out of the apple slices and English muffin until the plate is empty. The water inside the glass cup lowers until the cup is empty. All objects on screen disappear one by one, leaving just the turquoise background.

TEXT ON SCREEN- Discover the food guide and recipes at

TEXT ON SCREEN- Canada wordmark with waving flag.

There are lots of ways to make quick and tasty snacks!

Want a simple trick? Use the Canada’s food guide plate.

Making your snacks at home can…

Satisfy your hunger and help you stay energized

Reduce food packaging and your impact on the environment

Help with learning new skills, and save you money

The 3 ingredient snack challenge

Snacks don’t need to be complicated! Try the 3 ingredient snack challenge.

Get in the kitchen and show us what you’re doing! Tag your snack, then tag a friend! #Explore3ingredients

On your mobile device, visit our challenge page on TikTok by selecting the #Explore3ingredients hashtag from the discover page trending list.

Need some new snack ideas?

No-cook wrap

Spread beans, salsa, cut peppers and grated lower fat cheese over a whole grain tortilla. Roll and cut into bite-size pieces.

Easy edamame

Edamame can be a fun snack in the shell or out. Microwave a handful of frozen edamame. Add some black pepper or cayenne for extra flavour.

Crispy chickpeas

Roast canned chickpeas in the oven with a touch of oil and seasoning of your choice. Get creative with the spices!

Make-it-your-own trail mix

Mix together whole grain cereals, different nuts, seeds, or popcorn. Make it tasty by sprinkling in some cinnamon, paprika, chilli powder or cumin.

Frozen yogurt

Put lower fat yogurt and fruit in an individual container and place in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Take it out and eat it right away, or let it soften a bit.

Personal pizza

Top a whole grain English muffin with tomato sauce, leftover roasted vegetables, and lower fat shredded cheese. Microwave until cheese melts.

Check out our recipes for more healthy snacking ideas!


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