Drug and health products

Product licences, inspections, buying and using products safely, side effects, recalls and complaints

Services and information

Drugs and medication

Drug product database, medicine (prescription), cannabis, smoking, vaping, safe consumption, production, selling, licensing, regulations.

Licensing, authorizing and manufacturing drug and health products

Drug, medical device and natural health product licence applications, review, approvals, legal requirements.

Natural and non-prescription health products

Natural health products, associated guidelines and regulations.

Side effects, recalls and complaints

Recalls and safety alerts, submit a drug or health product complaint, report side effect or search database.

Self-care products

Regulation, cosmetics, over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs, natural care products.

Inspecting and monitoring drug and health products

Drug and health product inspections, monitoring, safety reviews.

Marketing of drugs and medical devices

Regulations and guidance, advertising requirements, marketing drugs and medical devices, illegal marketing.

Buying and using drug and health products safely

Buying online, importing for personal use, counterfeit drugs, disposal, off-label veterinary drug use, , antibiotic resistance.

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