Calculate payroll deductions, file GST/HST returns, register a business, and make payments.



My Business Account

Log into My Business Account, register for My Business Account, and file your GST/HST return and information returns.

Represent a client

Log into Represent a client, register for Represent a client, get information about how to register, and access tax information on behalf of individuals and businesses.


Open a GST/HST account, make a change to an account, charge GST/HST, file a GST/HST return, validate a GST/HST number, and make a payment.


Open a payroll account, calculate payroll deductions and contributions, file an information return, and send payroll deductions.

Income tax—Partnerships and sole proprietorships

Get information for sole proprietorships and partnerships, and report self-employment income.

Business registration

Register a business, open program accounts, and find out when and how to register a business.

Excise taxes and special levies

Get information about excise taxes and special levies, including rates for the Air Travellers Security Charge.

Customs tariff

Get information on tariff classification, rates of duty, interpretation or application of the customs tariff, and permits.

Corporate income tax

File a corporation income tax return, find corporation tax rates, and find out about eligible dividends and functional currency.


Ready to open a business?

To register for a business number and corporate income tax, GST/HST, payroll, and import/export accounts, use the Canada Revenue Agency’s Business Registration Online service.

Web forms save you time and money!

Using Web Forms can save you time and money. Simply save, print and submit your information slips electronically—for free!

Need to pay your business taxes? - Don’t let cheques slow you down. Easy route Pay Online - CRA

Say goodbye to bank visits, writing cheques and searching for stamps. Making your Canada Revenue Agency payments online is more convenient and easy.

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