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Personal income tax

Who should file a tax return, how to get ready for taxes, filing and payment due dates, reporting your income and claiming deductions, and how to make a payment or check the status of your refund.

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Services and information

Who should file a tax return

Determine if you need to file a tax return and what your tax obligations are

COVID-19 benefits and your taxes

How to report your benefit amounts, issues with tax slips, and payment options

Get ready to do your taxes

Find out what's new for 2023, key filing and payment dates, what to report and claim, and ways to file your taxes

Paying your taxes

Find options to pay now, pay a debt over time or if you cannot pay, and how to pay 2024 taxes by instalments

After you file your tax return

Get your notice of assessment, pay a balance owing, check the status of your refund, make a change to your tax return

Help others with their taxes

Become an authorized representative, register your organization to host a free tax clinic, or volunteer at a tax clinic

Due dates and payment dates

Filing and payment due dates for taxes, contributions, instalments, and amounts you may owe

Reporting income

Find out what you need to report as income and where to enter it on your tax return

Claiming deductions, credits, and expenses

Find deductions, credits, and expenses to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay

What's new for 2023 taxes

Changes to taxes and improvements to services for individuals and families for the 2023 tax year

Tax rates

Find federal, provincial and territorial tax rates for current and previous tax years

Learn about your taxes

Learn about our tax system, how it works, and why we pay taxes

Doing taxes for someone who died

Report the date of death, access tax records as a representative, file final and estate tax returns, settle the estate



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