Get ready to do your taxes – Personal income tax

It is important to file an income tax and benefit return in order to apply for and receive benefits and credits you are entitled to.

If you aren't sure if you should file, go to who should file a tax return.

Steps to get ready for 2020 taxes

  1. Find out how COVID-19 benefits impact your taxes

    How to report your benefit amounts, issues with tax slips, payment options, and interest relief if you owe 2020 taxes.

  2. Check what's new for 2020 taxes

    Changes to taxes and improvements to services for individuals and families for the 2020 tax year.

  3. Get your documents ready

    Gather tax slips, receipts, and other supporting documents, including self-employment income, foreign investments, assets, or other earnings.

    • Tax slips

      Understand your tax slips like T4 and T4A, when you will receive them, and how to get copies.

    • Deductions, credits, and expenses

      Find tax deductions, credits, and expenses to reduce your tax owing or to get a refund.

  4. Be aware of key dates for 2020 taxes

    Filing and payment due dates for taxes, contributions, instalment payments, and any amounts you may owe.

    Filing dates for 2020 taxes

    • Feb 22, 2021: Earliest you can file online
    • Mar 1, 2021: Deadline to contribute to a RRSP, PRPP, or SPP
    • Apr 30, 2021: Deadline to file your taxes
    • Jun 15, 2021: Deadline to file your taxes if you or your spouse or common-law partner are self-employed

    Payment date for 2020 taxes

    • Apr 30, 2021: Deadline to pay your taxes
  5. Find ways to do your taxes

    Ways to file your taxes online, by paper, or have someone else complete them for you.

  6. Keep your CRA information up-to-date

  7. Understand your rights as a taxpayer

    Know your rights, entitlements, and obligations as a taxpayer when dealing with the CRA.

  8. Now you can: Do your taxes

    How to complete and file your taxes, report income, claim deductions, credits, and expenses.


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Free tax clinics

Community organizations are hosting free virtual tax clinics. Find out about the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).

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