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Business number registration

Services and information:

Most requested services for business number registration

Income tax

Services and information:

Most requested services for income tax:


Steps for payroll:

  1. Get ready to make to make deductions
  2. Set up a new employee
  3. Open a payroll program account
  4. Calculate deductions and contributions
  5. Pay (remit) source deductions
  6. Send your payroll information returns

Other services and information for payroll:

Most requested services for payroll:

GST/HST for business

Steps to collect and remit (pay) the GST/HST and file a return:

  1. When to register for and start paying the GST/HST
  2. Open or manage an account
  3. Charge and collect the tax
  4. Complete and file a return
  5. Remit (pay) the tax you collected

Other services and information for GST/HST for business:

Most requested services for GST/HST for business:

Excise taxes, duties and levies

Services and information:

Most requested services for Excise taxes, duties and levies:

Other tax-related resources for businesses

Forms and publications

Forms, guides, tax packages, and other Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) publications.

Acts and Regulations

Tax-related acts, regulations, conventions and treaties wholly or partially administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Preparing and filing your T2 Return

Learn about the T2 services that can help you prepare and file your T2 Return.

Rapid tests for workplace screening

How to get rapid tests, benefits and implementation.

Free tax help for small businesses or self-employed individuals

Meet with a Liaison Officer for a free information session for tips on common tax errors, bookkeeping best practices, and business tax deductions.

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