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For the Government of Canada teleconferencing or web conferencing services (including WebEx)?

You can find useful information on the Shared Services Canada Serving Government site. Users in the National Capital Region can contact the Government Teleconferencing Service by phone at 613-941-9554. Users elsewhere across the Country can dial 1-800-226-6338.

You can also send them a detailed email at

Who can I contact to learn more about doing business with Shared Services Canada?

SSC engages with industry through buy and sell. If you have any questions about doing business with SSC, please send an email to our Procurement and Vendor Relationships (PVR) team -

You can also find useful information on our website at Doing business with us.

Who do I need to contact to follow-up on a job application with Shared Services Canada or the Government of Canada?

Please follow-up directly with the contact person identified at the bottom of the job poster. They can help you with questions related to the process.

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