Launch of the Shared Services Canada Procure-to-Pay Portal


June 27, 2016

Pat Breton, Director General, Procurement and Vendor Relationships Directorate, Corporate Services

Objectives and Contents


  • To provide an overview and introduction of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) initiative to modernize and standardize procurement and payment processes, including the launch of the P2P web portal, as part of the Shared Services Canada (SSC) Internal Services Transformation (IST)
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This figure depicts the content of the presentation in a semi-circle visual, with Procure-to-Pay (P2P) represented as the focus and the following topics around P2P that will be covered in the presentation:

  • The Internal Services Transformation (IST) umbrella
  • P2P overview
  • P2P training and support
  • Questions and feedback
GoA Innovation Support Cycle

Why Procure-to-Pay?

  • SSC is adopting a new system called Procure-to-Pay (P2P) to electronically manage procurement to payment processes. SSC P2P is part of the Department’s IST initiative.
  • SSC P2P will improve internal efficiencies as work related to procurement will be routed automatically for Procurement and Finance employees rather than following the current manual process. Also, delegated managers will provide electronic approvals instead of signatures on paper.

"Taking action matters.
Taking action with a view to providing service excellence
in a cost-effective way matters even more."

Blueprint 2020

Procure-to-Pay Portal Overview

Integrate accounts payable and procurement processes

Automate work routing, email notifications

Provide end-to-end electronic approvals:

  • Commitment (Financial Administration Act [FAA] Section 32)
  • Transaction (FAA Section 41)
  • Certification (FAA Section 34)

Move towards paperless processing

Verify funds availability near real time with SIGMA

Verify and validate Delegated Spending and Financial Authorities

Key Procure-to-Pay Roles

Suppliers – bid preparation / review teams, accounts receivable, supplier account administrator role

Procurement and Vendor Relations (PVR) - Procurement officers, contract officers and contract authorities.

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Finance – Accounts Payable administrators, Delegation of Authority data entry.


  • Prepare requisitions;
  • Process invoices for payment, receive, review and reconcile invoices prior to approval by the appropriate cost centre manager;
  • Perform the FAA Sections 32 and 34 (administrative and approval process); and,
  • Coordinate release of funds, perform budget oversight

Benefits for Suppliers

  • The P2P Portal provides suppliers self-service for:
    • registering and maintaining their company information;
    • loading catalogues (for supply arrangements and standing offers);
    • viewing open bids; submitting bids; viewing bid status;
    • creating advance shipping notices (e.g. goods/service receipts); and,
    • submitting invoices online; viewing invoice processing status.

Supplier Engagement

Past/complete vendor engagement activities are complete. See below:

  • Procurement Benchmark Advisory Committee (PBAC) presentation/demo on July 28, 2015;
  • Vendor communication posted on on July 28, 2015;
  • Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) presentation/demo August 17, 2015;
  • Vendor communication posted on SSC Internet September 2015;
  • Supplier portal User Acceptance Testing (UAT) October 30, 2015 for PBAC/ITAC participants; and,
  • Vendors selected as pilot participants.

From now to GO-LIVE June 30, 2016:

  • A dedicated team registering suppliers in the portal, ~600 suppliers are registered (suppliers receive a registration package);
  • Updated Communication target date of May 30, 2016;
  • Updated SSC internet website communication target date of May 30, 2016; and,
  • Weekly WebEx for suppliers, to run from June 20, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2016, scheduled weekly on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm: 2 hours = 1.5 hrs training/demo followed by 30 min Q&A.

Supplier Feedback

  • Supplier suggestions/feedback:
    • Vendors as pilot participants (complete);
    • Requested supplier administrator role (implemented);
    • Self-serve and management of supplier portal user accounts (implemented); and,
    • Role segregation (in progress).

Procure-to-Pay Rollout

Phase One Pilot
  • Selected pilot participants from SSC;
  • Vendors involved in net new pilot procurements;
  • Expand PILOT to Request for Acquisition Services (RAS) Intake and PVR; and,
  • For all ‘net new’ procurements.
  • Portal rolled out in May - June 2016;
  • For all groups;
  • PVR supporting team; and,
  • All SSC live as of July 2016.
Phase Two OGD/SSC
  • Roll-out to other government departments (OGD) for IT procurements;
  • SSC telecommunication services; and,
  • Decommissioning of RAS.

Procure-to-Pay Portal Timeline

P2P implementation first phase is focused on building foundational internal services elements.

July 2016 - Procure-to-Pay Portal launched for all new SSC internal procurements; begin migration of existing contracts into portal.

Fall 2016 - Expanded Procure-to-Pay Portal for OGD workplace technology devices procurement; RAS closure (Read-only access).

Post Launch 2016-17 - Expanded Procure-to-Pay Portal for SSC telecom services procurement; Enhanced P2P Portal – Continuous Feedback and Improvement.

Procure-to-Pay Training and Support

  • Online, self-serve available within the SSC P2P portal as context-sensitive help, e.g. how-to documents and video simulations detailing each step, also available on the SSC Academy website.
  • Knowledge transfer sessions via WebEx by user role (e.g. approver, requisitioner, vendor etc.) utilizing Ivalua training materials, PowerPoint and Ivalua demos and delivered by SSC/Ivalua subject matter experts.
  • Support via email to log enhancement requests, report defects and/or provide suggested improvements in workflows.

Key Points to Remember

  • Registration for portal is self-service;
  • Bids will be submitted electronically;
  • Electronic submission of invoices; and,
  • Visibility into accounts payable and procurement processing (i.e. status updates in real time).

Questions and Feedback

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