Shared Services Canada: Supporting Canadian Veterans


[Photo: Vimy Ridge Monument]
[Sheldon MacDonald and Sophie d’Auzac de Lamartinie Close Up]
[Text on screen: Sheldon MacDonald Service Delivery Manager-SSC]

Sheldon MacDonald: SSC is here to serve the departments and it becomes much easier when you think who the, who the end client is. It's the veterans that, you know, have put their life on the lines for Canadians.

[Sophie d’Auzac de Lamartinie Close Up]
[Text on screen: Sophie d’Auzac de Lamartinie Account Manager, Strategy Branch-SSC]

Sophie d'Auzac de Lamartinie: Our relationship with VAC is one of the best and I really find that their goodwill to, to work with us, to ensure that they collaborate, lend us their resources; they are very happy to collaborate closely. I think that if we continue that way, we can accomplish amazing things.

[Video: Vimy Ridge Monument Ceremony]

[Walt Natynczyk Close Up]
[Text on screen: Walt Natynczyk Deputy Minister Veterans Affairs Canada]

Walt Natynczyk: Veterans Affairs is the only national department with its headquarters outside of the National Capital Region, with our headquarters in Charlottetown.

[Video: Vimy Ridge Monument]

[Walt Natynczyk Close Up]

And then with over half of our staff distributed amongst 36 locations across the country, case managers and veterans service agents who go and visit veterans coast to coast, rely on technology. And so it's the technology, it's the services that Shared Services provides us that enables us to achieve our missions to support veterans and support their families.

[Jose Gendron Close Up]
[Text on screen: Jose Gendron Director General and Account Executive-SSC]

It is a very pleasant task because, at the end of the day, what counts is the service that we, that we deliver to Canadians. And, the veterans, they are a very important part of our community who gave a lot for Canada and, me, my role, it’s really to help the Department of Veterans Affairs to deliver these services by giving them information technology services that meet their business needs.

[Video: Military personnel with medals at Vimy Ridge Monument]

[Mitch Freeman Close Up]
[Text on screen: Mitch Freeman Director General for Veterans Affairs Canada]

[Mitch Freeman Close Up]

Mitch Freeman: This past year, Veterans Affairs Canada was tasked with reopening nine offices across the country. And on the surface, it sounds like it's a very simple task, but when you start looking at that, it's a huge amount of work. And I'm very proud of the fact that Shared Services Canada came to the table, both with the open mind of saying we need to achieve this and we need to do it perhaps outside of the normal process to achieve it in a timely manner.

[John A. Glowacki, Jr. Close Up]
[Text on screen: John A. Glowacki, Jr. Chief Operating Officer]

John A. Glowacki, Jr.: My wife and I are each veterans. I'm from the US obviously, 21 years. She's from the Canadian, was in the Canadian Forces. She did three combat tours, one with a Purple Heart. And so, you know, the whole thing of veterans and people who have served, that's very important to us, you know, and it's, it's that, that's what I and I know others at SSC bring to SSC in supporting veterans. We have a lot of military people, we have a lot of people who have served. We have family members who have served.

[John A. Glowacki, Jr. Close Up]

[Sarah Paquet Close Up]
[Text on screen: Sarah Paquet Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy-SSC]

Sarah Paquet: It's a very personal thing for a lot of us. This relationship is excellent; therefore, my hopes are really to have a similar collaboration with all my partners because, for me, there is just one way to deliver success. It is to have a team, a plan and a success, and everyone works together with the same objective. It is really the relationship we have with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

[Video: Member of military performing manoeuver during Vimy Ridge Memorial ceremony]

[Ron Park Close Up]
[Text on screen: President of Shared Services Canada]

Ron Parker: SSC and VAC enjoy a great relationship and a lot of it comes from the tone from the top, leadership at the top.

[Video: Skies overhead during Vimy Ridge Memorial ceremony]

This is essential to making anything new work. SSC is extremely proud of the services it provides to Veterans Affairs because the service to veterans is critical to recognizing their sacrifices and service. Most recently, we've helped Veterans Affairs open new offices to provide important services to veterans.

[Video: Names on Vimy Ridge Memorial]
[Video: Wreathes on Vimy Ridge Memorial]

In addition, we've supported this celebration of their service at Vimy and Beaumont-Hamel, which wwere extremely important events. We look forward to continuing the relationship with VAC and providing that service day in, day out.

[Ron Park Close Up]

What we do matters.

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[Video: Vimy Ridge Monument at sunset]
[Text on screen: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by Shared Services Canada]
[Text of screen: Canada]

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