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Information and communications technology imports - Canada.ca


Sep 6, 2017 ...Information and communications technology imports Radio and telecommunications equipment. Services and information Radio apparatus and electronic equipment imports Standards and certification of radio apparatus and electronic equipment used in Canada. Telecommunications equipment mutual recognition Mutual recognition agreements and arrangements



Aug 3, 2015 ... with Others Resources Breadcrumb trail Home Acts and Regulations Commissioner's Directives Communications Commissioner's Directive Communications Commissioner's Directive Number: 026 In Effect: 2015-08-24 Related Links Policy Bulletin 507 AUTHORITIES Corrections and Conditional Release

Senior Communications Advisor, Strategic Communications


... Research Assistance Program (IRAP) Areas of R&D Aerospace Aquatic and crop resource development Automotive and surface transportation Construction Energy, mining and environment Human health therapeutics Information and communications technologies Measurement science and standards Medical devices NRC Herzberg

Transparency of stakeholder communications for healthy eating initiatives - Canada.ca


Nov 14, 2016 ...Transparency of stakeholder communications for healthy eating initiatives Learn about Health Canada's changes to how stakeholder communication is handled for the healthy eating strategy. On this page About open government Consulting with stakeholders A new approach to communicating with stakeholders Notification Protecting privacy How you can get involved

Summer 2019 - Communications | Communications Security Establishment


Feb 3, 2018 ...Summer 2019 - Communications The Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSE) is committed to hiring students through recognized educational programs in various universities and colleges across Canada in a variety of technical and administrative openings. If you are interested in working in a challenging role within a dynamic environment, make CSE

OMNI (Secure Communications) | Communications Security Establishment


Dec 5, 2016 ...255 - OMNI (Secure Communications) In this course, learners will familiarize themselves with the various navigational menus of this Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) device to gain the skills and knowledge to effectively use the OMNI. Register Objectives: Review and relate applicable Security Awareness Create Terminal Administrator (TA

Communications Security (COMSEC) | Communications Security Establishment


Mar 2, 2018 ...Communications Security (COMSEC) Communications Security (COMSEC) Stream Specialized Courses Overview The Communications Security (COMSEC) curriculum offers Government of Canada (GC) and Private Sector Company’s personnel an introduction to this subset of Information Technology Security (ITS). The protection of information transmitted by electrical means

Summer 2019 - Communications | Communications Security Establishment


Mar 4, 2018 ...Summer 2019 - Communications Privacy Notice Statement The Communications Security Establishment is committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals, including safeguarding the personal information you provide voluntarily. The information you provide on this form is collected under the Financial Administration Act for the administration



Aug 2, 2017 ...COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING: MARINE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS Details GSIN Code C219CAE GSIN Description COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING: MARINE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS GSIN Category Services GSIN Group Description Architect and Engineering Services GSIN Class Description Architect and Engineering Services - Not Related to Construction GSIN Code Status Inactive

Communications equipment - Information and communications technologies


Aug 2, 2011 ...Communications equipment Links to company directories working in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector. Each link takes you to a directory of specialized companies for each type of communications equipment listed below. In order to keep current with changes in technologies and to better reflect the industry, some categories