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Aug 14, 2018 ...Health-related consultations Take part in Government of Canada consultations on health-related topics. Browse consultations or reports Open health-related consultations Participate, join in, share ideas Closed health-related consultations Results, what we heard, ideas shared Related services and information Subscribe to get information on health

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Aug 10, 2018 ...Consultation on VICH Guideline 58 From Health Canada Current status: OPEN This 60-day consultation period will be open between August 10 and October 9, 2018. We are seeking feedback on the draft VICH (International Cooperation on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Products) Guideline 58 : “Stability Testing of New

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Aug 9, 2018 ...Consultation Services in the Regions The Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) has been offering, since the year 2000, consultation services in the regions. This expanded reach at the national level provides you with regional partners that are closer to you and ready to provide advice and expertise regarding any aspects related to your assessment needs. Custom

Consultation on the restriction of advertising of opioids - Canada.ca


Aug 13, 2018 ...Consultation on the restriction of marketing and advertising of opioids From: Health Canada Current status: Open Open for input on June 19, 2018 and will close on July 18, 2018. To respond to the opioid crisis, Health Canada is exploring the possibility of restricting the marketing and advertising of opioids. Health Canada is requesting information

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Jul 26, 2018 ...Consultations and reviews Consultation on proposed amendments aimed at preserving the independence of commercial inshore licence holders in Atlantic Canada and Québec Consultation on the recreational trout fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador Consultation on the recreational scallop fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador Engagement on the future

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Aug 8, 2018 ...Consultations - International Council for Harmonisation  Consultation: Release of Draft (Step 2) ICH M9 Guidance: Biopharmaceutics Classification System-based Biowavers [2018-08-08] Notice: Release of Draft (Step 2) ICH Guidance: Q3D(R1): Revision of Cadmium Inhalation PDE [2018-06-26] Notice: Release of Draft (Step 2) ICH Guidance: Q12: Technical

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Jul 31, 2018 ...Pesticides and pest management consultations Notice to Reader: Some of the documents listed below are available upon request only. You will be prompted for your contact information and the requested document will be emailed to you. Please allow at least 48 hours for a response. The public is consulted for all proposed major registration decisions

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Jul 31, 2018 ...National Pharmacare Online Consultation From Health Canada Current status: Open This consultation will be open from June 25, 2018 to September 28, 2018. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on what a national drug plan could look like. How to participate The Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare (the Council) is leading

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Jul 13, 2018 ...Consultation on palliative care From: Health Canada Current status: Closed The consultation ran from May 7, 2018 to July 13, 2018. The “What we heard” report will be available September, 2018. Health Canada is holding a public engagement asking that Canadians share their ideas, innovations and lived-experience related to palliative care. Your input

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Jul 9, 2018 ...Consult legal resources Notice to counsel Any request that may result in an interruption to or delay of ongoing proceedings before a military judge, for reasons unrelated to the conduct of the proceedings, is to be made in open court by counsel. Law Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms National Defence Act Other Federal Legislation Queen's Regulations