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May 29, 2018 ...Government of Canada jobs Learn about public service jobs programs. Topics GC Jobs Find a job within the federal public service. Public service recruitment programs Learn about career development programs in federal organizations. Jobs in national security and defence Apply for a job with the public service in the field of national security and defence

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Jun 15, 2018 ...Government of Canada - Action on Cancer The best way to prevent developing cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle. Cancer is a disease that touches many of us, either because we have been diagnosed with it or we know someone who has. Close to half of all Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime and about one in four will die from the disease. To help

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Jun 13, 2018 ...Leader of the Government in the House of Commons The Leader of the Government in the House of Commons is responsible for co-ordinating the Government’s day-to-day business in the House and managing the overall legislative agenda of the Government. The Leader of the Government in the House of Commons does not head a department but is one of three portfolio

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Jun 15, 2018 ...Health-related consultations Take part in Government of Canada consultations on health-related topics. Browse consultations or reports Open health-related consultations Participate, join in, share ideas Closed health-related consultations Results, what we heard, ideas shared Related services and information Subscribe to get information on health

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Jun 14, 2018 ...Working with the Canadian Government on Challenge Prizes Tris Dyson – Executive Director Centre for Challenge Prizes, Nesta Finding innovative solutions to today's complex environmental and social challenges requires diverse skills and creative thinking. Gone are the days of the lone inventor hitting on a solution – today’s challenges require collaboration

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Jun 14, 2018 ... to incent alignment of non-governmental funding sources and engagement of non-traditional partners. Taken together, these efforts were also directed towards demonstrating proofs of concept in the validity and applicability of what we now call “outcomes-based funding approaches.” Put simply, we shifted the model so that government funding was focused on achieving

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Jun 8, 2018 ...Government of Canada activities and initiatives Canada’s G7 themes Canada’s presidency focuses on finding solutions to promote economic growth, gender equality, women’s empowerment, and clean energy. G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council The Council recommends concrete actions for the G7 to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment across all areas

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Jun 7, 2018 ...Nominating and Governance Committee The Nominating and Governance Committee oversees the nomination process for seeking members for Governing Council, any standing committee or working group established by Governing Council, and for members of the Institute Advisory Boards. Terms of Reference Administrative resources Members Debbie Fischer (Chair) Executive

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Jun 14, 2018 ...Disrupting Government from Within: The Canadian Chapter of States of Change Jesper Christiansen – Head of Strategy and Development, Nesta Late last year, alongside a global community of innovation experts and practitioners, Nesta launched States of Change - a new global collective set up to develop and support innovation learning for creating public impact

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Jun 14, 2018 ...Reimagining the Government’s Role as a Partner: Improving the Practice of Co-Creation Julie Greene, Lead, Capacity and Partnerships Hello! My name is Julie Greene and I have the great pleasure of leading our partnership work in the Impact and Innovation Unit, at the Privy Council Office. In my last position at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), I