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Science educational resources


Jun 4, 2018 ...Science education resources Activities, lesson plans, videos and more to help youth learn about science and technology. Services and information Science activity books for students Dozens of science experiments and activities for elementary and secondary students. Teaching tools and science lesson plans Lesson plans and other resources for educators to help

Science and innovation


Oct 31, 2018 ...Science and innovation Scientific research, funding, datasets, innovation support, facilities and educational resources. Follow: Facebook Twitter YouTube Facebook Canadian Science Canadian Innovation Promotions Nominate an exceptional educator today! Canadian STEM Femmes Check tides, currents and water levels Most requested Post-Secondary Institutions

Learning Portal - Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Oct 31, 2018 ...Learning Portal Welcome to the CNSC’s learning portal for educational resources on nuclear and radiation safety and science. For students Play the Gamma Gear video game Explore CNSC quizzes and modules Ask a nuclear safety expert Watch our videos Learn Canada's nuclear history Bust myths about nuclear science For educators Infographics Fact sheets Feature

Canadian Armed Forces


Nov 14, 2018 ... and benefits for the military Services and benefits offered to members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. Defence science and technology Science and technology that provides the Canadian Armed Forces with a tactical and strategic edge. Medals The Canadian military orders, decorations, awards and medals. Most requested We’re hiring – see why the Canadian

What you need to know about cannabis


Nov 16, 2018 ...What you need to know about cannabis On this page Public education resources The legalization and regulation of cannabis Adult possession of cannabis Laws in your area Identifying legal cannabis products Travelling with cannabis Consuming cannabis Cannabis health effects Growing cannabis Access to cannabis for medical purposes Funding for cannabis public

Personnel Selection Officer


Nov 15, 2018 ...Personnel Selection Officer Now hiring: we are now accepting applications for this job through Direct Entry and Paid Education. Overview Training Entry plans Part-time option Apply Job description Personnel Selection Officers apply behavioural science knowledge and procedures to evaluate the factors that affect working relationships. They provide



Nov 16, 2018 ... External Review Committee Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada National Defence National Energy Board National Film Board National Research Council Canada National Seniors Council Natural Resources Canada Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada Northern Pipeline Agency Canada Occupational Health

Training & Recruitment Coordinator


Nov 6, 2018 ... on career path matters. Education Undergraduate degree in a human resources, labour/industrial relations or organizational development program, or in another related field of study (e.g: psychology, public or business administration, education sciences, social sciences) with relevance to this role, and/or  HR certification recognized by Chartered Professionals

Mandate and members


Nov 15, 2018 ...-chair of the Business-Higher Education Roundtable and as a member of the Board of Governors at the Sidra Research and Medical Center in Qatar. Throughout her career, Dr. Cannon has championed women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). From 1997 to 2002, she held the NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science

Prime Minister's Youth Council member biographies


Nov 19, 2018 ... Justice club to help marginalized groups in Canada and abroad. Currently, she is a student at the University of Toronto pursuing a degree in biology and environmental science. Recently, she led a campaign to educate her peers about the harmful effects of smoking hookah and shisha and was instrumental in advocating for preventative health measures to Toronto City