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Science educational resources


Jun 4, 2018 ...Science education resources Activities, lesson plans, videos and more to help youth learn about science and technology. Services and information Science activity books for students Dozens of science experiments and activities for elementary and secondary students. Teaching tools and science lesson plans Lesson plans and other resources for educators to help

Science and innovation


Feb 18, 2019 ...Science and innovation Scientific research, funding, datasets, innovation support, facilities and educational resources. Follow: Facebook Twitter YouTube Facebook Canadian Science Canadian Innovation Promotions Find out what government can do for your business. Follow David Saint-Jacques' mission in space! Canadian STEM Femmes Check tides, currents

Canadian Armed Forces


Jan 25, 2019 ... Royal Military Colleges, Canadian Forces College, military schools Bases and support units Bases, support units, infrastructure projects Defence science and technology Military science, technology, research, support to military operations Most requested Find a job Pay rates Ranks Talk to a recruiter Paid education Leave policy Contributors National Defence Royal

Learning Portal - Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission


Oct 31, 2018 ...Learning Portal Welcome to the CNSC’s learning portal for educational resources on nuclear and radiation safety and science. For students Play the Gamma Gear video game Explore CNSC quizzes and modules Ask a nuclear safety expert Watch our videos Learn Canada's nuclear history Bust myths about nuclear science For educators Infographics Fact sheets Feature

Future Skills Council Membership


Feb 14, 2019 ... federal departments including Human Resources Development Canada, National Defence, Natural Resources Canada, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Canadian Heritage, and the Public Service Commission and the Canada Public Service Agency. She also worked as an administrator for the Department of Education of the Northwest Territories (NWT) and taught in Ontario



Feb 19, 2019 ... in the House of Commons Library and Archives Canada Marine Security Operations Centres Project Measurement Canada Military Grievances External Review Committee Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada National Defence National Energy Board National Film Board National Research Council Canada National Seniors Council Natural Resources Canada Natural Sciences

Transfers between Organizations for Supplementary estimates (A), 2018-19


Feb 11, 2019 ... with the coordination of terrestrial field logistics Department of Natural Resources 1a 1,704,000 Canadian High Arctic Research Station 1 (1,704,000) From Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to International Development Research Centre for the Rapid Research Fund for Ebola Virus Disease Outbreaks International Development

Latest ice conditions


Jan 17, 2019 ... are issued at the end of the day every Wednesday. Take a look at our Ice Products Guide to learn more about our products and how to interpret them. For more information, follow these links: Canadian Ice Service archive: overview Ice climatology Ice glossary Educational ice resources Ice science Marine ice links Ice links Canadian Ice Service links Ice safety links



Feb 19, 2019 ... and the world Foreign policy, trade agreements, development work, global issues Money and finances Personal finance, credit reports, fraud protection, paying for education Science and innovation Scientific research on health, environment and space, grants and funding Focus on Indigenous peoples Programs and services for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Veterans Services

Experience codes guidelines for all occupational groups


Jan 31, 2019 ..., EC, ED, EU, FI, HR, LC, LP, LS, PE, TR, UT Commerce Officer - Other Finance – Other Human Resources – Other Policy – Other Social Science – Other Engineering/IT/Technical Services AI, AO, AR, CS, DD, EG, EL, EN-ENG, EN-SUR, GT, PY, RO, TI Engineering - Computer Systems - IT - Technical - Other Health Services DE, MD, ND, NU, OP, PH, PS, SW, VM, WP Health