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Northern Involvement / Changing Animals Populations -

...Northern Involvement / Changing Animals Populations Transcript: Narrator: “Caribou country”. For centuries arctic peoples have relied on migrating animals. Now the herds are in decline… Don Russell: We suspect this is a natural phenomenon. It has global implications, and probably the reason has something to do with global weather patterns. Narrator

Canadian species index

Dec 19, 2019 ...Canadian species index Access PDF (1.34 MB) Animal wildlife is one of the most visible and well-studied aspects of biodiversity. The Canadian species index shows whether monitored vertebrate species have increasing or decreasing population size trends over time. This, in turn, provides an integrated measure of the condition of our environment. By species

Wildlife management - Elk Island National Park

Oct 29, 2019 ...Wildlife management Like the ecosystems in which they live, wildlife within Canada’s national parks are managed with minimal interference to natural processes. However, active management of wildlife may be required when the natural function of an ecosystem has been altered. Wildlife management may include a single animal or entire animal populations

Caribou - Jasper National Park

Jan 10, 2020 ... control created an imbalance that had lasting effects on caribou herds in Jasper for decades. Small population effects The loss of any animal in a small population can be devastating. Small herds are especially vulnerable to predators, disease, and accidents like avalanches. Caribou herds in Jasper have become too small to recover on their own. Predator access

Terrestrial animal health - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Feb 15, 2018 ... and delivers programs and services designed to protect Canada's livestock resources. The CFIA helps to mitigate risks associated with animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans by controlling diseases within animal populations. The CFIA supports the health of Canada's animal resources and instils confidence in the safety of Canada's animals, animal products

Nature and science - Kluane National Park and Reserve

Nov 25, 2019 ... capture Alsek River Plants The climatic overlap of the Pacific and Arctic air masses over Kluane National Park and Reserve has resulted in one of the greatest diversity of plants and wildlife in northern Canada. Plants Animals Populations of grizzly bears, Dall sheep and mountain goats roam Kluane's rugged expanses. Mammals Dall's sheep of Thachäl Dhäl Birds

Antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial use in the Canadian food chain: Infographic, CCDR 46(1)

Jan 2, 2020 ... of highly drug-resistant Salmonella isolates found in the Canadian food chain may represent an emerging public health threat. Isolates were resistant to at least six of seven antibiotic classes tested The quantity of antimicrobials distributed for use in animals increased by 6% between 2017 and 2018 when adjusted by animal weight and population size. Nalidixic acid

Chronicle 360 - Animal Health - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Nov 8, 2019 ... in Science – podcast with Dr. Susan Nadin-Davis As a research scientist, Susan develops tests for bacteria and viruses. Her work in the Ottawa Laboratory (Fallowfield) helps reduce the impact of diseases, such as rabies, in animal populations and limits the chance of them spreading to people. (June 2019) Results page number: 1 Results page number: 2 Results page

Wild About Wolves research project - Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Jan 8, 2020 ... actions. Wildlife experts use visitor reports to track animal activity and behaviour, making it possible for them to spot trends and potential concerns early. If alerted early to animals approaching humans or populated areas, we may be able to take preventative action such as hazing (scaring) the animal, or educating people on how to avoid attracting predators

Discover - Jasper National Park

Jan 8, 2020 ...Discover For most visitors, a trip to Jasper is about seeing wildlife. Jasper National Park protects a vestige of the wildlife that once blanketed the West. While the last 200 years have seen a dramatic decline in wildlife in most parts of North America, healthy populations of plants and animals have persisted inside the park. The Canadian Rockies are known

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