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Commercial fisheries | Statistical service | Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Nov 1, 2019 ...Commercial Fisheries Data on Canada's marine commercial fisheries are presented in four categories: consumption, landings, licences (fishers, vessels and species) and Atlantic quota reports. Consumption Information includes a table outlining the consumption of fish per capita from 2008 to 2018. Landings A landing refers to the part of the fish catch

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Nov 22, 2019 ...Fisheries and Oceans Canada Fisheries and Oceans Canada is the federal lead for safeguarding our waters and managing Canada's fisheries, oceans and freshwater resources. We support economic growth in the marine and fisheries sectors, and innovation in areas such as aquaculture and biotechnology. We help ensure healthy and sustainable aquatic ecosystems

Apply to be a fishery officer

Nov 18, 2019 ...Apply to be a fishery officer: How to apply How to apply Contact us for help More information How to apply Fishery Officer Trainee You may only apply to the recruitment program and do the 16-week classroom training if you: live in Canada are a Canadian citizen living abroad You must have successfully completed any of the following: 2 years of post-secondary

Fisheries reports and publications

Nov 20, 2019 ...Fisheries reports and publications Fisheries Action Plan for the Renewal and Expansion of DFO’s Indigenous Programs Integrated Fisheries Management Plans Stock Status Reports Rockfish Conservation Areas: 2007 Maps Pacific Wild Salmon Policy Canadian Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing Operations (1998) Atlantic Sharing Arrangements Northern Shrimp

Yukon Transboundary fisheries | Pacific Region | Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Oct 31, 2019 ...Yukon Transboundary fisheries Find fisheries information relevant to the Yukon Transboundary fishing community. Follow: Twitter @FishOceansCAN (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) @DFO_MAR (Maritimes) @DFO_NL (Newfoundland and Labrador) @DFO_Pacific (Pacific) Most requested Salmon conservation catch card Yukon Transboundary fishery notices Services and information

Sustainable fisheries framework

Nov 12, 2019 ...Sustainable Fisheries Framework The Sustainable Fisheries Framework provides the basis for ensuring that Canadian fisheries support conservation and sustainable use of resources. The framework: establishes a precautionary approach to fisheries management provides the basis for an ecosystem approach to fisheries management includes tools to monitor

Contact Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Report a fisheries violation

Oct 23, 2019 ...Contact us to report a fisheries violation Please report a fisheries violation If you see someone harassing or abusing a marine mammal or sea turtle, report it appropriately. A fisheries violation is when someone engages in: polluting poaching damage to fish habitat illegal fishing, such as: fishing with the wrong gear harvesting fish out of season using

Pacific salmon and Indigenous fisheries | Pacific Region | Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Nov 12, 2019 ...Pacific salmon and Indigenous fisheries Through consultation, cooperative management and stewardship activities, we work with Indigenous people to build strong, healthy relationships and sustainable fisheries Although the Pacific coast provided a diversity of resources, historically salmon were the staple of many First Nations people inhabiting the region

Fishery Monitoring Policy

Nov 12, 2019 ...Fishery Monitoring Policy On this page Fishery Monitoring Policy Introduction Fishery monitoring activities The importance of fishery monitoring Scope Authorities Policy objectives Dependable Timely Accessibility of data and necessary restrictions Policy principles Principle 1: Respecting Indigenous and Treaty rights Principle 2: Monitoring requirements

Fisheries policies and frameworks

Nov 7, 2019 ...Fisheries policies and frameworks Conservation and sustainability Atlantic Canadian loggerhead turtle conservation action plan Canada's Wild Atlantic Salmon Conservation Policy 2018 Atlantic Salmon Conservation 2019 to 2021 Implementation Plan Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon Canada’s Policy for Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon 2004 Wild Salmon Policy

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