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Publications listed by number - CRA

Nov 13, 2019 ... 2011-11-14 9-3 Allowances 2012-06-27 9-4 Reimbursements 2012-06-27 97-211 Indian Settlement Remission Orders Tax Relief 1997-11-14 ATSCRATES Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC) Rates 2010-04-15 B-002 Coupons and Bottle Deposits (TIB - B-002) 1995-01-01 B-032 Expenses Related to Pension Plans 2018-02-16 B-037R Imported Computer Software (TIB B-037R) 1995-03-30

Importance of biodiversity

Nov 14, 2019 ...Importance of biodiversity Biodiversity consists of the life forms we experience all around us, yet know remarkably little about. This wide array of ecosystems, ecological processes, species and genes is essential to our existence. Even as scientists discover new species (estimates suggest millions remain unknown), it is clear that our biodiversity is under

GST/HST Information for Municipalities

Nov 13, 2019 ... Admission to a place of amusement Amateur performances and events Recreational programs Relief of poverty, suffering, or distress Home care services Fundraising by a public institution Harmonized sales tax Tax on property and services brought into a participating province Imported services and intangible personal property Input tax credits Simplified method

Guide for Designated Educational Institutions - Filing the T2202, Tuition and Enrolment Certificate and Summary - 2019

Nov 13, 2019 ... month for courses of the program. The new T2202 certificate will, for the most part, contain the same information as the old Form T2202A. However, for 2019 and later years, there are several important changes to note, including: Form T2202A has been re-numbered to T2202. The title of the form has not changed. The student’s social insurance number (SIN) has

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) 2016

Nov 12, 2019 ... notice of assessment change your address, direct deposit information, information about marital status, and information about children in your care register to receive email notifications from the CRA when you have mail to view in My Account and when important changes are made on your account check your TFSA contribution room and RRSP deduction limit check

Forms listed by number - CRA

Nov 13, 2019 ... Return Schedule - Registered Importer under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act 2019-05-01 B400-3 Fuel Charge Return Schedule - Registered Emitter under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act 2019-05-01 B400-4 Fuel Charge Return Schedule - Registered User of Fuel under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act 2019-05-01 B400-5 Fuel Charge Return Schedule

T4A-NR - Payments to Non-Residents for Services Provided in Canada

Nov 8, 2019 ... to 100 slips (original, additional, amended, or cancelled) from our website calculate all of the totals for the summary create an electronic information return containing slips and a summary, which you can save and import at a later date print all your slips and your summary validate data in real time After you submit your information return, you will receive

Information for Students – Educational Institutions outside Canada

Nov 6, 2019 ... types of income are reported and taxed, based on the residency of the individual. A tax treaty might also define how residency is determined and what taxes are affected, so it is important to check if a tax treaty might apply to your situation. If you are considered a factual or deemed resident of Canada for tax purposes, and a resident of another country

Guide T5007 – Return of Benefits

Nov 5, 2019 ... send recipients an electronic copy of their T5007 slips. The recipient must have consented in writing or by email to receive the slips electronically. Send the recipients' copies of the T5007 slips to their last known address or deliver them in person. You have to do this on or before the day you have to file the T5007 information return. Important information

Hazardous weather: Important notice

Nov 13, 2019 ...Hazardous weather: Important notice From: Employment and Social Development Canada Notice: Possible postal disruptions due to flooding and wildfires Canadians affected by the flooding and wildfires are encouraged to visit Canada Post - Important Updates for the latest news and options available to them during possible postal disruptions in their area

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