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Managing substances in the environment

Aug 28, 2018 ...Managing substances in the environment Assessment and management of chemicals, polymers and other substances. Most requested Substances search Chemical Substances Services and information Chemicals Management Plan Initiative to reduce the risks posed by chemical substances to human health and the environment. List of substances Chemical substances listed

Pollution and waste management

Jul 29, 2019 ...Pollution and waste management Track and reduce pollution and waste. Most requested List of toxic substances managed under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 Tools and resources for the National Pollutant Release Inventory data Reporting to the National Pollutant Release Inventory Mercury and the environment Environmental Damages fund National

Regulatory Proposal PRO2019-01, Draft Science Policy Note: Policy on the List of Pest Control Product Formulants and Contaminants of Health or Environmental Concern under paragraph 43(5)(b) of the Pest Control Products Act

Oct 22, 2019 ...). References Canadian Environmental Protection Act Virtual Elimination List Government of Canada Risk Management Strategy for Lead

Chemical Substances

Oct 2, 2019 ...Chemical Substances Lowering risks posed by chemical substances to humans and the environment including the Chemicals Management Plan. Services and information Canada's approach on chemicals How Canada evaluates and regulates chemical substances including the Chemicals Management Plan. Third phase of the Chemicals Management Plan Assessments, science

Environmental emergencies: regulations

Oct 2, 2019 .... Application These regulations require that any person who owns, has the charge, management or control of a regulated substance at or above certain quantities notify Environment and Climate Change Canada. For higher-risk facilities, an environmental emergency plan must also be prepared, brought into effect and exercised. The Regulations The Environmental Emergency

Contact us - chemical substances

Nov 7, 2019 ... your questions to the right area will help avoid delays in responding. Consumer Product Safety Drugs and Health Products Environment and Climate Change Canada Environmental and Workplace Health First Nations and Inuit Health Food and Nutrition Health Concerns (Chemical Substances) Website inquiries For questions or comments on the Chemical Substances

Phenacetin - information sheet

Nov 5, 2019 ..., it is concluded that phenacetin is not harmful to human health or the environment. About this substance This screening assessment focuses on the substance acetamide, N-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-, also referred to as phenacetin. This substance was assessed as part of the third phase of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). The Government gathers information on substances, including

Selection of Body Weights Values for Use in Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Conducted by Health Canada

Oct 28, 2019 ... BureauFootnote 1, Safe Environments Directorate, HECSB Deborah Watt, Existing Substances, Safe Environments Directorate, HECSB Mikin Patel, Existing Substances, Safe Environments Directorate, HECSB Kristin Macey, Environmental Health Surveillance Division, Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate, HECSB John Field, Consumer Product Safety Directorate

Healthy living

Oct 9, 2019 ...Healthy living Find information about the risks of problematic substance use, smoking and vaping. Learn about healthy pregnancy and environmental factors that can affect your health. Most requested Get help with problematic substance use Vaping Opioids Services and information Blood, organ and tissue donation Get information on blood donation and how

Socio-economic indicators and the environment

Oct 30, 2019 ... of timber harvest (updated July 2019) Management of Canadian aquaculture (updated April 2019) Water withdrawal and consumption by sector (updated April 2016) Human health and the environment Air health trends (updated September 2018) Human exposure to harmful substances (updated August 2018) Drinking water advisories (updated June 2018) Number of long-term drinking

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