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Excise and GST/HST News - No. 105

Dec 6, 2018 ... amendments to the Excise Act, 2001 relating to cannabis excise duty. The amendments provide for a new federal excise duty framework on most legally available cannabis products. The Government of Canada subsequently announced the coming into force date of October 17, 2018, for the legalization of non‑medical cannabis. As of October 17, 2018, a cannabis licence under

Forms listed by number - CRA

Dec 7, 2018 ... the Canada Pension Plan Pursuant to articles VI to X of the Agreement on Social Security Between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Republic of Chile 2018-08-22 CPT115 Certificate of Coverage Under the Canada Pension Plan Pursuant to Article 6 of the Agreement on Social Security Between Canada and the Republic of Croatia 2018-03-14 CPT116 Certificate

Publications listed by number - CRA

Dec 7, 2018 ...” 2014-07-29 17-7 De Minimis Financial Institutions 2013-02-12 17-8 Credit Unions 2000-02-22 17-9 Insurance Agents and Brokers 2013-06-20 18-2 Provincial Governments 2010-05-31 18-3 GST/HST Relief for: Foreign Representatives, Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts, International Organizations; and International Bridge and Tunnel Authorities 2016-03-16 19-1 Real

Greening government

Dec 5, 2018 ...Greening government Find out what steps the Government of Canada is taking to make its operations greener. Follow: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Most requested Government of Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Moving Forward with Greening Government Services and information Greenhouse gas emissions: inventory and reporting Discover how the Government

Other -- International and non-resident

Dec 6, 2018 ...

Refund or balance owing

Dec 6, 2018 ... the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act; have certain other outstanding federal, provincial, or territorial government debts, such as student loans, employment insurance and social assistance benefit overpayments, immigration loans, and training allowance overpayments; or have any outstanding GST/HST returns from a sole proprietorship

GST/HST Information for Non-Profit Organizations

Nov 30, 2018 ... that the person elected to be their fiscal year. Government – refers to the federal, provincial or territorial levels of government. Improvement – to capital property generally means any property or service acquired or imported to improve the capital property when the amount paid or payable for that property or service is included in the adjusted cost base of the capital

Payroll Deductions Formulas - 109th Edition Effective January 1, 2019

Dec 7, 2018 ... that are subject to payroll deductions, see Publication T4001, Employers’ Guide – Payroll Deductions and Remittances. If you have questions about the formulas in this guide, contact your tax services office or tax centre. For the address and telephone numbers of your tax services office or tax centre, see the listings in the government section of your telephone book

Total income

Dec 6, 2018 .... If there are no contributions shown in box 16 or 17 of your T4 slips or if you have any questions about your contribution amount, contact your employer. Emergency services volunteers In 2017 you may have received a payment from an eligible employer, such as a government, a municipality, or another public authority for your work as a volunteer ambulance technician, a firefighter

Government of Canada advertising - Government communications - Government oversight - How government works

Nov 16, 2018 ...Government of Canada advertising Consult advertising annual reports, discover companies contracted to provide advertising services and learn how advertising helps the government communicate with Canadians. Services and information Government of Canada advertising annual reports Consult annual reports highlighting advertising spending and major campaigns

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