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Atlantic and Arctic commercial fishing

May 28, 2018 ...Atlantic and Arctic commercial fishing Fishing may be affected in-season by grid closures to protect the North Atlantic right whales. Check the 2019 fishery notices related to these closures. Groundfish American plaice Cod Greenland halibut Haddock White hake and Silver hake Halibut Pollock Redfish Winter flounder Witch flounder Yellowtail flounder Pelagics

Atlantic and Arctic commercial fishing

Jan 31, 2019 ...Atlantic and Arctic commercial fisheries Openings and closures, maps, and stock status reports for fisheries in NB, NL, NS, NT, NWT, PEI and QC. Follow: Twitter @FishOceansCAN (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) @DFO_MAR (Maritimes) @DFO_NL (Newfoundland and Labrador) @DFO_Pacific (Pacific) Most requested Fishery management measures for right whale protection

Canada's conserved areas

Oct 30, 2019 ... 596 7.1 0 105 596 7.1 Southern Arctic CL03 957 139 152 829 16.0 3 672 156 501 16.4 Taiga Plains CL04 554 014 52 401 9.5 14 928 67 329 12.2 Taiga Shield CL05 1 322 786 111 542 8.4 1 012 112 554 8.5 Boreal Shield CL06 1 897 362 180 593 9.5 0 180 593 9.5 Atlantic Maritime CL07 110 590 9 274 8.4 0 9 274 8.4 Mixedwood Plains CL08 116 206 2 191 1.9 0 2 191 1.9

Consultations and reviews

Aug 2, 2019 ... and Labrador Proposed amendments for preserving the independence of commercial inshore licence holders Atlantic Canada and Quebec Recreational scallop fishery Newfoundland and Labrador Future of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories Fish harvester registration Atlantic Canada and Quebec Foxe Basin walrus harvest levels

Harp seal

Aug 13, 2019 ... that includes: shrimp prawns crustaceans fish such as: plaice redfish sculpin capelin herring Greenland halibut Arctic and Atlantic cod Effects on the ecosystem We’ve conducted numerous studies on the impacts of seal predation on fish stocks. For instance, in 2007 to 2008 we evaluated the effects of harp seals on fish stocks and found: harp seal predation

Fisheries Management Decisions for Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic - 2019

Jul 11, 2019 ...Decisions for Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic - 2019 Fisheries decisions in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic include fisheries off the coast of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island and Quebec, within Canada’s 200-mile limit. Visit the Fishery openings and closures page for ongoing fisheries

2019 Ice Assistance Emergency Program

Aug 6, 2019 ... letter by following instructions contained in the letter Related information Atlantic and Arctic commercial fisheries Fisheries programs and initiatives Date modified: 2019-08-06

Declaration by Canada and the European Union: Concerning the establishment of an ocean partnership

Jul 18, 2019 ... to reinforce the role of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in the exercise of its competence to organize and control activities on the seabed and ocean floor and in the subsoil thereof beyond the limits of national jurisdiction (the Area) to prevent unregulated commercial fishing in high seas areas, notably of the central Arctic Ocean, including through early

Fisheries management decisions

Jul 5, 2019 ... and closing dates for the season Certain fisheries are managed through multi-year Integrated fisheries management plans. In this case, seasonal adjustments may be made through the fisheries decision process and listed on this page. Fisheries decisions within Canada’s 200-mile limit in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic include fisheries off the coast of: New

Commercial fisheries for American plaice

Jul 11, 2019 ...Commercial fisheries for American plaice Multi-year management plans | Notices, variations and decisions | Stock status and research documents | Statistics and reports | Maps | Consultations | Contacts Multi-year management plans Groundfish Species - Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) Divisions 3Ps - Updated 2016 Groundfish Species - Northwest

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