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Ultraviolet radiation

Oct 29, 2019 ...Ultraviolet radiation Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comes from natural sources (like the sun), and artificial sources (like black lights, welding equipment, lasers, and tanning equipment). On this page: Sunlight and radiation Electromagnetic radiation spectrum Types of UV radiation Factors that affect ultraviolet levels The ozone layer How the Government

Environmental radiation

Oct 29, 2019 ...Environmental radiation We are constantly exposed to small amounts of radiation from the environment as we carry out our normal daily activities. Environmental radiation comes from the sky, the earth, and the air we breathe and can be categorized as natural or artificial. On this page: Natural radioactive sources Artificial (or man-made) radioactive sources

Types and sources of radiation

Oct 30, 2019 ...Types and sources of radiation Find information on the types of radiation that surrounds us. Services and information Electric and magnetic fields Power lines, appliances, electrical, exposure, health risks from power lines Noise (acoustical radiation) Health effects from noise, protection against unwanted noise, protect hearing, noise annoyance Ultraviolet

Understanding radiation

Oct 15, 2019 ...Understanding radiation Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through material or space. Every day, Canadians come in contact with radiation in both their living and work environments. Services and information About radiation Sources of radiation, ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, types of radiation. Health effects of radiation

Radiation from air travel

Oct 29, 2019 ...Radiation from air travel Cosmic radiation consists of energetic charged particles, such as protons and Helium ions, moving through space. They originate from events beyond our solar system and from the sun. By the time cosmic radiation reaches the ground its intensity has been considerably reduced. On this page: Health risks Health risks for unborn child

Noise (acoustical) radiation

Oct 29, 2019 ...Noise (acoustical) radiation Noise can be defined as any unwanted sound. Sources of noise include aircraft, road vehicles, rail cars, construction and landscaping equipment, home and car stereo systems, household appliances, and power tools. On this page: Health risks Sources Protect your hearing More information Health risks Depending on the sound level

Everyday things that emit radiation

Oct 28, 2019 ...Everyday things that emit radiation Learn about common products and devices that give off radiation. Services and information Hand-held lasers and laser pointers Lasers, laser pointers, milliwatt, mW, hand-held, laser classifications, laser injury, toy lasers, battery-powered laser, laser diode, importing lasers, selling lasers, restricted lasers, use

Occupational radiation exposure and radiation regulations

Sep 3, 2019 ...Occupational radiation exposure and radiation regulations Learn how Health Canada protects you against unsafe levels of radiation given off from some devices. Services and information About occupational exposure to radiation Health risks, background, minimizing risk, exposure pathways Radiation regulations Radiation Emitting Devices Act, Radiation Emitting

Ultrasound: Medical radiation

Oct 10, 2019 ...Ultrasound Diagnostic ultrasound is a powerful, non-invasive medical tool. On this page: About ultrasound Fetal ultrasound Health Canada's role More information About ultrasound The basis of operation for diagnostic ultrasound is the transmission into the body of sound (or acoustic radiation) at frequencies 100 - 500 times higher than can be heard. Images

Radiation and your health

Sep 4, 2019 ...Radiation and your health Information on radiation, its uses, health effects and safety standards. Most requested Radiation safety codes Radiation guidelines Contributors Health Canada Transport Canada Public Safety Canada Global Affairs Canada Natural Resources Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canadian Food Inspection Agency National Research Council

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