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Geology and Geosciences | Natural Resources Canada

Jun 6, 2019 ...Geology and Geosciences Geology includes the study of the earth’s crust, its structure, the chemical composition and the physical properties of its components. Rock formations are located within the crust, their formation is studied and measurement is made of the forces that create, bend and shape mountains, basins, faults, volcanoes and earthquakes

Geology of Energy and Mines | Natural Resources Canada

Jun 13, 2019 ...Geology of Energy and Mines Canada’s Arctic is one of Earth’s last frontiers for natural resource development. As a result mining and oil and gas development will be a key economic development instrument. The region is rich in diamonds, gold, oil and gas, base metals and iron ore. However, much of Canada’s North has not been studied to a sufficient level

Nature and science - Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Nov 25, 2019 ... Canada. Trees Rare plants About park flora Environment Climate, lakes, rivers, surficial deposits and soils play important roles in the northern Cape Breton ecosystem. Marine regions outside the park are also important contributors to the ecosystem. Discover unique features Climate Ecosystems and habitats Geology About the park environment

Geology - Forillon National Park

Apr 10, 2019 ...Sunrise illuminates limestone cliffs of Cap-Bon-Ami. Mathieu Dupuis Geology Forillon’s landscapes are so spectacular, it’s only natural to be curious about how they came to be formed! Forillon is the perfect place to learn how to interpret landscapes. Its exposed geological formations and phenomena provide real opportunities for appreciating the earth’s

Training in Geology

Jun 17, 2016 ...Training in Geology Formation Mars, the Moon and asteroids are all possible future destinations for human space exploration missions. Geology will be an important part of the fieldwork carried out on these celestial bodies. For example, during the Apollo missions, one of the chief duties of the astronauts was to study the geology of the Moon. Lunar samples

Environment - Fundy National Park

Jan 31, 2020 ... quickly rise 300 metres from the nearby coast. Fundy National Park is in the transition zone between the strictly coniferous boreal forest to the north and deciduous-dominated forest to the south. Learn More The Caledonia highlands plateau Geology Covered by the soil and the forests or guarded by inaccessible, tide-washed cliffs, the geology of Fundy National Park

Geology and palaeontology - Grasslands National Park

Apr 13, 2018 ...Geology and palaeontology The geology and palaeontology of Grasslands National Park and surrounding area tell a story of fascinating land formations and fossils. The diverse landforms are windows into geological time. Whether it is a prehistoric triceratops skull from the Badlands or an iridescent clamshell gleaming in the Frenchman River Valley

Geoscience Maps | Natural Resources Canada

Feb 4, 2020 ...Geoscience Maps Browse published maps related to these more specific topics and keywords: Aquifer Bedrock Geology Land Survey Maps Coal Coastal Diamonds Drainage Patterns Environmental Impacts Geochemistry Glaciation Glaciers Groundwater Groundwater Resources Hydrogeological Regions Hydrogeology Ice Impacts of Resource Development Kimberlite Marine Natural

Geology | Natural Resources Canada

Apr 20, 2018 ...Geology Geology is the study of planet Earth – the materials of which it is made, the processes that modify these materials, the resulting products, and the history of the planet and the life forms it has sustained since its formation c. 4.55 billion years ago. Geology considers the physical forces that act on the Earth, the chemistry of its constituent

Interpretive programs and tours - Gros Morne National Park

Feb 20, 2020 ...Interpretive programs and tours The rocks of Gros Morne National Park explain how continents got their shape, why volcanoes erupt and why earthquakes shake our planet. Geology and natural history are not the only gems to be found in Gros Morne. Explore the rich culture of the people and the area’s indigenous traditions. Incredible geology paired

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