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NEB - Market Snapshot: The Duvernay Shale in Alberta has significant potential for oil and natural gas

Aug 28, 2019 ... comments, questions, or suggestions for Market Snapshot topics to Release date: 2017-09-26 The NEB, using geology and in-place hydrocarbon information determined by the AGS, estimates Alberta’s Duvernay Shale has the potential to produce 3.4 billion barrels of marketable crude oil, 76.6 trillion cubic feet of marketable natural gas, and 6.3

NEB - Market Snapshot: Montney gas wells increasingly productive due to technological improvements

Aug 28, 2019 .... Companies will develop a property of tens of square miles using hundreds of wells. These wells often use similar plans because the geology does not substantially change from wellsite to wellsite. Return to footnote 3 referrer Footnote 4 Proppants are a solid material, such as sand, used in hydraulic fracturing to keep a fracture open. Return to footnote 4 referrer

NEB - Tight Oil Developments in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - Energy Briefing Note

Aug 28, 2019 ... Basin - Energy Briefing Note [PDF 2505 KB] Energy Briefing Note Tight Oil Developments in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin December 2011 Copyright/Permission to Reproduce Table of Contents Foreword Introduction History of WCSB Light Oil Production Tight Oil Activity and Production Levels Geology Oil and Gas Generation Tight Oil Reservoirs Engineering Well

NEB - New assessment targets marketable oil and gas resources in Alberta’s Duvernay Shale region

Aug 28, 2019 ... in the Duvernay’s East Shale Basin. A resource assessment of a formation’s marketable petroleum estimates the total amount of sales-quality oil, natural gas and even NGLs that can potentially be recovered from a formation with existing technology. Resource assessments are based on a number of factors such as the geology of the reservoir and production from existing wells

NEB - Letter to TGS/PGS/Multi Klient Invest AS regarding 2011 NorthEastern Canada 2D Seismic Survey Process Outline

Aug 28, 2019 ... geology of Baffin Bay/Davis Strait. This information will be used to determine the regional extent of geological formations. Environmental Assessment Process On 8 January 2011, a preliminary project description was filed with the Board. The Project is subject to an environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEA Act). The NEB

Polar and Northern science

May 30, 2019 ...Polar and Northern science The science of ice and snow, northern land and marine research, arctic geology and polar research. Services and information Polar knowledge Support for scientists, innovators and managers through polar initiatives in science and technology. Arctic geology research Mining and oil and gas development in the Arctic, including

NEB - Guidance Notes for Applicants - Applications for Declaration of Significant Discovery and Commercial Discovery - Revised Section 4

Aug 28, 2019 ... of any discovery. The NEB's technical determination involves examination of geophysical records and mapping, the regional and local geology, the petrophysical analysis of the discovery well, the reservoir continuity and quality, and a full analysis of any relevant test data. 6. To facilitate the examination by the NEB, Information Requests may be issued

Natural Wonders and Cultural Treasures - Nahanni National Park Reserve

Aug 7, 2019 ...Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures Natural Heritage National and International Significance Wildlife Vegetation Geology and Geomorphology Hydrology Canadian Heritage Rivers System Bear Safety Greater Nahanni Ecosystem Cultural Heritage Park Establishment

NEB - Duvernay Shale Economic Resources - Energy Briefing Note

Aug 28, 2019 ... the marketable petroleum resources of the Duvernay Shale, which is a measure of how much sales-quality oil, gas, and NGLs might ultimately be recovered from the formation. However, there is a difference between marketable resources and economic resources. Marketable resources are largely a measure of geology and technology, while economic resources consider how much

NEB - The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta - Energy Briefing Note

Aug 28, 2019 ...). This authority extends to approvals under the public lands and environment statutes that relate to energy resource activities. The Energy Resource Appraisal Group (ERA) is part of the Geology, Environment and Reserves Branch of the AER. The ERA generates knowledge and information related to the oil and gas geology and resource endowment of Alberta. Data provided

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