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Consumer Product Safety

Aug 22, 2019 ... for consumer products and cosmetics. Use consumer products safely Safety information for toys, household products, nursery products, cosmetics, and second-hand products. Subscribe to consumer product updates Receive new information, consumer alerts, recalls, and consultations. For industry Report an incident Report health or safety incidents involving a consumer

Smart meters: Everyday things that emit radiation

Sep 3, 2019 ... below the human exposure limits specified in Health Canada's Safety Code 6. Based on this information, Health Canada has concluded that exposure to RF energy from smart meters does not pose a public health risk. Minimizing your exposure Since RF energy exposure levels are far below Canadian and international safety limits, Health Canada does not consider

Everyday things that emit radiation

Sep 4, 2019 ... of hand-held lasers, use of hand-held lasers near airports, who should use hand-held lasers. Airport full-body scanners Safety of airport scanners, radiation from scanners, airport scanners, radiofrequency, airport scanners in Canada. Tanning beds and lamps Tanning bed, tanning, base tan, tanning salon, artificial tanning, dangers of tanning, reduce your risk

Cell phones and cell phone towers: Everyday things that emit radiation

Sep 3, 2019 ...Cell phones and cell phone towers With cell phones being used every day in Canada, questions have been raised about their safety. Some members of the public have also expressed concern about the possible health effects of living near cell phone towers. On this page: About cell phones and cell phone towers Health risks Minimizing your exposure Government

The Cannabis Act: Here’s what you need to know

Sep 6, 2019 ... to be available for legal purchase. These products will be in addition to cannabis products already available for purchase, such as dried cannabis and cannabis oil. If you choose to use cannabis, know the health effects and how to lower the risks to your health and safety. Like alcohol and tobacco, cannabis has risks, especially for youth and young adults. It can take up

Types and sources of radiation

Sep 3, 2019 ... radiation UV, health risks, health risks from UV exposure, UV rays, what is ultraviolet radiation Radiofrequency fields Radiofrequency, devices, technology, health risks from radiofrequency Radiation from air travel Health risks, health risks for unborn child, exposure, about cosmic radiation X-rays Ionizing radiation, x-rays, safety of x-rays, industrial x-rays, x

Medical uses of radiation

Sep 3, 2019 ...Medical radiation Information on the benefits and risks of using radiation to diagnose and treat illness, such as ultrasound, medical X-rays, mammography and medical isotopes. Services and information Ultrasounds Diagnostic ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, fetal ultrasound, safety of ultrasounds, frequency of ultrasound, exposure to ultrasound, what

Occupational radiation exposure and radiation regulations

Sep 3, 2019 ...Occupational radiation exposure and radiation regulations Learn how Health Canada protects you against unsafe levels of radiation given off from some devices. Services and information About occupational exposure to radiation Health risks, background, minimizing risk, exposure pathways Radiation regulations Radiation Emitting Devices Act, Radiation Emitting

Radon: About

Sep 3, 2019 ... accumulate to high levels and become a risk to the health of you and your family. On this page How radon gets into your home Radon levels in Canada Materials to share or print Videos to share More information How radon gets into your home The air pressure inside your home is usually lower than in the soil surrounding the foundation. This difference in pressure draws

About occupational radiation exposure

Sep 3, 2019 ... be achieved. Dosimeters are inexpensive and most employers supply them to workers exposed to radiation. In some jurisdictions dosimeters are required. A dosimeter will allow you monitor your exposure to radiation on a regular basis and will help occupational health specialists assess the risk in case of accidental exposure. If you are pregnant, or thinking about

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