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News Article | RCAF tracks Chinese space station

Jul 6, 2018 ...RCAF tracks Chinese space station Image Gallery Related Links A high-tech boost to the use of satellites on deployed operations News Article / April 10, 2018 Click on the photo under “Image Gallery” to see more photos. Royal Canadian Air Force The Canadian Space Operations Centre (CANSpOC) is the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Director General Space’s

International Space Station news - 2017

Dec 13, 2017 ...International Space Station news - 2017 CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques reveals new ground-breaking science and technologies CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques poses with CSA President Sylvain Laporte, Space Advisory Board Chair Lucy Stojak, and scientists and engineers who developed the Canadian experiments and technology. (Credit: CSA) 2017-12-13

Watch the International Space Station live

Apr 19, 2018 ...Watch the International Space Station live Take a far-out ride above the clouds! Watch live video from International Space Station (ISS) cameras when the orbiting laboratory is in contact with the ground. Audio between astronauts and Mission Control accompanies views inside the ISS. You might also see Canadian robots Canadarm2 and Dextre hard at work

Canadian science on the International Space Station

Jun 12, 2018 ...Canadian science on the International Space Station Why we do science on the Station, and past, current and future experiments. Topics Why do we conduct science experiments in space? Preparing to send humans to deep-space destinations and improving our quality of life on Earth. Current experiments Understanding cardiovascular health, investigating bone

My classroom, my Space station!

Mar 26, 2018 ... Links Multimedia Activities You are here: Home Missions Expedition 58/59 Activities My classroom, my Space station! Students participating in a Let's Talk Science's workshop. (Credit: Let's Talk Science) The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is partnering with Let's Talk

How well do you know the International Space Station?

Jul 5, 2018 ...How well do you know the International Space Station? How much do you know about the International Space Station (ISS), one of humanity's most ambitious and complex collaborations? Take this quiz to find out! Question 1. What is the International Space Station? Source : NASA A rocket A research laboratory that orbits the Earth A spacecraft heading to Mars

Life in Orbit: The International Space Station

Jul 10, 2017 ...Life in Orbit: The International Space Station This exhibition was developed in partnership with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. It allows you to experience daily life on board the International Space Station (ISS). How does the ISS stay in space without falling back to Earth? What's it like to live and work in space? Find the answers to all

How to see the Space Station from your backyard

Jun 13, 2018 ...How to see the Space Station from your backyard The ISS shoots over Toronto in this time-lapse photo taken on February 13, 2013. (Credit: Andrew Yee) Did you know that you can see the International Space Station (ISS) in the night sky as it passes over your area at a distance of approximately 400 km from Earth? To the naked eye, the Space Station looks like

International Space Station news - 2016

Dec 20, 2016 ...International Space Station news - 2016 Dextre to ring in the New Year with a herculean battery replacement mission Dextre performs marathon battery replacement operations on the International Space Station. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency) 2016-12-13 Beginning on December 31, 2016, Dextre will tackle his most intensive robotics operations to date

Canadarm2, the Canadian robotic arm on the Space Station

Jun 12, 2018 ...Canadarm2, the Canadian robotic arm on the Space Station About the robotic arm, its data sheet, its history, cosmic catches. Topics About Canadarm2 Canadarm2's tasks in orbit, its specifications and how it moves on the Station. Data sheet List of its technical specifications. The history of Canadarm2 The history of the Canadian arm from design to deployment

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