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Excise Act, 2001

Nov 15, 2019 ...; and (b) any roll or tubular construction intended for smoking that consists of a filler composed of pieces of natural or reconstituted leaf tobacco, a binder of natural or reconstituted leaf tobacco in which the filler is wrapped and a wrapper of natural or reconstituted leaf tobacco. “cigarette” « cigarette » “cigarette” includes any roll or tubular construction

Regulating tobacco products

May 31, 2018 ... the On the Road to Quitting Guides to Becoming a Non-Smoker development of public education and marketing campaigns, such as the Break It Off campaign providing responses to public questions on tobacco control mandating health warnings and health information messages on most tobacco products producing and distributing publications on smoking and tobacco use data

Allana LeBlanc - Health System Impact Fellow Profile - CIHR

Jun 24, 2019 ... tried it in their lifetime. With the impending legalization of marijuana, there is an urgent need to better understand the relationships between tobacco and cannabis smoking, particularly with respect to their interaction in the context of attempts in smoking cessation (e.g., does co-use of marijuana help or hinder a person’s attempts in becoming smoke free

Facts about Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance)

Jan 9, 2020 ...Facts about Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) This document was prepared to address the most common questions received by Health Canada following final publication of the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) [TPR (PSA)] on May 1, 2019. Disclaimer: This document is provided to facilitate compliance

Tobacco Reporting Regulations

Mar 4, 2019 ... number means the identification number that is assigned to a chemical substance by the Chemical Abstracts Service Division of the American Chemical Society. (numéro d’enregistrement CAS) cigar cigar means a roll or tubular construction intended for smoking, other than a little cigar, that contains a filler composed of natural or reconstituted tobacco

Tobacco Products Labelling Regulations (Cigarettes and Little Cigars)

Nov 9, 2019 ... made by the manufacturer. (marque) carton carton means a package that contains two or more packages of a tobacco product. (cartouche) cigarette cigarette includes any roll or tubular construction that contains tobacco and is intended for smoking, other than a bidi, cigar, kretek, little cigar or tobacco stick. (cigarette) component component means, with respect

Canada's lower-risk cannabis use guidelines

Jan 17, 2020 ..., especially combined with tobacco, can result in respiratory problems, possibly including lung cancer. In fact, smoking is likely the most hazardous method of cannabis use. Alternative inhalation methods include vaporizers and e-cigarette devices. While these alternatives reduce key risks to health, they are not entirely risk-free. However, rigorous studies on health

The year in review—18th Annual Report on Government of Canada Public Opinion Research Activities - Public Opinion Research in the Government of Canada - PSPC

Nov 5, 2019 ...) Perceptions of health risk behaviours Image description Perception of risk when each of the following activities are done on a regular basis: 95% smoke tobacco 82% use e-cigarettes with nicotine 78% drink alcohol 72% smoke cannabis Respondents chose their answers from a progressive scale of responses: no risk, slight risk, moderate risk, and great risk. This bar graph

Risks of vaping

Jul 31, 2019 ... to reduce its use. Second-hand vapour Second-hand vapour is not harmless but it does contain far fewer chemicals than second-hand smoke. Bystanders can be exposed to vapour that is exhaled by users. The health effects from exposure to second-hand vapour are still unknown. However, the risks are expected to be much lower compared to smoke from a tobacco product. We

Chapter 24 - T2018

Jan 1, 2018 ....    For the purpose of subheading 2403.11, the expression "water pipe tobacco" means tobacco intended for smoking in a water pipe and which consists of a mixture of tobacco and glycerol, whether or not containing aromatic oils and extracts, molasses or sugar, and whether or not flavoured with fruit. However, tobacco-free products intended for smoking in a water pipe

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