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Atlantic Fishery Regulations, 1985

Apr 8, 2019 ... for commercial purposes 30.00 2 Atlantic razor clam licence for commercial purposes 30.00 3 Soft-shell clam fishing licence for commercial purposes 30.00 4 Mussel fishing licence for commercial purposes 30.00 5 Oyster fishing licence for commercial purposes 30.00 6 Fishing licence for the purpose of replanting No fee SOR/2003-314, s. 3 Fishing for Purposes of Replanting

26 July 2017 - Marine news release - Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Jan 14, 2019 ... in Canada's commercial fishing industry, where an average of 10 fishermen die each year," said Joseph Hincke, Board member of the TSB. "In nearly every other industry across Canada, provincial health and safety regulations set out rules to reduce the risks and promote a safe and healthy work environment. Commercial fishing, however, is not always included. This needs

Reporting of Exported Goods Regulations

Apr 8, 2019 ..., during a fishing season, of a commercial fishing vessel that is registered or licensed under the Canada Shipping Act need not be reported if the carrier, before the first exportation of the vessel during that fishing season, reports the vessel in writing to the chief officer of customs at an export reporting office. Manner of Reporting Catch 17 All catch

Quebec Fishery Regulations, 1990

Apr 8, 2019 ... in respect of an area under these Regulations so that the variation applies in respect of that area or any portion of that area. (2) The Minister or a Director may vary any close time applicable to commercial fishing under these Regulations in respect of the waters referred to in subsection 3(1) or to any portion of them. (3) The Minister may vary any close time

Banc-des-Américains Marine Protected Area Regulations

Apr 8, 2019 ... commercial fishing, that is authorized under the Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licences Regulations; (b) in Zones 2a and 2b, commercial fishing — for any species other than capelin, herring, mackerel, sand lace, krill or copepods — by means of a trap, longline or handline or by angling; and (c) in Zones 2a and 2b, recreational fishing by means of a handline

Alberta Fishery Regulations, 1998

Apr 8, 2019 ... of the Department, or (iv) the Guide to Commercial Fishing Seasons published by the Department. Table of Contents Table of Contents1 ... 34 ... 2223 ... 38SCHEDULE 1 : Game Fish and Bait FishSCHEDULE 2 : Fish Management Zones and Watershed UnitsSCHEDULE 3SCHEDULE 4SCHEDULE 5SCHEDULE 6SCHEDULE 7SCHEDULE 8 : Commercial Fishing Seasons and QuotasSCHEDULE 9 Date modified: 2019

Veterans’ Land Act

Apr 8, 2019 ... situated in any part of Canada and such other property including building materials, livestock, farm equipment and commercial fishing equipment as the Director may deem necessary. R.S., 1952, c. 280, s. 7 Buildings and Improvements Marginal note:Buildings and improvements 9 (1) The Director may, for the purposes of this Part, (a) erect on land acquired by him

Fishing Licence - DFO - Gulf - Licensing

Mar 27, 2018 ...Fishing Licence A fishing licence grants permission to a person, including an aboriginal organization, to harvest identified species of fish or marine plants for a specified period of time and is subject to the conditions of the licence. Obtain or renew a commercial fishing licence To obtain or renew a commercial fishing licence, please proceed

Manitoba Fishery Regulations, 1987

Apr 8, 2019 ... 66 Offer to trade fish not taken under specified licences 39 $500 67 Offer to barter fish not taken under specified licences 39 $500 68 Engage in commercial fishing during close time 40 $500 69 Engage in commercial fishing by means of a net within 1.5 km of stream or river mouth 51 $250 SOR/89-180, ss. 24 to 27, 28(F) SOR/90-302, ss. 19, 20, 21(F) SOR/93-39

Ontario Fishery Regulations, 2007

Apr 8, 2019 ... Versions SCHEDULE 7(Section 43) Commercial Fishing Close Times Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Item Waters Species Close Time 1 Any zone Walleye April 15 to May 15 2 Any zone Yellow perch April 1 to May 1 3 Any zone Lake trout October 1 to December 31 4 Any zone Lake whitefish November 16 to December 31 5 Any zone Lake herring November 16 to December 31 6 Any zone

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