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Kendall Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Nov 14, 2019 ... facts Related link Contact information Importance of the sanctuary: migratory birds and other wildlife Located in the Northwest Territories, on the outer Mackenzie Delta, Kendall Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary was established in 1961 to provide long-term protection for a colony of lesser snow geese. This sanctuary supports over 100 species of birds including

Wildlife Viewing - Thousand Islands National Park

Oct 16, 2019 ... report the incident to park staff. Learn more about raccoon rabies on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' Website. Wild plants Resist the temptation to pick wildflowers, cattails, berries, mushrooms or any other plant. Plant matter and natural objects such as antlers and bones are part of the natural food supply for wildlife. Pets Even the best behaved dog

Big Glace Bay Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Nov 14, 2019 ... links Contact information Importance of the sanctuary: migratory birds and other wildlife Located to the east of the town of Glace Bay in Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia, Big Glace Bay Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary provides safe fall migration habitat for several key bird species. The most abundant of these are the American black duck and Canada goose

Wildlife - Gros Morne National Park

Nov 29, 2019 ...Wildlife Due to its isolation from the North American mainland, the island of Newfoundland is home to only fourteen native mammals, no native amphibians or reptiles and many rare plants. Newfoundland populations of many of these represent endemic Newfoundland subspecies, which have diverged from their mainland cousins over thousands of years. However many

A guide to your responsibilities under the Species at Risk Act

Oct 1, 2019 ... and the Government of Canada. Currently, there are over 300 wild plant and animal species protected under the Act. What is the Species at Risk Act SARA is designed as a key tool for the conservation and protection of Canada’s biological diversity and fulfils an important commitment under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. The Act complements existing

Îles de la Couvée Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Oct 24, 2019 ...) management category Strict Nature Reserve (Ia) Additional designations Île de la Couvée Important Bird Area Main habitat type Herbaceous and shrub vegetation with some trees Key bird species Ring-billed gull Other species Birds: Red-winged blackbird, yellow warbler, song sparrow and savannah sparrow Mammals: Red fox, groundhog and muskrat Plants: Black mustard, black

Nature and science - Grasslands National Park

Nov 25, 2019 ... and restoration Plants Cool and warm season grasses cover the upland prairie areas and some of the broad valley lowlands that are also vegetated with sagebrush, greasewood and prickly pear cactus. About park flora

Ecosystems and Habitats - Point Pelee National Park

Nov 26, 2019 ...—the plants here do not need much water to survive You wouldn’t think a lot of wildlife and vegetation could survive in this harsh and exposed habitat, but the warm sun and dry environment are exactly what savannah species need. Shoreline Savannah Similar to the Red Cedar Savannah, but found along the beach habitat of the park. Woodland Woodland is an in-between

Sable River Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Nov 14, 2019 .... These grazers eat all kinds of plant materials including grasses, leaves and roots. Females in particular need to fatten up in the spring when they must ensure that they have enough fat reserves to make it through migration, egg laying and the egg incubation period during which they eat very little. Canada geese History Due to local hunting pressure, the Province

Haley Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Nov 14, 2019 ... information Importance of the sanctuary: migratory birds and other wildlife Located approximately midway between Port L’Hebert Harbour and the Sable River estuary in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Haley Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary is an important area for many species of birds especially Canada goose and American black duck. In the early fall, these two species

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