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Main Research Building

Dec 20, 2019 ... in the Arctic ecosystem. Some samples fixed in formaldehyde are stored in diluted ethanol in ventilated cabinets. There is a mix of specimen cabinets, herbarium, and high density storages cabinets for dry specimens. Kitchen The kitchen includes a working area for preparation, cooking and serving food, dishwashing facilities, as well as cold and dry storage space

NEB - Canada’s Energy Future 2018 Supplement: Conventional, Tight, and Shale Oil Production

Dec 3, 2019 ... these short–term disconnects are resolved over the longer term. The EF series of Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and NGL supplement reports include four EF cases. Table 1.1 EF2018 Natural Gas and Crude Oil Production Assumptions/Cases Variables Reference High Price Low Price Technology Oil Price Moderate High Low Moderate Gas Price Moderate High Low Moderate Carbon Price

2016-17 Report on Plans and Priorities Section II: Analysis of Programs by Strategic Outcome

Dec 16, 2019 ... and of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the regional economy. ACOA will conduct research and analysis on issues and trends in areas such as demographics, migration, productivity, high growth firms, business skills, service industries, innovation and commercialization, community development, aquaculture, clean technology, trade with European and Asian markets

2019-20 Departmental Plan Planned results: what we want to achieve this year and beyond

Nov 1, 2019 ... and on supporting a skilled workforce through immigration. ACOA will support business investments in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies in Atlantic Canada by: Investing in businesses at various stages of development, from start-up to high-growth, to accelerate their growth, assist them in scaling up, and enhance their productivity

Marine transportation safety investigation M17C0179 - Transportation Safety Board

Jan 8, 2020 ... vessels. Mr. Pittman holds a Master Mariner certificate as well as a Bachelor of Technology–Nautical Science from the Canadian Coast Guard College/University College of Cape Breton in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Photos  Download high-resolution photos from the TSB Flickr page. Class of investigation This is a class 2 investigation. These investigations are complex

Competitive Licensing Opportunities | Natural Resources Canada

Dec 20, 2019 ... and gasoline engines, producing approximately 20 to 25% less greenhouse gases (GHG) on a life-cycle basis due to the low carbon content of methane. However, lean burn natural gas engines suffer from high levels of unburned methane in the exhaust. Because methane is a potent GHG (86 times GHG impact compared to CO2 over a 20 year period), unburned methane in natural gas

Fact sheet: Methanotrophic biodegradation—in situ — Guidance and Orientation for the Selection of Technologies — Contaminated sites – Pollution and waste management – Environment and natural resources –

Nov 28, 2019 ... as a source of carbon and energy for the microorganism that performs the contaminant transformation. The presence of methane in the environment is necessary for the development and growth of methanotrophs. If methane concentrations are too high, competition for the active site of the methane monooxygenase will favor the oxidation of methane. If not enough methane

Results - Canadian Forces Housing Agency Annual Report 2018-2019

Jan 14, 2020 ... standards. The apartments located in Shilo and Petawawa attained the Green Globes® Certification, meeting a high standard of environmentally sustainable construction. Converted one RHU into a more accessible unit in Winnipeg. Demolished 161 RHUs across the portfolio primarily in Winnipeg, Cold Lake and Ottawa, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas

Canada-Afghanistan relations

Jan 22, 2020 ... to advancing development outcomes, Afghanistan has seen important areas of progress in terms of access to health and education, women’s rights and governance capacity. Canada’s investments, as part of a broader international effort, have resulted in incremental, tangible progress from a very low baseline, demonstrated by: all-time high education enrollment rate

NEB - Canada’s Energy Future 2018 Supplement: Natural Gas Production

Dec 3, 2019 .... Table 1.1 EF2018 Natural Gas and Crude Oil Production Assumptions/Cases Variables Reference High Price Low Price Technology Oil Price Moderate High Low Moderate Gas Price Moderate High Low Moderate Carbon Price Fixed nominal C$50/t Fixed nominal C$50/t Fixed nominal C$50/t Increasing CO2 cost reaching nominal C$336/t in 2040 Technology Advances Reference

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