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Draft Guidance Document - Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations

Jun 26, 2019 ..., the Safety Regulations, the Directive and this Guidance document. Policy objectives The purpose of this regulatory framework is to help minimize the potential health risks to individuals in Canada who use donor sperm or ova for the purpose of AHR to help them have children and build their families. This includes the risk of infectious disease transmission from

Engineered nanoparticles: Health and safety considerations

Jul 17, 2019 ... a hazardous chemical substance has at least one exposure pathway to gain entry into the body, there is risk to employees’ health (risk = hazard x exposure).Footnote 39 The degree of risk can be determined through a comprehensive risk assessment according to Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations subsection 10.4(2). For more information, reference may

Publications – Healthy living

Jul 17, 2019 ... assessments Home and Garden Safety Water quality guidelines and guidance - Other Healthy pregnancy Healthy Living Obesity Oral health Physical Activity Sleep Injury prevention Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP) - infographic Mental health and wellness Parenting Problematic substance use Smoking, vaping and tobaccoo Avoid second-hand

Food microbiology - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Jul 17, 2019 ... risk pathogens, including E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and Shigella. Microbiological testing The CFIA inspects, samples and tests food products that have a potential for health risks. Samples are analyzed based on the food safety standards that have been established by Health Canada and various international organizations, such as the Codex

Travel abroad -

May 15, 2019 ... travel information Travel health and safety Essential information on travel health and safety risks and how to prevent them Travel documents Passports, visas, international driving permits and other documents you will need when you travel abroad Schengen Area Important information for travellers to Europe Canada to U.S. border wait times Regularly updated list

Inspection approach for blood establishments (POL-0039)

Jul 19, 2019 ... to provide information or documents in preparation for the upcoming inspection. Unannounced inspections may be conducted in situations where an immediate risk to health and safety has been identified or when it is anticipated that this approach will provide a more accurate compliance assessment. During the inspection, the inspector will make observations if they note

Drugs and Health Products

Jun 26, 2019 ... strives to maintain a balance between the potential health benefits and risks posed by all drugs and health products. Our highest priority in determining the balance is public safety. Working together with other levels of government, health care professionals, patient and consumer interest groups, research communities and manufacturers, our department endeavours

Evaluation of The Food Safety Program 2012-13 to 2017-18

Jul 16, 2019 ... 4.2 Canadians' Knowledge and Behaviour Related to Food Safety 4.2.1 Canadians Have the Knowledge and Skills to Make Informed Decisions 4.2.2 Canadians Make Safe and Healthy Eating Choices 4.3 Regulatory Partners and Industry Have the Tools They Need to Address Food Safety and Nutrition Issues 4.3.1 Health Risk Assessments 4.3.2 Pre-Market Assessments 4.3.3

Health Product InfoWatch – June 2019

Jul 2, 2019 ... Canadians of potential cancer risk associated with non-prescription gentian violet drug products Monthly recap New information Product monograph update: pms-Methotrexate (methotrexate) Vaccine safety biannual summary: Report for July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 Scope Reporting Adverse Reactions Helpful links Suggestions? Copyright Health products mentioned

Benzodiazepines and Other Targeted Substances Regulations

Jun 3, 2019 ..., laboratory, industrial, educational, law administration or enforcement, or research purpose. Refusal of registration number 7 (1) The Minister must refuse to issue a registration number for a test kit if the Minister has reasonable grounds to believe that (a) the test kit poses a risk to public health or safety, including the risk of the targeted substance

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