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Renting your first apartment

May 24, 2019 ... unit in the same condition as when you moved in. Generally, the security deposit can’t be higher than the cost of one month’s rent. In Quebec, landlords must not ask for last month’s rent or any other money aside from the first month’s rent. Your landlord may ask you to pay the first and last month’s rent at the same time. Some landlords may let you pay

Elections Canada Online | A History of the Vote in Canada

Jul 17, 2019 ... that give the public a better understanding of the electoral process. In addition, significant legislative measures have imposed greater controls on political financing, better containing the influence of money on electoral campaigns while ensuring a fair balance between the equality of political players and individual freedom of expression.These measures were

Guideline 1: Backgrounder

Jul 3, 2019 ... they offer financial services to anyone other than a member entity of the credit union central), trust companies, loan companies and agents of the Crown that accept deposit liabilities); life insurance companies, brokers and agents; securities dealers; money services businesses; agents of the Crown that sell money orders; accountants and accounting firms (when

Chapter 6 - Tools and Resources

Jul 10, 2019 ... their lead. You can offer them something to keep them warm, like a blanket or your jacket, (shock can involve feeling cold, shivering, and shaking). BELIEVE 6.9. Communicate without judging. “I’m so glad that you came to me. I believe you.” “This doesn’t change how I think of you.” 6.10. Assure them that their reactions to a very traumatic event are normal. Avoid

Immigration Matters in Toronto, Ontario

Jul 17, 2019 ... of English. Life was a struggle as he searched for odd jobs and places to stay. However, he gradually earned enough money to buy a van and was eventually hired by a grocery store to dispose of food items nearing expiry. This job inspired him to create Kitchen 24, a thriving social enterprise and community hub. When Steve was starting out in Canada, he was sometimes

Disability Assistance Payments

Jul 16, 2019 ... frequently for newer versions. The following laws and regulations take precedence over information contained in InfoCapsules in the event of discrepancies: Income Tax Act Canada Disability Savings Act Canada Disability Savings Regulations On this page Prerequisites for this module Objective Resources 1. Introduction 1.1 Two types of payments 1.2 Disability assistance

3.1.1 Reasons to save

Apr 23, 2019 ...3.1.1 Reasons to save From: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada 3.1.1 Reasons to save 3.1.2 What are you saving for? 3.1.3 Case study: Saving for their future 3.1.4 Why people don't save 3.1.5 Emotions, habits, behaviours and your money 3.1.6 How to save 3.1.7 Video: Why you should save and how 3.1.8 A savings calculator 3.1.9 The rules of saving 3.1.10

What We Heard: Strengthening Canada's Approach to Substance Use Issues

Jul 9, 2019 ... and their communities. To that end, a 90-day consultation was launched on September 5, 2018, to gather ideas on potential next steps under the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy. The consultation was primarily conducted through an online questionnaire (Appendix A) and a "Tell us your story" tool which allowed Canadians to share their personal experiences with drug

Infographic: Initiatives of the National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy

May 22, 2019 ... Conference and used in youth mentoring program. AFOA Canada / Prosper Canada: Community Tax Filing and Benefits clinics held in Ontario First Nations. AFOA Canada / Prosper Canada: co-published a publication titled Managing Your Money – tools and tips to help you meet your goals for First Nations. Intuit / Prosper Canada: Research that looked at barriers to tax

6.1.1 What is insurance?

Apr 23, 2019 ... be compensated for certain losses. You pay a fee called a premium. In exchange, the insurance company agrees to pay you a certain amount of money if the event you are insured against happens during the term of the policy. Your premiums are pooled with those of other policyholders at your insurance company. The money in the pool is then used to pay policyholders’ claims

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