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Money and finances

Nov 12, 2019 .... Insolvency Consumer proposals, bankruptcy and how to find a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Taxes Tax information for individuals, businesses, charities and trusts. Government finances How the government manages its finances through the federal budget, planned spending and reports on expenses. Business grants and financing Grants, loans, private and public sector

Heritage Structure | Section 11 – Commercial use of badges

Nov 13, 2019 ... is revocable, nonexclusive and that a notice of government copyright is required. Copies of the correspondence will be forwarded to NDHQ/DHH and NDHQ/DMPP 8, who are available for consultation on such matters.

Heritage Structure | Section 2 – Federal Identity Programme

Nov 13, 2019 ...Heritage Structure | Section 2 – Federal Identity Programme Table of contents Section 2 – Federal Identity Programme (6-2-1) Federal institutions, programs, and services must be identified in accordance with corporate identity standards for the Government of Canada. The Federal Identity Programme (FIP) imposes the use of the “Canada” wordmark and either

Culture, history and sport

Nov 12, 2019 ... requested Visit the Canadian Virtual War Memorial Anthems and symbols of Canada Find a CRTC decision Research your family history Search census records Landmarks and attractions in Canada’s capital Services and information Funding - Culture, history and sport View a list of Government of Canada funding opportunities related to culture, history and sport. Events

Heritage Structure | Chapter 8 – Alliances, affiliations and partnerships

Nov 13, 2019 ... or, for those countries of the Commonwealth for which The Queen is not head of state, by their head of state. Initial proposals to form alliances with the military forces of a Commonwealth country where no such links exist, requires prior inter–government agreement. This is achieved through National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) liaison with Global Affairs Canada (GAC

Dress instructions | Annex B Royal military colleges and infantry regiments

Nov 13, 2019 ...; government (Black Watch) tartan. Undress – cap: white band. Beret: camp flag patch. The Canadian Grenadier Guards. Foot guards. Buttons worn singly (notwithstanding that this is the second foot guard regiment). White horsehair plume; officers’ crimson and gold sash on state occasions; 5 cm trouser stripe for officers. Pipers – blue (Lowland) doublet; government

Heritage Structure | Chapter 10 – Naming of Works, Buildings and Geographical Features

Nov 13, 2019 ... by DND. If the CAFCAF/DND is only a tenant in a federally owned building, the owner, for example Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), has responsibility for the naming of that building. Where a building is privately owned and leased to the CAF/DND, the owner’s concurrence shall be sought before naming a building. PERSONAL NAMES The use of personal

Heritage Structure | Section 2 – Gun Salutes

Nov 13, 2019 ..., sunrise may be interpreted to be "colours".) Gun salutes shall not be fired so as to cause aural discomfort to the receiving dignitary (refer to reference d). Salutes to reigning royal personages of other nations and authorities and dignitaries of other nations are authorized only when their country or the government they represent is formally recognized

Heritage Structure | Section 12 – Unofficial emblems

Nov 13, 2019 ... for related purposes. Unofficial emblems shall not be used on official CAF correspondence as this undermines the value of official badges. Regulations governing Internet and intranet web sites are contained in Defence Administrative Orders and Directives 2008-6 and 6002-2.

Heritage Structure | Chapter 3 – Honours to units and organizations

Nov 13, 2019 ... generations. It is government policy that disbanded units, which have gained an honour and/or distinction in the field, be perpetuated to preserve their memory. Disbanded units that have not gained an honour or distinction in the field shall not be perpetuated. Units perpetuated by disbanded units that are not eligible for perpetuation may, subject to the concurrence

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