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Support for healthy eating at schools according to the comprehensive school health framework: evaluation during the early years of the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy implementation

Jun 11, 2019 ..., at school events and through nutrition programs.Footnote 10 The policy states that any school food venue must adhere to an 80%–20% rule. That is, of foods and beverages offered for sale, 80% or more must fall into the category “sell most,” 20% or less into the category “sell less” and 0% into the category “not permitted for sale.”Footnote 10 These P/PM 150 food

Overview of compliance monitoring and enforcement activities | Canadian Transportation Agency

Feb 4, 2019 ...Overview of compliance monitoring and enforcement activities The CTA is committed to ensuring effective monitoring and enforcement of industry compliance with legislative and regulatory provisions, which is in the interests of travellers, shippers, and the transportation companies that follow the rules and should not face unfair competition from those who

Online consultation: Internet Code | CRTC

Mar 13, 2019 ... retention credits they add, which you magically lose if you change your plan on their website? By letting telecoms make up all these funky marketing and retention rules on their own, you're just making Canadians frustrated and jaded about the CRTC's role or dealing with Telecommunications companies. It's not healthy competition, it's an oligopoly. We know it, you

Compliance monitoring and enforcement | Canadian Transportation Agency

Feb 4, 2019 ..., shippers, and the transportation companies that follow the rules and should not face unfair competition from those who don't. How we monitor and enforce compliance Overview of compliance monitoring and enforcement activities Revamping how the CTA enforces compliance Enforcement actions taken Types of enforcement actions and contraventions Reports

Fundraising by registered charities

May 10, 2019 ... activity that directly furthers a charitable purpose. 4. As a general rule, fundraising is any activity that includes a solicitation of present or future donations of cash or non-cash gifts, whether the solicitation is explicit or implied. 5. Fundraising by registered charities must be conducted within legal parameters. Fundraising is acceptable provided

Competition Act

Apr 8, 2019 ...Competition Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-34) Full Document: HTMLFull Document: Competition Act (Accessibility Buttons available) | XMLFull Document: Competition Act [523 KB] | PDFFull Document: Competition Act [1094 KB] Act current to 2019-06-06 and last amended on 2019-04-03. Previous Versions Table of Contents Competition Act R.S.C., 1985, c. C-34 An Act

Air Transportation Regulations

Jun 3, 2019 ... organized for the exclusive benefit of full-time elementary or secondary school students, or both; (programme éducatif VABC) CPC event CPC event means a presentation, performance, exhibition, competition, gathering or activity that (a) is of apparent significance unrelated to the general interest inherent in travel, and (b) is not being created or organized

Health and Biosciences Sector Regulatory Review Roadmap

Jun 7, 2019 ... different regulatory frameworks in place. The arrival of new products, such as medical devices created with 3D printers, and non-traditional means of accessing these products (e.g., selling and advertising online) challenge existing oversight mechanisms and scientific approaches. Additionally, as advanced technologies allow health products to be increasingly

Employment Insurance Monitoring and Assessment Report for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2017 and ending March 31, 2018 Chapter 3: Impact and effectiveness of Employment Benefits and Support Measures

Jul 3, 2019 ... and maintaining a competitive workforce. Given the growth of both youth and clients aged 55 or older, the share of core-age workers (25-54 years old) declined over the last ten years. Core-age workers now represent 65.5% of all clients, compared to 72.4% in FY0708. The representation of this age group in labour market programming is proportional to their current shares

Canadian Aviation Regulations

Jun 1, 2019 ... or positioning; (base d’affectation) HUD HUD means head-up display; (HUD) IFR IFR means instrument flight rules; (IFR) IFR air traffic control message IFR air traffic control message means a message that contains an air traffic control clearance or instruction, a position report or procedure related to the conduct of an IFR flight; (message IFR du contrôle de la

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