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Geochemical Project Page

Nov 14, 2019 ... represent and enormous source of stored carbon. Possible consequences of permafrost degradation in peatlands are the release of greenhouse gases, thaw subsidence of the ground surface and remobilization of trace elements presently retained in frozen peat. As a basis for monitoring environmental change in the Mackenzie Valley, baseline data is required

Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program: Step 4. After you apply - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

...Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program: Step 4. After you apply Step 1. What this program offers Step 2. Who is eligible Step 3. How to apply Step 4. After you apply Applicant guide Contact information Step 4. After you apply After you submit your completed application, generally, we will: acknowledge receipt of your application assess your application draft

Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act

Nov 15, 2019 ... in this section apply in this Act. “Climate Change Plan” « Plan sur les changements climatiques » “Climate Change Plan” means a plan that meets the conditions set out in section 5. “greenhouse gas” « gaz à effet de serre » “greenhouse gas” means one of the greenhouse gases listed in Annex A to the Kyoto Protocol. “Kyoto Protocol” « Protocole de Kyoto » “Kyoto Protocol

Climate Change

Nov 19, 2019 ... multiple surveys across the study area using various airborne sensors. The sensors measure a range of environmental characteristics. They include: changes in water, snow, land and permafrost elevations; plant-based pigments to assess changes in vegetation; wildlife migration patterns; and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. While JPL’s tools

Chapter 2—Road Transportation in Urban Areas: Accountability for Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Oct 7, 2003 ...This Web page has been archived on the Web. 2003 October Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Chapter 2—Road Transportation in Urban Areas: Accountability for Reducing Greenhouse Gases 2003 October Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development October 2003 Report PDF (647 KB) News Release

Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft ordered to pay $196.5 million fine after pleading guilty to 60 charges for offences under federal environmental legislation

Jan 23, 2020 ... Transportation is one of the largest sources of air pollution and greenhouse gases in Canada. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 is an important part of Canada's federal environmental legislation aimed at preventing pollution and protecting the environment and human health. The On-Road Vehicle and Engine Emission Regulations are made under the authority

Climate change and agriculture

Mar 6, 2019 ...Climate change and agriculture Weather and climate conditions related to agriculture. Services and information Drought watch Current and historic weather and climate conditions and their impact on agriculture. Greenhouse gases and agriculture Manage, measure and reduce greenhouse gases emitted by agricultural activities. Climate scenarios for agriculture

Greenhouse gas emissions from large facilities

May 13, 2019 ...Greenhouse gas emissions from large facilities Access PDF (217 kB) The release of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and their increasing concentration in the atmosphere is leading to a changing climate. This change has an impact on the environment, human health and the economy. This indicator tracks GHG emissions and provides consistent information on emissions from

2019 Fuel Consumption Guide | Natural Resources Canada

Nov 14, 2019 ... that fuel is an expense you will be paying for a long time. If you buy a fuel-efficient vehicle, drive it in fuel-efficient ways and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, you'll save money for years to come – even more if fuel prices rise. Your vehicle choice affects the environment The more fuel your vehicle burns, the more greenhouse gases

Facility greenhouse gas reporting: overview of reported emissions 2016

Nov 26, 2019 ... are presented as key data tables. Overview of 2016 reported emissions [PDF - 1.60MB] On this page Highlights 1. Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program 2. Reported 2016 greenhouse gas emissions 2.1 Calculation methods 2.2 Greenhouse gases and global warming potentials 2.3 Reported greenhouse gas emissions by gas and by source 2.4 Reported greenhouse gas emissions by province

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