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Drug and medical device highlights 2018: Helping you maintain and improve your health

Jun 27, 2019 ... external consultants and advisory committees. Reviewers evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and quality data to assess the benefits and potential risks of the drugs. They also review the information to be provided to healthcare practitioners and consumers about the drug. We publish lists of the new drug submissions that are currently under review at Health Canada

Benzodiazepines and Other Targeted Substances Regulations

Jun 3, 2019 ... limitation required at the premises referred to in paragraph (d); (g) the date of issuance; (h) the date of expiry; (i) any conditions that are necessary to (i) comply with an international obligation, (ii) provide the level of security referred to in paragraph (f), or (iii) reduce the potential security, public health or safety hazard, including the risk

Health Canada warns of certain dangerous natural gas and propane fireplaces manufactured by Security Fireplace

May 17, 2019 ... concerns Media enquiries Public enquiries What Health Canada is doing Issue Health Canada is warning consumers of certain natural gas and propane fireplaces manufactured by Security Fireplace that may pose safety risks to consumers. There have been two reported incidents involving these fireplaces due to delayed ignition. The relief dampers on these products may

Acetic acid - information sheet

Jul 19, 2019 ...Acetic acid - information sheet CAS Registry Number 64-19-7 On this page Overview About this substance Human and ecological exposures Key health and ecological effects (hazard) Risk assessment outcomes Proposed screening assessment conclusions Related information Overview The Government of Canada conducted a science-based evaluation, called a screening

Nutrabolics Inc. voluntarily recalls unauthorized "Blackout" sleep-aid, which may pose serious health risks

Jul 11, 2019 ...Nutrabolics Inc. voluntarily recalls unauthorized "Blackout" sleep-aid, which may pose serious health risks Report a Concern Starting date: July 11, 2019 Posting date: July 11, 2019 Type of communication: Advisory Subcategory: Drugs Source of recall: Health Canada Issue: Important Safety Information, Unauthorized products Audience: General Public

Les Terrasses de la Chaudière complex – Federal property construction and maintenance projects – Federal properties and buildings – How government works –

Apr 15, 2019 ... that will modernize and improve the safety of the complex. Major projects from the program of work include (but are not limited to) the following: Envelope Replacement Project Replace the exterior of the complex to address the health and safety risks associated with the deteriorating exterior brick. This project will replace the exterior wall assembly, replace roofs

Policy and Program Initiatives and Novel Regulatory Approaches

Jun 7, 2019 ... not adequately address the characteristics of these new products. As such, a mechanism is needed for the Minister to authorize these advanced therapeutic products in a risk-based and flexible way that allows for innovation, while still protecting the health and safety of Canadians. Description of Approach Health Canada is proposing the creation of a new regulatory

Philip S. Shwed, Ph.D. | Directory of scientists and professionals

Apr 12, 2019 ...›Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999) Health›Biotechnology Health›Cloning Health›Environment and Human Health Health›Environmental and Occupational Toxicology Health›Genomics Health›Hazard Identification Health›Laboratories Health›Microbiology Health›Nanotechnology HealthRisk Assessment Health›Toxicology Safety and Security›Biological Sciences›Biology

International – success stories | Royal Canadian Mounted Police

May 23, 2019 ... for a year to assist with policing development, far from the comforts of home and family, police officers must learn to cope both with different risks to personal health and safety, as well as with elements of hardship associated with working and living conditions. The RCMP manages the deployment of Canadian police to international peace operations missions, which

Food and nutrition

Jun 24, 2019 ... and resources. Food labels How to read food labels, recent changes to food labelling, industry requirements. Food recalls, risks and outbreaks Food recalls, how Canada monitors food-borne illness, causes of food poisoning. Food safety Safety tips for all food types, information to protect those who are vulnerable to food poisoning, facts on food allergies and recalls

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