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Travel advice and advisories for Guatemala

Nov 15, 2019 ... in public Ensure that your personal belongings, passports and other travel documents are secure at all times Carry only a copy of the identification page of your passport and enough money for the day Use of ATMs Exercise extreme caution when using ATMs. Withdraw money at ATMs inside banks, hotels and malls rather than on the street, and do so during daylight hours

Travel advice and advisories for Bangladesh

Dec 10, 2019 ... of your surroundings when in public places. Limit your attendance at events where a large number of people, including foreigners, may gather. These include: outdoor recreation and cultural events places of worship festivals hotels and conference centres Be particularly vigilant during religious holidays and if attending sporting events and public celebrations

Travel advice and advisories for Tanzania

Dec 20, 2019 ... In the event of an accident, drive to the nearest police station Tourist facilities are adequate in major cities but limited in remote areas, with the exception of principal game lodges and beach resorts. Monitor fuel levels to ensure that your fuel tank is never lower than half full Road safety Drivers often drive at excessive speeds, and they can be aggressive

Travel advice and advisories for Vietnam

Jan 13, 2020 ... them to withdraw money from ATMs. Travellers have also been robbed by drivers who greeted them upon arrival with a placard showing their name. If you’re expecting to be picked up, confirm your driver’s name, phone number and licence plate number before you travel. When leaving the airport, you should only use authorized airport taxis or hotel transportation

Travel advice and advisories for Indonesia

Jan 2, 2020 ... to the region, regardless of your religion. Identification Carry adequate identification, such as a passport and your stay permit, at all times. You may be detained and fined if you don’t have the original on you. Keep copies, in case it is lost or confiscated. Driving Traffic drives on the left. In the event of an accident, drivers must stop and exchange information

EnviroTips: Planet-friendly ways to live comfortably

May 31, 2019 ... and extend the life of your product. Turn off the lights and your monitor when you leave the office. Have the office early bird person and the last person to leave turn the printer and other amenities on and off. Keep your house – and office, if you can – a couple of degrees warmer in summer, cooler in winter. You’ll be amazed how quickly you get used to it. Use

Surrey RCMP - Newcomer's Guide

Oct 15, 2019 ... as a result of a crime, accident or event. Witness: Someone who sees a crime or accident take place. Suspect: Someone who is thought to have committed a crime or offense. Questions or Concerns If you have questions, concerns or complaints about your interactions with police you have the right to voice them. You can contact the Surrey RCMP to discuss your concerns

3.1.2 What are you saving for?

Apr 23, 2019 ... 3.1.10 Summary of key messages Life events and emergencies can be costly. Check the items on the list that you'd be able to pay for quickly: What do you need to save for? New kitchen appliances, $500 to $2,000 Major car repairs, $1,500 to $3,000 New home entertainment system, $1,500 to $3,000 Professional training upgrade, $500 to $2,000 Time off work

Resources for managers for mental health in the workplace

Jul 18, 2019 ... and complex issues related to harassment in the federal workplace with the aim of restoring a respectful work environment once a formal process has been initiated. Improving your mental health Find information about mental health and ways to improve it at work and in your daily life. Grief and Loss Counselling Health Canada maintains a roster of mental health

How can you help during a disaster abroad

Jul 9, 2019 ... over, donate them to a local soup kitchen Considerations for people who want to volunteer in an affected country Before volunteering your services, here is some information to consider: Rescue services are needed typically for a short period of time. Experienced search-and-rescue teams, often located closer than Canada to certain disaster-prone regions, can

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