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Enhancing Canada’s Critical Infrastructure Resilience to Insider Risk

Apr 11, 2019 ..., organizations should require full disclosure of any third party vendors sub-contracted to provide backup services, including offsite storage. Organizations should also test their backup and recovery processes on a regular basis as part of their disaster recovery and continuity planning. Implement Procedures to Limit Information Exit Points One of the challenges

Beyond the Border Action Plan - Horizontal Initiative Report 2016-17

May 9, 2019 ... on the implementation of the entire BTB Action Plan, serves as a close-out report, and addresses all recommendations from the 2016 Auditor General’s audit of the BTB Action Plan. As such, the Report contains stronger, clearer, and more measurable performance indicators as well as more comprehensive narrative text to communicate results. In addition, the report includes

| Tapping into social media and digital volunteers to improve disaster recovery operations

Jul 6, 2018 ... digital volunteers to help during recovery operations following a fictional Hurricane. These tech savvy individuals can work online from anywhere in the world, gathering and analysing social media data to provide a variety of information services to emergency professionals and government organizations during disasters. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Data Centre Services Reference Architecture Document (RAD)

Dec 12, 2018 ... application hosting, database hosting, data warehouse hosting, high performance computing, file services, distributed print service, bulk print service and standard development environment. From the left, top to bottom ‒ Infrastructure as a Service compute and storage, virtual desktop infrastructure, operational recovery service, data archival, facilities management

Supplementary Information Tables

Apr 11, 2019 .../Recovery Description The Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA) provides federal financial assistance to provinces and territories (PTs) affected by large natural disasters such as floods and storms. The DFAA program was established in 1970, to provide the Government with consistent and equitable mechanisms to cost share PTs response and recovery

Departmental sustainable development strategy 2017 to 2020, updated as of January 2019, Environment and Climate Change Canada

May 7, 2019 ... research Developing policy and regulations Enforcing environmental laws ECCC’s programs focus on minimizing threats to Canadians and their environment from pollution; equipping Canadians to make informed decisions based on weather, water and climate conditions; and conserving and restoring Canada's natural environment. Individually and collectively, the programs

The Fiscal Monitor - February 2019

Apr 26, 2019 ... policy. See Note 8 at the end of this document for further details. 2Other fiscal arrangements include the Youth Allowances Recovery and Alternative Payments for Standing Programs, which represent a recovery from Quebec of a tax point transfer; statutory subsidies; payments under the 2005 Offshore Accords; and payments to provinces in respect of common securities

Direction on the Secure Use of Commercial Cloud Services: Security Policy Implementation Notice (SPIN)

Mar 29, 2019 ... with appropriate lead security agencies be supported by the third-party assurance process outlined in section 6.1.3 of this document 6.2.9 Service continuity In support of IT continuity planning,Footnote 22 departments must take into account their cloud-based services in their contingency and disaster recovery plans. Such planning includes understanding where GC data

Systems under Development Audit of Infrastructure Program Projects

May 10, 2019 ... completed and four data centres not on the original plan were closed. The rationale for these changes was not always documented or communicated within SSC or with partners. While deviations from the plan will always be necessary due to natural disaster and failing infrastructure, it remains important to prioritize data centre closures in an approved plan

Charlevoix blueprint for healthy oceans, seas and resilient coastal communities

Jan 2, 2019 ... by 2030 and recover 100% of all plastics by 2040. Increasing domestic capacity to manage plastics as a resource, prevent their leakage into the marine environment from all sources, and enable their collection, reuse, recycling, recovery and/or environmentally-sound disposal. Encouraging the application of a whole supply chain approach to plastic production toward

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