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Taras Lychuk | Directory of scientists and professionals

May 23, 2019 ... of environmental quality Professional activities / interests My work at BRDC is focussed on precision agriculture, crop production systems, assessment of the effects of climate change on agricultural production and environmental quality, and field-scale modeling Education and awards EDUCATION Ph.D. in Soil Science and Watershed Management. Department of Environmental

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 Federal Environmental Quality Guidelines Hexavalent Chromium

Jan 3, 2020 ... membranes. Cr(VI) is the principal species found in surface waters and aerobic soils, whereas Cr(III) dominates in mildly-reducing environments such as sediments and wetlands (Bailar et al. 1973). Cr(VI) is a carcinogen with mutagenic and teratogenic properties (Velma et al. 2009; ASTDR 2012). Based on the Priority Substances List Assessment Report (GC 1994), Cr(VI

Agro-Ecosystem Resilience | Directory of scientists and professionals

Aug 27, 2019 ...Agro-Ecosystem Resilience Research focuses on identifying, monitoring, and integrating crop management strategies to optimize agricultural inputs, enhance crop productivity, improve soil/water quality, manage nutrients, mitigate greenhouse gases and the effects of climate change, and reduce impacts from invasive and known pests. Kentville RDC also

Soil Quality in Relation to Agricultural Production in the North China Plain. - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Dec 31, 2015 ...Soil Quality in Relation to Agricultural Production in the North China Plain. Xia, M., Zhao, B., Hao, X., and Zhang, J.-B. (2015). "Soil Quality in Relation to Agricultural Production in the North China Plain.", Pedosphere, 25(4), pp. 592-604. doi : 10.1016/S1002-0160(15)30039-4 Access to full text Abstract Sustainable agricultural production is of vital

Environmental funding programs

Feb 18, 2020 ... technologies to reduce their emissions and supporting the forest and agriculture sectors to enhance stored carbon in forests and soils. More information on the Low Carbon Economy Fund Zero Plastic Waste Initiative (open for applications) This initiative contributes to Canada’s vision of a zero plastic waste future where plastics stay in the economy and out

Environmental Studies -

Sep 30, 2019 ... Environmental Studies B102 Soil Studies B103 Water Quality Studies Contact for this GSIN Code There is no available contact for this GSIN code. Related Tender Notice Strasburg Court, Kitchener, Supplemental Phase 1 & 2 ESAs, Risk Assessment, and Filing the Record of Site Condition (201400289) AE14SLCS - Consultant Services – Source List for Environmental Consultant

SL Division - Defence Science Projects Division PAD Record -

Dec 5, 2019 ... Soil Studies Active B103A Water Quality Studies Active B200B Geological Studies Active B201A Geophysical Studies Active B204A Seismological Studies Active B206B Energy Evaluations of Buildings Active AA415500 Fisheries (R&D) Active AA415504 Aquaculture (R&D) Active AA910300 Agriculture (R&D) Active AE913500 Economics (R&D) Active AG214562 Ethanol Fuel

Fact sheet: Benzene — Guidance and Orientation for the Selection of Technologies — Contaminated sites – Pollution and waste management – Environment and natural resources –

Nov 28, 2019 ... in soil Relative density 0.88 Floats on water Vapour pressure 90 mm Hg Very volatile Vapour density 2.7 Denser than air Solubility in water 1,750 mg/L Moderately soluble in water Henry's law constant 5 x 10-3 atm·m3/mol Rapid volatilization when dissolved log Koc (Depending on soil or sediment characteristics) 1.5 - 2.5* Moderate adsorption to organic matter


Jan 7, 2020 ... drift or leach into critical habitat. Activities that alter soil characteristics (for example, removal, of woody debris, compaction, modification of drainage). Activities that alter soil characteristics may cause habitat loss or permanent or temporary degradation of nesting and overwintering habitat, if the extent of alteration exceeds a critical threshold

Long-term Field Bioassay of Soil Quality. - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Dec 31, 2012 ...Long-term Field Bioassay of Soil Quality. Janzen, H.H., Olson, B.M., Zvomuya, F., Larney, F.J., and Ellert, B.H. (2012). "Long-term Field Bioassay of Soil Quality.", Prairie Soils and Crops, 5, pp. 165-168. Abstract A field bioassay of soil quality was established in 1990 at the Lethbridge Research Centre to study how measured differences in soil quality

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