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Audit of Icebreaking Services - April 2019

Apr 1, 2019 ... to October. Audit Scope and Approach The audit focused on governance, risk management, resource management and monitoring. The audit was carried out in National Headquarters and included interviews with key Icebreaking Services program personnel in the Canadian Coast Guard Regional Operations Centres in Atlantic and Central and Arctic Regions. The audit did

RAMN 2018 - Part 2 - Facilities Information - Radio Aids Marine Navigation 2018

Mar 26, 2019 ..., 227, 228, 229, 230, 235, 237 and 238. Ice conditions and forecast for Labrador Coast. Hopedale 11:07 Cartwright 2598J3E Radiotelephony Notices to Shipping: Nearshore (Belle Isle to Cape Chidley), Offshore (North Atlantic, Cape Bauld to Cape Chidley). Notices to Fish Harvesters (when available). Hopedale 11:50 Cartwright 5181F1B NAVTEX: (X) Notices to Shipping

NAVWARN Message Search

Aug 29, 2019 ... Coast Southeastern Grand Banks Southwestern Grand Banks Strait of Belle Isle Labrador (N) East Labrador Sea Lake Melville Mid Labrador Coast North Labrador Coast Northwest Labrador Sea South Labrador Coast South Labrador Sea Arctic (A) Shipping Safety Control Zone 1 Shipping Safety Control Zone 2 Shipping Safety Control Zone 3 Shipping Safety Control Zone 4

Patrols of 2 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group | Canadian Army

Apr 15, 2019 ... crossed the Atlantic Ocean to fish cod and harpoon whales in the Strait of Belle Isle during the 16th century. At Middle Bay, they built seasonal shelters onshore and sheds for rendering whale blubber into the oil that lit much of Europe. The eastern extension of route 138 begins at Old Fort Bay. The community, with a population of 347, has a long and intriguing

Fisheries Management Decisions for Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic - 2018

Nov 26, 2018 ...Decisions for Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic - 2018 Fisheries decisions in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Arctic include fisheries off the coast of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island and Quebec, within Canada’s 200-mile limit. Visit the Fisheries Openings and Closures page for ongoing fisheries

Quebec Fishery Regulations, 1990

Apr 8, 2019 ... such that any dimension of the net does not exceed 90 cm; (épuisette) large large means, in respect of an Atlantic salmon, 63 cm or more in length; (grand) leader leader means a vertical panel that is attached to the front of a fishing net in order to lead fish towards the opening in the net; (guideau) length length means (a) in respect of an Atlantic salmon

Commercial fisheries for Icelandic and Sea scallops

Mar 21, 2019 ..., Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization sub-Division 3Ps (Inshore) (2016) Scallop Fishing Area 15 - North Shore Scallop Fishing Areas 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D, 16G, 16H, 18D - North Shore Scallop Fishing Areas 16E, 16F, 18A - North Shore Scallop Fishing Area 17A - Gaspe-Lower St. Lawrence Scallop Fishing Areas 18B, 18C - Gaspe-Lower St. Lawrence Scallop Fishing Area 19A

Annual Report on Official Languages 2017–2018

Aug 13, 2019 ... provider that administers language testing in English and French for the province. It is also responsible for all French language testing for the 4 Atlantic provinces, and LINC/CLIC training for all of New Brunswick. By using a single service provider, the department strives to improve efficiency and facilitate the labour market integration of immigrants more

Fishery (General) Regulations

Apr 8, 2019 ...). (numéro d’enregistrement de bateau) SOR/93-333, s. 1 SOR/95-497, s. 1 SOR/98-481, s. 1 Application 3 (1) Subject to subsection (2), Parts I to VIII apply in respect of (a) fishing and related activities in Canadian fisheries waters off the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic coasts; (b) fishing and related activities in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick

2017 to 2018 Fees Report

Mar 25, 2019 ... - Fisheries Act Licences for lobster pounds 75.00 76.65 n/a Fisheries Management - Licensing Fee - Atlantic Fishery Regulations, 1985 Surf clam fishing licence for commercial purposes 30.00 30.66 n/a Atlantic razor clam license for commercial purposes 30.00 30.66 n/a Soft-shell clam fishing licence for commercial purposes 30.00 30.66 n/a Mussel fishing licence

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