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Report - African Swine Fever Forum - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Sep 20, 2019 ... Biosecurity at the border 4.2 Biosecurity within the border 4.3 Approaches to managing spread in wildlife: examples from the field 4.4 Revised framework for the prevention and control of African swine fever Session 5: Ensuring business continuity 5.1 ASF: Reframing the challenge 5.2 The Use of zoning for disease control and business continuity 5.3 The Use

Volunteer opportunities 2019 - Waterton Lakes National Park

Aug 9, 2019 ... last September and become a part of the long-toed salamanders’ ongoing story. More information Tree planting - limber pine / whitebark pine September and October, dates to be announced Restoration of these endangered species includes weekdays when volunteers assist park staff with planting seedlings. Because planting is done just prior to forecasted rain

Animals - Jasper National Park

Jul 15, 2019 ... by keeping all attractants in your vehicle - coolers are not bear proof and even dishwater and dog food will attract an animal; Stay on designated trails - unofficial trails are often used by wildlife; Small Mammals There are 29 species of small mammals in Jasper. They range in size from the pygmy shrew, which weighs only a few grams, to the beaver, which can weigh

Federal contaminated sites: success stories

Jul 24, 2019 ... as a healthy ecosystem for fish, fowl and wildlife. As a wetland habitat it serves as a staging area for waterfowl and provides a habitat to other wetland-dependent wildlife, fish and plant species, including some considered rare, threatened or endangered. For decades the area was used as an unauthorized dumpsite leading to an accumulation of automobile bodies

Volunteer opportunities - Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Aug 14, 2019 ...Volunteer opportunities The Kejimkujik Southwest Nova Volunteer Program The Kejimkujik Southwest Nova Volunteer Program is a group of organizations (including Parks Canada, Friends of Keji, Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute and Bird Studies Canada) and individuals working to help species at risk and enhance environmental conservation in and around

NEB - Compliance Verification Activity Report 1516-432 – NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.

Aug 28, 2019 ... will be planted with coniferous trees, e.g. spruce and pine species. The exact location of mounds will be selected based on site conditions. - Construction waste on RoW - broken skid and plastic crate. Observations & Discussion Date visited Location Theme Compliance Confirmed 08-Dec-15 KP 4 + 697 Environmental Protection Yes Observations - Epoxy applied to small chips

Species at risk - Elk Island National Park

Jul 12, 2019 ... start down this path. Why worry about species at risk? Protecting the full range of life on earth sustains the health and beauty of our planet. A rich diversity of species is reflective of a healthy and functioning ecosystem. How are species at risk protected in national parks? Through the Canada National Parks Act, all plants, animals and natural objects

Screening assessment for aspergillus awamori strain and aspergillus brasiliensis strain

Aug 23, 2019 ... Aspergillus species inferred from calmodulin sequences Appendix C. Toxins and secondary metabolites produced by A. brasiliensis and A. niger Appendix D. Plant rots and diseases caused by A. niger Synopsis Pursuant to paragraph 74(b) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA), the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Health have conducted

Oak wilt response framework for Canada - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Aug 2, 2019 ... and food for wildlife with acorns considered the most important wildlife food in deciduous forests of North America. Oak wilt may also result in potentially significant losses in environmental services as oak trees help to stabilize slopes, limit soil erosion and reduce air pollution. 7. Hosts Oak wilt is known to attack fagaceous hosts. All species of oak present

NEB - Process Update for TGS NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA (TGS), Petroleum GeoServices (PGS) and Multi Klient Invest (MKI) NorthEastern Canada 2D Seismic Survey (the Project)

Aug 28, 2019 ... activities are respectful of interactions with other ocean users. Definitions Cetacean: means a whale, dolphin or porpoise. Critical habitat: means the habitat that is necessary for the survival or recovery of a listed wildlife species and that is identified as the species' critical habitat in the recovery strategy or in an action plan for the species. Marine Mammal

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