Innovating using voice technology - vehicle recalls

Transcript - Innovating using voice technology - vehicle recalls

Alex: Hi everybody, it’s Alex here

Alex: So we’re at 90 Elgin and we are going to test out some Amazon Alexa skills

Alex: But first of all I wanted to thank our colleagues from CRA, Innovation Science Economic Development, Health Canada, and Transport Canada

Alex: Without further ado let’s try the Alexa skill, so

Alex: Alexa open Transport Canada

Alexa: Welcome to Transport Canada. I can inform you about vehicle recalls.

Alexa: You can say, search by vehicle

Alex: Search by vehicle

Alexa: What is the make of the vehicle?

Alex: Honda

Alexa: What is the model of the vehicle?

Alex: Civic

Alexa: What year is the vehicle?

Alex: 2014

Alexa: I found two recalls for the vehicle related to the tires and powertrain components.

Would you like me to send you an email with details on the recalls?

Alex: Yes please.

Alex: So I’m gonna ask you guys some quick questions. First of all, so, how long did it take to do this?

Developer: Ah, so the, proof of concept we worked for two weeks to learn the technology, and developed a few proof of concepts from data sets from each of the departments participating.

Alex: So, two weeks. Best part of it?

Developer: The best part of it was to work as a team working all together solving technical issues that came out throughout the challenge.

Alex: Awesome. The worst part of it was?

Developer: The hardest part of it would be getting the data set ready for voice.

Alex: Really, you heard it, two weeks, a little bit of data issues, nothing that couldn’t be worked through with our Government of Canada folks and some of our talented people here that we have on staff. So I encourage every single department to get out there experiment, Google Home, Apple voice, automotive voice… there is a whole bunch of different ways we can deliver Government of Canada services. Thank you!

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