Improving Results: 2017 horizontal and departmental reviews

The government is committed to the responsible use of Canadians’ tax dollars and to making smart, necessary investments.

That’s why we’ve been working with departments to improve the delivery of results, increase efficiency and better align resources with government priorities and Canadians’ needs and expectations.

Budget 2017 announced 2 horizontal reviews and at least 3 departmental reviews to help meet these objectives. The government is releasing details on the horizontal Business Innovation Review and will report progress on all reviews in Budget 2018.

Horizontal Business Innovation and Clean Technology Review

This initiative is a whole-of-government review of business innovation and clean technology programs to ensure that these programs are simple, effective, easily understood and meet the needs of Canada’s innovators.

The goal of the Business Innovation Review is to streamline and simplify program delivery in order to better support Canadian innovators and increase investments in clean technology.

An initial catalogue of the business innovation and clean technology programs across government, can be found in the Business Innovation and Clean Technology Program Inventory. Please note that this is a preliminary inventory of business innovation and clean technology programs, posted in September 2017. Since this time, the Treasury Board Secretariat completed its review of the government's business innovation and clean technology programs. The number and value of program streams in the inventory have been refined and adjusted accordingly. Revised figures will be provided in the future.

Over the coming months, the review will be assessing the alignment, effectiveness and coherence of these programs and developing recommendations on how best to improve them.

The President of Treasury Board is overseeing this review, with the key participation of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.

Summaries of Academic Reviews – Horizontal Business Innovation and Clean Technology

Treasury Board Secretariat commissioned four academic papers to guide the Government of Canada in its review of business innovation and clean technology programs.

Statistical tables in support of the Horizontal business innovation and clean technology review

Horizontal Review of Fixed Assets

The goal of the Fixed Assets Review is to improve the management of fixed assets across government, with a view to ensuring alignment of the government’s footprint with its program requirements, and strengthening governance, accountability and oversight.

“Fixed assets” are tangible immoveable assets synonymous with “real property,” such as lands, buildings, leased premises, bridges, dams, wharves, and other properties, under the administration of federal departments and agencies.

The Horizontal Fixed Asset Review is now complete. The executive summary outlines key findings, observations and recommendations, or you can request the final report.

Departmental reviews

The goal of the departmental reviews is to ensure that departmental programs are aligned with priorities and deliver results for Canadians. The ongoing monitoring of programs and services is part of good government.

Government organizations are selected for departmental reviews based on needs and opportunities. Factors can include changes in the operating or policy environment; a need to assess an organization's business model; and a balance of sizes and sectors within each cohort of organizations under review.

Budget 2017 announced annual departmental reviews. Three organizations have been selected for a review:

  • The Canada Border Service Agency
  • The Canada School of Public Service
  • Health Canada

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