Review of the Regulations Relating to Divestiture and Withdrawal From the Public Service Pension Plan

Title or working title of regulatory initiative

Review of the Regulations Relating to Divestiture and Withdrawal From the Public Service Pension Plan

Enabling act(s)

  1. Airport Transfer (Miscellaneous Matters) Act
  2. Nordion and Theratronics Divestiture Authorization Act
  3. Public Service Superannuation Act
  4. Teleglobe Canada Reorganization and Divestiture Act


Review of regulations to align with evolving legislation, administrative needs or government priorities


The review of these regulations is driven by the need to ensure alignment with evolving legislation, day-to-day program management and administrative requirements, and various government priorities.

Included regulations and date of last review or amendment (year)

Last reviewed in 2018

  1. Administration of Labour Market Development Services Divestiture Regulations
  2. Airport Transfer Regulations
  3. Atlantic Pilotage Authority Pension Regulations
  4. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Pension Regulations
  5. Blainville Motor Vehicle Test Centre Benefit Eligibility Protection Regulations
  6. Canada Communication Group Divestiture Regulations
  7. Canada Post Corporation Withdrawal Regulations
  8. Canadian Arsenals Pension Regulations
  9. Canadian Tourism Commission Divestiture Regulations
  10. Certain Canada Port Authorities Divestiture Regulations
  11. Designated Employees Pension Protection Regulations
  12. Divestiture of Service Transitional Coverage Regulations
  13. Divestiture Regulations for Former Employees of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (CANDU Reactor Division)
  14. NAV CANADA Divestiture Regulations
  15. Nordion and Theratronics Employees Pension Protection Regulations
  16. Portions of the Canada Ports Corporation Divestiture Regulations
  17. Portions of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Divestiture Regulations
  18. Portions of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Divestiture Regulations
  19. Portions of the Department of Health Divestiture Regulations
  20. Portions of the Department of National Defence Divestiture Regulations
  21. Portions of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Divestiture Regulations
  22. Portions of the Public Service General Divestiture Regulations
  23. Portions of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Divestiture Regulations
  24. St. Lawrence Seaway Authority Divestiture Regulations
  25. Ste. Anne’s Hospital Divestiture Regulations
  26. Teleglobe Canada Pension Protection Regulations
  27. The Micronutrient Initiative Divestiture Regulations
  28. Theratronics International Limited Divestiture Regulations
  29. Watson Lake Hospital Divestiture Regulations
  30. Withdrawal of Entities Regulations

Targeted start for review (year)

To be determined. A timeframe for any future regulatory review will be established should any relevant legislative amendments, day-to-day program management or administrative requirements, or government priorities necessitate an examination of these regulations.

Departmental contact

Deborah Elder
Senior Director, Pensions and Benefits Sector
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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