Management Action Plan in Response to the Recommendations of the Evaluation of the 2009 Policy on Evaluation

When developing a renewed Policy on Evaluation for approval by the Treasury Board, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat will:

  • Reaffirm and strengthen requirements for senior management roles in the governance of departmental evaluation functions;
  • Introduce greater flexibility in the requirements for evaluation coverage, frequency and core issues, and require departments to understand and reflect users' needs when periodically evaluating organizational spending;
  • Establish criteria to ensure that departmental evaluation planning is transparent and takes into account all organizational spending, all core issues, an understanding of the performance information and evaluation needs of key users, and the plans of other oversight functions;
  • Engage departments and the Secretariat's policy centres that help departments implement requirements related to performance measurement and financial management in order to develop an integrated approach to better support departmental evaluation functions in assessing program effectiveness, efficiency and economy; and
  • Promote the conduct of cross-cutting analyses on completed evaluations and the use of these analyses to support organizational learning and strategic decision making.

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