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Border Services (FB) Group Definition

Pursuant to paragraph 11.1(1)(b) of the Financial Administration Act, the Treasury Board of Canada hereby provides notice that the following occupational group definition will apply to the Border Services Group, effective .

The Border Services Group comprises positions in the Canada Border Services Agency that are primarily involved in the planning, development, delivery, or management of the inspection and control of people and goods entering Canada.


Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, for greater certainty, it includes positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for one or more of the following activities:

  1. determining the admissibility of people or goods entering Canada;
  2. post-entry verification of people or goods that have entered Canada;
  3. arresting, detaining or removing those people who may be in violation of Canada’s laws;
  4. investigating the illegal entry of people or goods;
  5. conducting intelligence activities related to the monitoring, inspection or control of people or goods entering Canada;
  6. developing Canada Border Services Agency operational directives to be followed in carrying out the above activities; and
  7. the leadership of any of the above activities.


Positions excluded from the Border Services Group are those whose primary purpose is included in the definition of any other group or those in which one or more of the following activities is of primary importance:

  1. the collecting, recording, arranging, transmitting and processing of information, the filing and distribution of information holdings, and the direct application of rules and regulations; or
  2. the planning, development, delivery or management of government policies, programs, services or other activities directed to the public other than those involving the inspection and control of people and goods entering Canada.

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