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Non-Supervisory Printing Services (PR(Non-S))


Non-Supervisory Printing Services (PR(Non-S)) Group Definition

Pursuant to section 101 of the Public Service Reform Act, the Treasury Board of Canada hereby provides notice that the following definition shall apply to the Non-Supervisory Printing Services Group effective .

The Non-Supervisory Printing Services Group comprises positions that are primarily involved in the production and binding of text material and illustrations by the various techniques used in the printing industry and directly related printing environments.


Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, for greater certainty, it includes positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for one or more of the following activities:

  1. advising customers on technical issues;
  2. planning and estimating jobs, developing technical specifications, scheduling production and auditing printing jobs;
  3. preparing specifications for all printing operations and materials;
  4. preparing and proof-reading text and illustrations to ensure total readiness for printing;
  5. preparing and operating printing equipment;
  6. performing bindery and finishing operations by hand or mechanical and electronic means;
  7. repairing press, bindery, composition and other equipment used in printing operations and inspecting and repairing circuits in electronic machines; and
  8. a limited degree of leadership in addition to any of the above activities.

To be allocated to the Non-Supervisory Printing Services Group, a position must, in addition to meeting the requirements for inclusion, be a part of a printing or duplicating or photocopying environment that meets the criteria listed below:

  1. The “printing or reproduction shop” is a distinct organizational entity in itself, such as a unit or section, or a part of a larger printing organization.
  2. The shop activities are under the direction and control of a leader who has responsibilities for more than one of the following graphic arts processes: text preparation, plate-making, printing/duplicating, high-speed photocopying, electronic pre-press preparation, printing and bindery operations. Also included are a small number of shops specializing in one of the processes, such as text preparation, typesetting or composition, that rely on other printing organizations to perform the other graphic processes.

Positions that require the application of skill and knowledge acquired through formal printing apprenticeship in performing bookbinding, paper cutting, composition, pre-press preparation, lithographic press operation, maintenance and printing control duties are to be allocated to the Non-Supervisory Printing Services Group, regardless of the environment in which they work.


Positions excluded from the Non-Supervisory Printing Services Group are those whose primary purpose is included in the definition of any other group or those in which one or more of the following activities is of primary importance:

  1. the operation of addressing and mailing equipment; and
  2. the operation of duplicating, photocopy or other copying machines within an office environment to produce material essentially for use by the organizational unit served.

Also excluded are positions whose primary purpose is the leadership of printing services.

Printing Services – Bindery (PR-BIN) Sub-group Definition

The duties of positions in this sub-group are to assemble and/or bind printed material; to operate bindery equipment such as: paper cutting, gathering and folding machines; to operate a photocopier; to operate such other manually, automated or electronically assisted bindery or distribution equipment, as may be required; and to perform other duties.

Printing Services – Composition (PR-COM) Sub-group Definition

The duties of positions in this sub-group are to prepare copy for printing; to make up camera-ready copy for reproduction; to operate computerized equipment to capture key strokes from manuscripts and magnetic sources; to operate various mini and micro computers; to operate graphic input stations; to operate electronic printers; to operate phototype setting and online output units; to operate computerized graphic design systems; to operate electronic data transmission equipment; to mark text for input in the composition systems; to read proofs to detect and mark errors for correction; to manually make up camera-ready pages; to advise and design programs for customers; to resolve technical problems; and to perform other duties.

Printing Services – Maintenance (PR-MAI) Sub-group Definition

The duties of positions in this sub-group are to oil, grease, inspect, adjust, repair, modify, overhaul and fabricate mechanical components and integral electronic circuits of equipment used in printing, exposition, photographic, publishing, and film and video; to assist in the relocation, installation and erection of such equipment; to complete required reports; and to perform other duties.

Printing Services – Pre-Press Preparation (PR-OFE) Sub-group Definition

The duties of positions in this sub-group are to operate cameras and other equipment to produce negatives and positives used in plate-making; to operate electronic scanner/plotter pre-press equipment; to retouch negatives and positives; to prepare and lay out film material for platemaking; to transfer positive or negative images to plates and/or other surfaces, and to perform other duties.

Printing Services – Press Operations (PR-OFO) Sub-group Definition

The duties of positions in this sub-group are to operate duplicating machines, electrostatic or electronic duplicating systems; to set the feeder and assist in making ready of presses; to operate letterpress, lithographic sheet-fed, or web presses; and to perform other duties.

Printing Services – Job Planning and Control (PR-PRC) Sub-group Definition

The duties of positions in this sub-group are to define printing requirements to plan, estimate and write specifications for all material to be used and operations to be carried out; to set and follow up plant production schedules; to review completed jobs for adherence to specifications; to verify customers’ billing; and to perform other duties.

Job Evaluation Standard

Printing Services (PR) Job Evaluation Standard

You can obtain a copy of the PR Job Evaluation Standard through the job evaluation standards on GCintranet (only available on the Government of Canada network) or by contacting TBS Public Enquiries.

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