Public Service Award of Excellence 2015 Recipients

Table of Contents

  1. Selection Committee
  2. Message from Janice Charette
  3. Outstanding Career
  4. Management Excellence
  5. Employee Innovation
  6. Blueprint 2020
  7. Excellence in Citizen-Focused Service Delivery
  8. Employment Equity and Diversity
  9. Official Languages
  10. Excellence in Policy
  11. Youth
  12. Exemplary Contribution Under Extraordinary Circumstances
  13. The Joan Atkinson Award
  14. Scientific Contribution
  15. Large-Scale Special Event or Project
  16. 60 Years of Service Special Award

2015 Selection Committee


  • Matthew King
    Deputy Minister
    Fisheries and Oceans Canada


  • Judith Bossé
    Assistant Deputy Minister (Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Branch)
    Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Vicki Fleury
    National Capital Region Young Professional Network
  • Shirley Friesen
    Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
  • Jay Khosla
    Assistant Deputy Minister (Energy Sector)
    Natural Resources Canada
  • Catherine MacQuarrie
    Vice-President (Strategic Directions, Program Development and Marketing)
    Canada School of Public Service
  • Frances McRae
    Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet
    Privy Council of Canada
  • Jacques Pilote
    Chief, Human Resources Programs and Planning
    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


  • Mary Anne Stevens
    Senior Director, Workplace Policies, Programs, Engagement and Ethics
    Governance, Planning and Policy Sector
    Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer
    Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Message from Janice Charette

Clerk of the Privy Council, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service

Picture of Janice Charette

Outstanding Career

Rachel Corneille Gravel
Veterans Affairs Canada

Picture of Rachel Corneille GravelCanadians applaud Rachel Corneille Gravel for nearly 40 years of dedication to Ste. Anne’s Hospital. As executive director of this long-term care facility since 1996, she has spearheaded numerous projects, including the colossal task of modernizing the hospital, signing a co-operation agreement with McGill University, and developing innovative clinical programs. Her role in building the hospital’s excellent reputation has resulted in numerous awards and distinctions for the institution. An exceptional manager and a source of inspiration, she is a visionary with outstanding leadership qualities, and an inclusive and respectful management style. Her commitment to veterans and her tireless work on their behalf make her an exemplary public servant.

Nominated by Walter Natynczyk, Deputy Minister, Veterans Affairs Canada.

Béatrice Gagné Plourde
Statistics Canada

Picture of Béatrice Gagné PlourdeThe Public Service of Canada commends Béatrice Gagné Plourde’s exceptional dedication and loyalty. For over 40 years, whatever the weather, she has trekked across Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspésie, interviewing people for the Survey of Household Spending. Known as “Madame Statistique Canada,” she has a great rapport with residents, deftly persuading them that their participation is important. She also provides unwavering support to her colleagues. Her work has been exemplary, and her methods have become the standard for performance and quality. She obtained the highest-ever participation rate in the country for the survey, making her a model of engagement and excellence.

Nominated by Marc-Olivier Lelièvre, Area Manager, Statistics Canada.

Paul Mills
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Picture of Paul MillsPaul Mills is being recognized for his exceptional 31-year career in the Public Service of Canada, during which he has made a lasting impact on the technological and economic development of Atlantic Canada, particularly in his home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. He is a creative problem solver and consummate collaborator, and he owes his stellar reputation to a remarkable capacity for building trusting relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. His commitment to employee engagement also makes him stand out as an exceptional leader. Mr. Mills’ results-oriented approach, conciliatory manner and generous counsel have earned him widespread respect and admiration. He truly exemplifies the best of the public service.

Nominated by Ken Martin, Director General, Regional Operations, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Derek C. G. Muir, Ph.D.
Environment Canada

Picture of  Derek C. G. MuirAs one of the most prolific researchers in the Government of Canada’s history, Derek Muir is being recognized for his outstanding contribution to protecting the natural environment. His achievements, spanning 38 years in the public service, have had a tremendous impact on environmental science, as well as on national and international policy. His work has been extensively cited, and he has been the driving force behind several successful environmental programs, particularly in the regulation of contaminants. His close mentoring of students and the vast global network he has fostered have contributed greatly to enhancing the scientific reputation of the Public Service of Canada.

Nominated by Amila De Silva and Jane Kirk, research scientists, Environment Canada.

Dale Cindy Sharkey
Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Picture of  Dale Cindy SharkeyDale Cindy Sharkey is being recognized for her exemplary public service career in support of Canada’s veterans and their families. For the past 17 years, she has excelled in leading the appeal program for disability benefits as director general of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board. Countless veterans, as well as members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP, have benefited from Ms. Sharkey’s commitment to public service values.  Ms. Sharkey is a selfless leader, and is widely recognized for her dedication to continuous program improvement and for her ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve service excellence.

Nominated by Danielle Gauthier, Director of Communications, Veterans Review and Appeal Board.

Management Excellence

Roula Eatrides
Courts Administration Service

Picture of Roula EatridesThe Public Service of Canada recognizes Roula Eatrides for her integrity, empathy and effective management style. A brilliant public servant in the Office of the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Ms. Eatrides has consistently demonstrated prudent management of human and financial resources. She ensures that financial controls are respected and that taxpayers’ funds are spent effectively. Passionate and professional, she consistently goes above and beyond, epitomizing public sector values and ethics, and is highly respected by colleagues. Ms. Eatrides’ leadership and innovation have helped to increase Canadians’ access to justice and to improve the delivery of judicial services.

Nominated by Micheline Bergeron, Executive and Judicial Assistant to the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Office of the Chief Justice, Federal Court, Courts Administration Service.

Peter L. Estey
Canada Revenue Agency

Picture of Peter L. EsteyPeter L. Estey, an assistant commissioner in the Atlantic Region, is being recognized for excellence and integrity in management. He has made significant contributions to program development and delivery, resulting in dynamic change for the department. A strategic thinker, he is results-oriented and challenges his team to look at problems in new ways and to find innovative solutions. He is a true leader and mentor with an infectious positive attitude; in good times, he recognizes achievements, both big and small; in difficult times, he listens and inspires. The consummate public servant, Mr. Estey has been a catalyst for change in the public service.

Nominated by Ainslea Cardinal, Director of Transformation, Atlantic Region, Canada Revenue Agency.

Peter Larose
Employment and Social Development Canada

Picture of Peter  LarosePeter Larose is a distinguished and multidisciplinary leader in the Public Service of Canada. He is respected by his peers and employees alike, and brings wisdom, care and a strategic perspective to each file or issue. He is a true visionary, ahead of the curve on many business transformation and people management issues. He consistently grounds decisions in a strong culture of values and ethics, and places accountability, good client service and value for money at the forefront. These are the marks of management excellence in the public service.

Nominated by Marie-Claude Pelletier, Director General, Strategic Directions, on behalf of the Human Resources Services Branch Management Team, Employment and Social Development Canada.

Employee Innovation

Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre Team

  • Chantal Audet, Natural Resources Canada
  • Colin Carson ,Natural Resources Canada
  • Bill Chambré, National Defence
  • Owen Crabbe, National Defence
  • R. Knapik, National Defence
  • Michael Kristjanson, Natural Resources Canada
  • Donald N. Parker, National Defence
  • Luc St-Denis, National Defence
  • Les Thomlinson, National Defence
  • Lori Wilkinson, Natural Resources Canada
  • Stephen R. Wright, National Defence

Picture of Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre TeamThis interdepartmental team is being recognized for its success on the Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre, a state-of-the-art facility in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. In an exceptional partnership, Natural Resources Canada and National Defence collaborated to expand the existing Polar Continental Shelf Program facility to accommodate military arctic training while increasing the capacity for polar ice research. The team’s innovative business approach has not only enhanced the Government of Canada’s presence in the north, but also exemplifies the advantages of whole-of-government solutions that provide value for money and that draw on the collective expertise of public servants.

Nominated by Michael Jordan, Director, Polar Continental Shelf Program, Natural Resources Canada.

Career Boot Camp 2015 Steering Committee

  • Robert Armstrong, Canada School of Public Service
  • Chantal Beaudin, Canada School of Public Service
  • Alexandre Desharnais, Canada School of Public Service
  • Erin Gee, Canada Revenue Agency
  • Srishti Hukku, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Jean-François Leduc, Shared Services Canada
  • Kenneth Loy, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Megan Masters, Natural Resources Canada
  • Sarah Teresa Wicks McCallum, Shared Services Canada
  • Heather McClelland, Shared Services Canada
  • Isabelle Montpetit, Canada School of Public Service
  • Kazia Peplinskie, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Isabelle Renaud, Canada School of Public Service
  • Amanda Troupe, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Jan-Mark van der Leest, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Picture of The Career Boot Camp Steering CommitteeThe Career Boot Camp Steering Committee is being recognized for its dedication to implementing precedent-setting approaches to learning, networking and collaboration in the Public Service of Canada. This team advanced government-wide priorities by delivering a highly innovative learning event to public servants. By maximizing the use of GC2.0 tools and cloud-based social networks, and taking a whole-of-government approach, team members successfully connected three simultaneous events across the country, enabling participants to interact digitally. The team’s creative use of technology has contributed to a culture of innovation and high performance in the public service.

Nominated by Nicolino Frate, Acting Assistant Director, Canada Revenue Agency.

Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Team
National Research Council Canada

Frédéric Belval, David de Lagrave, Bernard Harvey, Eric Irissou, Ph.D., Jean-Michel Lamarre, Ph.D., and Dominique Poirier, Ph.D.

Picture of Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing TeamThe Public Service of Canada applauds this research and development team for its excellence in aeronautical research and innovation in the development of cold spray technology, which helps aircraft parts perform in extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. These talented public servants have been instrumental in bringing cold spray technology from concept to application. Their work has led to the replacement of current repair technologies, and has significantly reduced costs and repair turnaround times, all while minimizing environmental risks, as well as health and safety concerns, for employees. This forward-thinking team has made an excellent overall contribution to the global leadership and growth of Canada’s aerospace industry.

Nominated by Michel Dumoulin, General Manager, Automotive and Surface Transportation, National Research Council Canada.

Strategic Reengineering Team
Public Works and Government Services Canada

Adam Ali, Ahmad Ali, Matthew Ball, José Banos, Éric Boulanger, Daniel M. Caron, Steven Dupont, Nancy Gauthier, Angela Hagar, Christine Hug, Caroline-Soledad Mallette, Sandra Pelletier, Anne-Louise Perreault, Marc Tessier and Ian Van Audenhaege

Picture of Strategic Reengineering TeamThese dedicated language and information technology professionals are being recognized for embracing and implementing innovative approaches that enable the government to better communicate with Canadians in the official language of their choice, and to provide quality products and services to the public service. Recognized for their creative use of new technologies, team members have perfected leading-edge language tools for translation content management, editing and remote interpretation. The team has demonstrated flexibility and creativity in responding to the priorities of clients and their official languages needs. By making these tools available, they have contributed greatly to innovation and bilingualism in the government.

Nominated by Anne Nicholls, Vice-President, Service Strategies and Partnership, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Blueprint 2020

Jimmy Ammoun
Employment and Social Development Canada, Labour Program

Picture of Jimmy AmmounJimmy Ammoun is receiving this award for conceptualizing and leading the development of the Labour Program’s highly innovative “HSO To Go” software application. This award recognizes his leadership qualities and initiative in making smart use of technology to modernize work processes. The application provides quick access to technical reference material, facilitates effective and efficient workplace inspections, and allows employers to receive results immediately. This grassroots initiative captures the spirit of Blueprint 2020’s vision of excellence throughout the public service. “HSO To Go” is a bottom-up innovation that contributes greatly to regional operations, leading to better service and safer workplaces for Canadians.

Nominated by Anna Ananiadis, Regional Director, Employment and Social Development Canada, Labour Program.

Devon Bartley
Department of Justice Canada

Picture of Devon BartleyDevon Bartley is being honoured for her strong commitment to making the principles of Blueprint 2020 a reality. As a result of her initiative to implement the Innovation Generator—an online tool that enables transparent decision making about departmental innovation—Ms. Bartley was invited by her deputy minister to co-chair the newly created Innovation Council. In this role, she works with employees to identify and implement new and smarter ways of working. Ms. Bartley personifies the kind of public servant who lives the vision of Blueprint 2020—tech-savvy, keen to find new ways to engage, and tireless in sharing ideas that inspire innovative thinking.

Nominated by Michael Hudson, Associate Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Aboriginal Affairs Portfolio, Department of Justice Canada.

Lauren Hunter, Ph.D.
Natural Resources Canada

Picture of Lauren HunterLauren Hunter is being recognized for embracing and contributing to the Blueprint 2020 vision through innovative projects that will help the public service meet current and future challenges. She is the creative force behind IN·spire, NRCan’s Innovation Hub—the first such hub in the Government of Canada. Her talent for nurturing and mobilizing people is widely recognized, as is her passion and dedication to developing and advancing new ways of working. Ms. Hunter exemplifies the guiding principles of Blueprint 2020: engagement, whole-of-government perspective, use of new technology and new ways of working.

Nominated by Jennifer Hollington, Director General, Natural Resources Canada.

Excellence in Citizen-Focused Service Delivery

Jeffrey de Fourestier, M.S.M.
National Defence

Picture of Jeffrey de FourestierThe Public Service of Canada applauds Jeffrey de Fourestier for his selfless commitment and excellence in managing the Memorial Ribbon Program, through which the Canadian Armed Forces recognizes the loss and sacrifice of the families of fallen soldiers. Mr. de Fourestier has demonstrated outstanding engagement, sensitivity and a deep sense of humanity in his interactions with grieving family members, often going beyond the call of duty to ensure that their loved ones receive the appropriate recognition and commemoration. A public servant of the highest calibre, Mr. de Fourestier has touched the lives of many Canadian soldiers and their families.

Nominated by Claire Pouliot, Administrative Assistant to the Director, National Defence.

Cyber Operations Team
Public Safety Canada

Sean R. Adam, Carl J. C. Berger, Christopher Briffett, Patrick Clow, Tamara Critch, Patrick Desnoyers, Brandon Hum, Mark William Landry, Eric Lauzier, Chad McNamara, Bruce Moore, Rene Mulder, Vireak Phlek, Julia Scouten and Sandra Williston

Picture of the Cyber Operations TeamThe Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre’s Cyber Operations Team is being recognized for the instrumental role it played in responding to several major cybersecurity threats in 2014. Available 24/7, and using sophisticated cybersecurity technologies, this world-class team has consistently produced timely solutions and trusted information to help defend critical infrastructure and Canadians against cyberattacks. When the Heartbleed, Shellshock and Zeus vulnerabilities were discovered, these talented public servants helped key public and private sector clients secure their networks by providing important mitigation advice, tailored guidance and customized tools. Canadians applaud their dedication and commitment to securing cyberspace and protecting Canadian interests.

Nominated by Peter Hammerschmidt, Director General, National Cyber Security Directorate, Public Safety Canada.

Grants and Contributions Online System (GCOS)
Employment and Social Development Canada

Katie Alexander, Mario Bégin, Lacey Campbell, Julie Chartrand, Zeljko Delic, Nancy Gardiner, Anik Goudie, Stephen Hadley, Polly Jones, Donna McCharles-Gyetko, Nina Muraviova, Lemonte Squibb, Chris Stevenson and Marguerite Vaillancourt

Picture of Grants and Contributions Online System teamThis innovative team is being recognized for transforming and modernizing how Employment and Social Development Canada interacts with Canadians. By making the process of applying for government funding easier, faster and more secure through a user-friendly online system, the team has reduced the administrative burden of the former paper-based system. The new process has vastly improved the ability of stakeholders to conduct grants and contributions transactions electronically with the department. The team’s high level of commitment and its consultative approach have strengthened the efficiency of government programs, improving access and providing service excellence to Canadians.

Nominated by Neil Burke, Director, Service Delivery Strategies and Performance Management, Employment and Social Development Canada.

Vulnerable Persons Team

  • Ibtissam Hammoud Alsahli, Consulate of Canada in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Sheikh Mohamed Attar, Consulate of Canada in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Giuseppe R. Basile, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
  • Kiran Kaur Bhinder, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
  • Sean Blane, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
  • Neeta Chhibber, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Nancy Guy, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Doaa Hassan, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Tom MacDonald, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Aliya Mawani, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Simon Milne-Day, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Tanya Prévost, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
  • Rhonda Raby, Canada Border Services Agency
  • Diala Shibl, Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Shaun Patrick Smith, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, United Arab Emirates

Picture of Vulnerable Persons TeamThis multidisciplinary team is being commended for providing the highest level of consular services to some of Canada’s most vulnerable citizens abroad: mistreated children. In a highly complex and sensitive case involving serious allegations of mistreatment and abuse, the team worked tirelessly to develop a well-informed and strategic solution to secure the safe return of the children involved to Canada. It took measured and skilful engagement with multiple partners, as well as effective management of cultural sensitivities in a challenging international environment, to get the job done. The team’s commitment and success has strengthened Canada’s consular service delivery in protecting the rights and safety of vulnerable persons abroad.

Nominated by Jeff David, Director, Consular Case Management, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.

Employment Equity and Diversity

Kathryn L. Horrelt
National Defence

Picture of Kathryn L. HorreltThanks to the leadership of Kathryn L. Horrelt, employment equity is front and centre in the Canadian Armed Forces. Through her long service and commitment, Ms. Horrelt has contributed significantly to the implementation of employment equity and diversity programs at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown. Thanks to her strong leadership and unwavering dedication as a volunteer with the Defence Advisory Group for Persons with Disabilities, awareness of physical and non-physical disabilities is now deeply ingrained in the workplace. An excellent role model, Ms. Horrelt has increased acceptance and understanding of the needs of people with disabilities throughout her division and in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Nominated by David J. Burbridge, Major, Base Construction Engineering Officer, 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, Oromocto, National Defence.

Official Languages

National Committee of Champions of Official Languages
Canada Revenue Agency

David R. Bedford, Annie Boudreau, Eric Byrne, Michel Gravelle, Tamara Kluke, Micheline Leduc, Lyne Levac, Stephen Lunney, Cheryl MacLellan, Guy Mathieu, Gillian Pranke, Sherry E. Sharpe, J. Paul Vienneau, Petra Vidican and Patricia Whitridge

Picture of National Committee of Champions of Official LanguagesThe public service applauds the commitment and passion of this dedicated group of official languages champions. Through creative and innovative best practices, they have contributed enormously to promoting and supporting the use of both English and French in the everyday work of public service employees for the benefit of all Canadians. This team’s drive and perseverance have helped make the Canada Revenue Agency a model employer in enhancing Canada’s linguistic duality, setting a commendable example for other federal institutions. The committee members exemplify the very best of what the public service has to offer.

Nominated by Lucie Tremblay, Assistant Director, Official Languages, Employment Equity and Diversity Division, Canada Revenue Agency.

Excellence in Policy

Advancing World Class Pipeline, Offshore and Nuclear Safety and Security (C-22, C-46)

  • Norma L. Beech, Department of Justice Canada
  • Tyler Cummings, Natural Resources Canada
  • Laura Farquharson, Environment Canada
  • Timothy Gardiner, Natural Resources Canada
  • Stephen Hawley, Natural Resources Canada
  • Jacques Hénault, Natural Resources Canada
  • Terry Hubbard, Natural Resources Canada
  • Jeff Labonte, Natural Resources Canada
  • Anna Larson, Natural Resources Canada
  • Abigail Lixfeld, Privy Council Office
  • David McCauley, Natural Resources Canada
  • Samuel Millar, Natural Resources Canada
  • Donald S. Reed, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
  • Jean-François Roman, Department of Justice Canada
  • Jonathan Timlin, National Energy Board

Picture of Advancing World Class Pipeline teamThis remarkable interdepartmental team is commended for fundamentally enhancing the safety and security of Canada’s pipelines, offshore oil and gas, and nuclear facilities. Their work is the result of four years of dedicated effort that culminated with the adoption of the Energy Safety and Security Act and the Pipeline Safety Act—two pieces of legislation that will provide Canadians with world-class environmental protection and responsible development based on prevention, preparedness and response, liability, and compensation. Throughout this complex undertaking, the team worked in an open, flexible and transparent way. The team exemplifies the core values and behaviours of Canada’s public service.

Nominated by Samantha Maislin Dickson, General Counsel and Executive Director, Legal Services, Natural Resources Canada.

Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act
Natural Resources Canada

Vincent Klassen, Ron Lyen, Ekaterina Ohandjanian, Mark Pearson, Susan Weston and Robyn H. Whittaker

Picture of Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act teamThis team is being recognized for developing and implementing an innovative policy proposal for mandatory reporting for extractive companies. The team’s work culminated in legislation—the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act—which was passed in Parliament in December 2014. The legislation represents a significant advancement for Canada as a world-leading jurisdiction for resource development.  The team used its expertise, diligence and dedication to elicit cooperation from many groups involved in the issue, including Aboriginal peoples; provincial, territorial, national and international governments; civil society organizations; and the oil, gas and mining industries. As a result, the legislation has received high levels of support both here and internationally.

Nominated by Neil Bouwer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Policy Integration, Natural Resources Canada.

Modernizing Northern Telecommunications Team
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Christine Bailey, Julie Boisvert, Martin Daigle, Emilia de Somma, Céline Legault, Catherine Lemieux, James N. MacKay, John Macri, Hersha Malkani, Balasubramanian Natraj, Kevin Pickell, Jade Roy, Lynda Roy, Christopher Seidl and Robert Thompson

Picture of Modernizing Northern Telecommunications TeamThe Modernizing Northern Telecommunications Team is being recognized for addressing the challenges of accessing affordable, reliable telecommunications services by Canadians living in the North. This multidisciplinary team of experts developed a comprehensive regulatory strategy, and provided professional analysis and advice on many complex and interrelated issues. In addition, this team travelled north of the Arctic Circle to hold public hearings in Inuvik—for the first time in the Commission’s history—ensuring that no one would be left out. As a result, many northern Canadians now have access to the modern telecommunications services needed for economic development and participation in the digital economy.

Nominated by John Macri, Director, Telecommunications Policy Framework, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.


Leila El-Khatib
Public Works and Government Services Canada

Picture of Leila El-KhatibLeila El-Khatib is being recognized as a highly motivated leader in the new generation of public servants. Three months after joining the Industrial Security Operations Division as a registration analyst in 2013, Ms. El-Khatib was promoted to management as a result of her outstanding dedication to the job. Since then, her performance and the quality of her work have been exceptional, resulting in improved operations within the division. Ms. El-Khatib demonstrates compassion, strong problem-solving skills and good judgment in all her undertakings. She is a remarkable young public servant and a strong asset to the Public Service of Canada.

Nominated by Jamal Khazaal, Client Authority, Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Lesley Ann Facto
National Defence

Picture of Lesley Ann FactoThe Public Service of Canada salutes Lesley Ann Facto for her exceptional dedication to her work at Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest), in Winnipeg. Ms. Facto epitomizes the principle of service before self in the performance of her duties, ensuring that the individual travel plans of personnel in her unit are arranged with exceptionally high standards. She is highly respected among her peers for her drive and professionalism.  Her high level of efficiency and gentle nature reflect well on the unit. As an exemplary young leader, Ms. Facto assures the continued vitality of the public service.

Nominated by Christine Kaehler, Chief Clerk, National Defence.

Exemplary Contribution Under Extraordinary Circumstances

Ebola Response Team

  • Ryan Baker, Health Canada
  • Alain Boucard, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Steve Buckles, Transport Canada
  • Dominique Charron, International Development Research Centre
  • Christine Fournier, Canada Border Services Agency
  • Martin Gagnon, Correctional Service Canada
  • Drew Heavens, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Lillian Hopkins, Privy Council of Canada
  • Michael MacDonald, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Gary O’Neil, National Defence
  • Marc Ouellette, Ph.D., Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Stephen Salewicz, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Picture of Ebola Response TeamThe Ebola crisis of 2014–15 was a public policy and operational challenge for the Government of Canada that required an interdepartmental response. Under intense pressure and working against the clock, the dedicated members of this team collaborated to prevent the virus from entering Canada. They ensured linkages between Canada’s domestic response and its international efforts, provided protective equipment and personnel to countries in need, and developed protocols to support health professionals. This highly successful collaboration allowed Canada to contribute to global health and support humanitarian and security interventions to address the spread of the disease.

Nominated by Caroline Xavier, Associate Vice-President, Operations Branch, Canada Border Services Agency.

The Joan Atkinson Award

Jacques Paquette
Employment and Social Development Canada

Picture of Jacques PaquetteJacques Paquette is being recognized for his outstanding leadership and tireless commitment to excellence throughout a stellar 32-year public service career. Much valued for his pragmatism and frank advice on social policy issues, he has consistently demonstrated the highest degree of personal integrity and professional drive in helping to set the strategic direction of his department. His employees regard him as a moral compass and a staunch advocate for their well-being and success. Time and time again, this talented consensus builder has demonstrated a rare ability to achieve the best possible outcomes for all Canadians and, as such, has contributed greatly to the well-being of Canada.

Nominated by Peter Larose, Assistant Deputy Minister, Human Resources Services Branch, Employment and Social Development Canada.

Scientific Contribution

Jeremy F. Mills, Ph.D.
Correctional Service Canada

Picture of Jeremy F. MillsJeremy F. Mills is an eminent scientist in the correctional psychology community who is being commended for his exceptional contribution to psychological science in mental health services, and in forensic and correctional practices. His research related to risk assessment for offenders, and the application of this research to his practice at Correctional Service Canada, has significantly advanced the field. Mr. Mills is a visionary, dedicated to imparting his knowledge and who is internationally recognized for his scholarly work, journal publications and conference presentations. His exceptional leadership and insights have improved correctional services and contributed to creating a safer Canadian society.

Nominated by Dorothy Cotton, Ph.D., Psychologist, Correctional Service Canada.

NRC’s Nanotube Manufacturing Team
National Research Council Canada

Stéphane Dénommée, Jingwen Guan, Ph.D., Michael Jakubinek, Ph.D., Keun Su Kim, Ph.D., Christopher T. Kingston, Mark Plunkett and Benoit Simard, Ph.D.

Picture of NRC’s Nanotube Manufacturing TeamThe Public Service of Canada applauds this team of dedicated scientists for their breakthrough work enabling the world’s first pilot-scale production of boron nitride nanotubes. Canada is now the leading global producer of this game-changing advanced material, which combines ultra-high strength and unique electronic properties with versatile manufacturability. Industrial deployment will drive new, high-value manufacturing across the defence, aerospace, automotive and health sectors. Building on 15 years of nanotube research, this latest feat has garnered worldwide attention for the team. Their unceasing drive to deliver technology innovation is a tribute to public service values and a tremendous asset for Canada.

Nominated by Duncan Stewart, General Manager, Security and Disruptive Technologies, National Research Council Canada.

Large-Scale Special Event or Project

D-Day and the Battle of Normandy 2014 Team

  • Jason Broussard, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Jean (John) Desrosiers, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Corey Downey, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Judy Gallant, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Beverly Gerg, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Hélène Halatcheff, Canadian Embassy in Paris, France
  • Dr. Hai Thong Nguyen, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Caitlin Rochon, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Paulette Ryan, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Anthony James Slack, National Defence
  • Willemina Squires, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Arend teRaa, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Melissa Walsh, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Geoff Wood, Veterans Affairs Canada

Picture of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy 2014 TeamThe Public Service of Canada recognizes this team for its tremendous success in organizing the June 2014 commemorative ceremonies in France to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. This large-scale, overseas event required exceptional management skills in human and materiel resources. To support veterans in paying tribute to their fallen comrades, the team worked tirelessly to deliver three signature Government of Canada events and a travel assistance program that included military transport from Canada to France. This dedicated team deserves our thanks for honouring our nation’s heroes with such dignity and respect.

Nominated by André Levesque, Director General, Commemoration Division, Veterans Affairs Canada.

60 Years of Service Special Award

George A. Stewart, C.D.
National Defence

Picture of George A. StewartA highly decorated leader and mentor, George Alexander Stewart joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1955. It was the start of an extraordinary career spanning over 60 years of combined regular, reserve and civilian service. Today, Mr. Stewart is a logistics and airlift supply coordinator at Canadian Forces Station Alert, the world’s most northerly and permanently inhabited post, a position he has held with distinction since 1985. He has shared his unparalleled knowledge of the challenges of arctic operations with several generations of logisticians. Mr. Stewart has left a lasting legacy in support of Canadian military operations and Arctic research.

Nominated by James Boland, 8 Wing Alert Management Officer, National Defence.

All photos by:
Sgt Ronald Duchesne, Rideau Hall
©Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada represented by the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General (2015)

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