Gender-Based Analysis


Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is the process by which a policy, program, initiative or service can be examined for its impacts on various groups of women and men. GBA+ provides a snapshot that captures the realities of women and men affected by a particular issue at a specific time. This means that analysts, researchers, evaluators and decision makers are able to continually improve their work and attain better results for Canadian men and women by being more responsive to their specific needs and circumstances.

GBA+ aligns with the principles outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act, and the Government of Canada is committed to supporting the full implementation of GBA+ across federal departments and agencies.

In the 2015 Fall Reports (1) of the Auditor General of Canada, the Auditor General (AG) identified that, although there has been some progress in the use of GBA+, improvement is needed in addressing barriers to its implementation and in monitoring the effectiveness of GBA+ in informing government initiatives. In response to the AG’s recommendations, Status of Women Canada, Privy Council Office and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat tabled the Action Plan on Gender-based Analysis (2016-2020), committing to identify and assess barriers to GBA+ implementation, enhance capacity-building tools and training, and develop monitoring and accountability mechanisms.

Departmental and Agency Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of your department or agency to determine whether there is a potential gender issue within the proposed policy, program, initiative or service. Should such a potential exist, the government expects the organization to fulfill its commitment to undertake a thorough and complete GBA+ assessment. You should tailor TB submissions to sufficiently address all gender considerations revealed through the GBA+, thereby ensuring that the different needs, priorities, interests, roles and responsibilities of diverse groups of women and men are being addressed and integrated appropriately.

Considering gender in the development or design of a new policy, program, initiative or service can be as simple as asking the following questions:

  • What is the profile of the client base or target group of the proposed policy, program, initiative or service?
  • Does an aspect of the proposed policy, program, initiative or service have the potential to impact women and men differently? If so, how?

Your department or agency is expected to provide evidence that it has taken GBA+ considerations into account and to report relevant findings in your TB submission. Should the GBA+ findings reveal gender or diversity concerns, your program analyst at the Secretariat will seek information and evidence based on the following Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Expectations for Gender-Based Analysis Plus in TB Submissions, as part of his or her normal review and challenge of TB submissions.

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Expectations for Gender-Based Analysis Plus in TB Submissions

Issue identification

  • Have you identified a Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) consideration within the context of the policy, program, initiative or service either through a preceding Memorandum to Cabinet or in the development of this TB submission?
  • What data sources and/or evidence did you consider to support the above conclusion?


If no GBA+ issues have been identified, please indicate “not applicable”. If a GBA+ issue has been identified, please respond to the following questions:

  • What response to the GBA+ consideration is being proposed within the context of the policy, program, initiative or service? What is the anticipated impact?
  • How will you monitor the performance of the proposed policy, program, initiative or service for emerging GBA+ impacts throughout implementation?
  • If you plan an evaluation or review of the proposed policy, program, initiative or service, will it incorporate the impact of the response to the potential GBA+ consideration?
  • Does your proposed response align with GBA+ initiatives being undertaken by other organizations; broader government agenda and priorities; and international and national priorities, norms and statutory requirements?

For general guidance on Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), you are encouraged to contact the GBA+ Champion or the Responsibility Centre within your organization. Additional information on GBA+ is also available at Status of Women Canada.

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