ARCHIVÉ – Discours – Notes d’allocution pour l’honorable Jason Kenney, ministre de la Citoyenneté, de l’Immigration et du Multiculturalisme, au Centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy

H.M.C.S. Naden / Esquimalt Harbour
Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
November 9, 2009

Tel que prononcé

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Your Royal Highnesses, Vice-Admiral McFadden, Rear-Admiral Pile, Parliamentary colleagues, Your Worship, Distinguished guests, Members of the Canadian Forces, and especially Maritime Command, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Le prince Charles en compagnie du ministre Kenney au port d’Esquimalt

Today, Canada and Her Majesty’s Canadian Forces are deeply honoured to have your Royal Highnesses with us in this historic naval station at Esquimalt Harbour, established here by the Royal Navy before the Crimean War.

And may I say to you, Your Royal Highness, just how delighted we are to welcome you home, as well as to greet you, for the very first time, in your new rank of Vice-Admiral in the Canadian Navy.

Sir, if I may say so, the uniform looks very smart on you, and you make us proud by wearing it today on this very special occasion.

Indeed the presence of Your Royal Highnesses is a reminder of just how strong the connection is between our Royal Family and the Canadian Navy. One thinks of the visit of the late king, His Majesty King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth, in 1939, and His Majesty’s presentation of King’s Colours to the Royal Canadian Navy in nearby Beacon Hill Park.

Months after the King and Queen’s visit war broke out, during which, in the Battle of the Atlantic, the Royal Canadian Navy saw its finest hour.  During this Remembrance Week we pay special honour to those who served, and especially to those who never came home.

Today we mark the commencement of the official Celebrations commemorating the Centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy.

The story of the Royal Canadian Navy is one of service, of gallantry, and of pride. The ethos of “Ready Aye Ready,” which we inherit directly and proudly from Nelson’s navy, continues to animate our naval men and women at sea today, at home and abroad.  As they safeguard all three of Canada’s ocean approaches, defend the sovereignty of Canada’s Arctic, and fly our flag around the world, they make all Canadians very proud.  We are grateful to them all.

I am delighted today to be representing the Minister of National Defence, the Honourable Peter MacKay. As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I take great pride in sharing uniquely Canadian symbols with new Canadian citizens.

One such symbol is the Canadian Crown embodied in our Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and represented by 11 eminent Canadians – the Governor General and the Lieutenant Governors.

[Je suis très heureux de représenter aujourd’hui le ministre de la Défense nationale, l’honorable Peter MacKay. En tant que ministre de la Citoyenneté et de l’Immigration, je suis très fier de partager les symboles typiquement canadiens avec les nouveaux citoyens du Canada. La Couronne canadienne, incarnée par notre chef de l’État, Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II, et représentée par onze éminents Canadiens, la gouverneure générale et les lieutenants-gouverneurs, est l’un de ces symboles.]

Your Royal Highnesses, the Centennial that we commence today is a celebration of duty, service to country and loyalty to the Crown.

[Vos Altesses Royales, le centenaire que nous fêtons aujourd’hui est une célébration du devoir, du service de la patrie et de la loyauté envers la Couronne.]

On behalf of all Canadians, Sir and Ma’am, I say with great sincerity “Welcome Home”. We wish you continued health and happiness, and hope you will be with us again in the near future.

[C’est avec une grande sincérité, vos Altesses Royales, que je vous souhaite au nom de tous les Canadiens la « bienvenue chez vous ». Nous vous présentons nos vœux de santé et de bonheur et espérons que vous reviendrez nous voir bientôt.]

On this day, I trust all Canadians join with me in saying: Happy 100th to our Navy.

[ En ce jour, je suis certain que tous les Canadiens se joignent à moi pour souhaiter un joyeux centenaire à notre Marine.]

May there be peace and prosperity in our beloved Dominion of Canada and God’s blessings on our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth II.

God Save The Queen.

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