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Pour les 16 défis émis, nous avons reçues 634 propositions de 465 participants uniques. Le tableau suivant présente le nombre de propositions, et le nombre de contrats attribués sous forme de pourcentage du nombre total de contrats :

Participants Proposals Contrats

Milieu universitaire

21,3 %

23,5 %

Petites et moyennes entreprises(<500 employés)

59,6 %

54,9 %

Grandes entreprises

10,7 %

14,8 %

Organismes sans but lucratif

4,3 %

3,7 %

Participants individuels

2,7 %

1,2 %

Veuillez prendre note que les titres des soumissions sont publiés dans la langue d’origine. Aussi, les montants octroyés qui figurent sur les pages Web de la divulgation proactive et des achats et ventes du gouvernement du Canada auront préséance.

Le premier appel de propositions des projets compétitifs

Défis Titre de projet
(titres des soumissions sont publiés dans la langue d’origine)
Innovateur Montant attribué

1. Comprendre et aborder le trouble de stress post-traumatique

Understanding and Influence the stress process through biofeedback, wearable and mobile technologies to prevent and address PTSD

University of Waterloo

194 398,72 $

Identification and translation of a whole body bio signature to improve clinical management of PTSD subtypes

Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

200 000,00 $

Translating Biomarkers for Traumatic Stress Disorders in Canada’s Military (BioTRAUMACAN)

IWK Health Centre

101 632,00 $

Understanding predictors recovery of military-related PTSD from both an individual and family perspective

London Health Sciences Centre Research Inc. (St-Joseph's Health Care)

47 260,00 $

Development of an Online PTSD and Relationship Therapy for CAF Members and Their Partners: Couples HOPES (Helping Overcome PTSD and Enhance Satisfaction)

Ryerson University

100 000,00 $

Utilizing machine learning of MEG to examine brain function in PTSD

The Hospital for Sick Children

31 188,00 $

Pathophysical understanding and treatment of PTSD: an rTMS approach

The University of Calgary

99 955,00 $

Virtual Reality (VR)-based Interventions for PTSD in Canadian Military and Veteran Populations

The University of Western Ontario

188 240,00 $

La signature oculaire d'une personne peut elle refléter un trouble de stress post-traumatique ?

Clinique CHRONI-K Inc.

173 298,55 $

2. Recruter et maintenir en poste les femmes pour atteindre un niveau de représentation féminine de 25 % d'ici 2026

Smart recruiting using deep learning

Xtract AI

103 056,00 $

SkyHive Women in the Military

SkyHive Technologies Inc.

199 946,25 $

A multi-stage approach to addressing sex-disparities in musculoskeletal injuries in military perators

University of Ottawa

199 291,07 $

Improving CAF Gender Diversity

University of Waterloo

182 664,00 $

3. Amélioration du rendement cognitif

Multi-User AR Enabled Networked Operations for the RCN

General Dynamics

199 604,95 $

Generic Multisource Data Fusion Framework with Augmented Reality Interface

OODA Technologies Inc.

199 640,49 $

Enhancing conventional vision by adding Heat Signatures in real-time to a user’s display

OODA Technologies Inc.

199 310,53 $

Cognitive Shadow: Capturing judgment policies for real-time decision support in maritime patrol aircraft

Thales Canada

199 912,80 $

Apply advanced geospatial visualization technology leveraging Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality to mission planning, situational awareness and cognition enhancements

ECERE Corporation

200 000,00 $

Holographic Display for Battlespace Visualization

Avalon Holographics Incorporated

186 864,88 $

Gaze-Aware System for Supporting Human Performance in Surveillance

Thales Canada

199 981,77 $

3D Visualization for Complex Information Systems

MDA Systems Ltd

199 999,85 $

Intelligent, Dynamically Adaptive Simulation and Operational Support to Enhance Medical Trauma Response

Queen's University

183 415,60 $

4. Prédire et optimiser le rendement du personnel

Smart Patch utilizing nano-sensors to monitor physical activity and predict preparedness

Simon Fraser University

149 500,00 $

Readiness Evaluation: QUantified INdividuals (REQUIN)

La Société Thales Canada Inc.

178 229,67 $

Biometric Monitoring in support of personal performance prediction and optimization

Neptec Design Group Ltd

98 541,59 $

Development of the Altius Automated Ergonomic Assesment Tool

Altius Analytics Labs Inc.

176 400,00 $

Non-Intrusive Operator State Monitoring System (NI-OSMS)

Computer Research Institute of Montreal

168 498,00 $

Injury Prevention and Performance Optimization in the Military Context

Plantiga Technologies Inc.

174 650,00 $

Development and validation of a CANadian virtual Soldier Performance Prediction and Optimization Tool (CAN-SPPOT) to predict and optimize performance and minimize injury risk based on personal, operational, equipment, and environmental factors.

Université d'Ottawa

199 355,00 $

Sensing Human for Advanced Recommendation of Cursus (SHARC)

Thales Canada Inc.

170 142,22 $

5. Performance humaine dans les environnements climatiques extrêmes

Hybrid Augmentation and Harvesting Exoskeleton for Increased Performance and Autonomy in Remote Locations

Bionic Power Inc

199 999,80 $

Mechanics-Based Ice-Repellent Surfaces (MBIRS) for personnel protection in extreme cold

U of BC

77 650,00 $

Extremes in temperature monitor using wearable Doppler sensor

1929803 Ontario Corp.

93 384,96 $

Dual Diver Heating System

Med-Eng Holdings ULC

77 459,35 $

Optimizing performance and health readiness of CF Soldiers during cold extremes: an international partnership

University of Ottawa

41 375,46 $

Pre-deployment Acclimation Strategies and Resilience Assessment and Techniques for Extreme Climatic Conditions Using Extreme Climate Chambers

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

100 000,00 $

Adaptations aux effets aigus répétés de la déshydratation: Impact sur la performance physique, les fonctions cognitives, la régulation du volume plasmatique et les réponses endocrines, cardiovasculaires, thermorégulatrices et subjectives en milieu chaud

Université de Sherbrooke

97 588,00 $

Thermal Management Garments

NanoNB Corp

74 100,25 $

Smart wound management bandage for extreme environments

4M BioTech Ltd.

138 000,01 $

Operation heat shield: Maximizing readiness and operational capability of military personnel in heat stress conditions.

University of Ottawa

199 692,65 $

Gender-and morphology-based solutions to cold-induced decrements in manual dexterity and strength for military in extreme arctic environments

Simon Fraser University

184 755,00 $

6. Détection et classification des objets d’intérêt

Integrated Classification and Tracking Network 2.0

Labforge Inc.

196 507,00 $

Development of a Pan-MS dual-camera technology

SceneSharp Technologies Inc.

199 215,65 $

SDSN: Smart Drone Surveillance Network

Centre en Imagerie Numerique et Medias Interactifs

199 770,21 $

Recognizing Small Objects of Interest using Edge-Server Computing Architecture

Complex System Inc.

199 689,00 $

Visible Infrared Quantum MAD platform for detection and classification of objects

SB Technologies Inc.

199 912,57 $

A “Digital Crew”, AI-Enabled Multiband Vehicle Situational Awareness System

Thales Canada Inc.

198 663,00 $

New Plasmonic Technologies for Near Infrared and Long Wave Infrared Sensing

Simon Fraser University

199 902,00 $

Ultra-Wideband 94 GHz Radars for mm-Resolution Detection and Imaging of Remote Objects

Transeon Inc.

199 983,00 $

Analysis software for High performance entangled photon quantum LIDAR imaging

Single Quantum Systems Inc.

199 999,43 $

Smart object monitoring using deep learning

Xtract Technologies Inc.

35 910,00 $

Multi System Protection

CS Communication and Systems

99 999,35 $

Ecopia Machine-Learning Detection & Classification System

Ecopia Tech Corporation

175 833,33 $

Human-centric AI Object Detection

Accenture Inc.

176 484,00 $

7. Surveillance maritime persistante

Continuous Surveillance Through Autonomous Reporting (CSTAR)

JASCO Applied Sciences

199 947,00 $

Persistant Maritime Surveilance with fully autonmous Ducted Fan Unamnned Aerial Vehicles

10112755 Canada Inc. o/a AS Works

193 200,00 $

Preliminary feasibility analysis and research plan for a new capability to detect motion of submarines under sea ice

AstroCom Associates Inc.

199 897,00 $

Autonomous Sonar Operations System

General Dynamics Mission Systems - Canada

199 940,75 $

Low Power Electric Field Amplifier to enhance detection capabilities of underwater sensor systems

Omnitech Electronics Incorporated

127 017,50 $

Self-Contained Readily Deployable Autonomous Underwater Surveillance Nodes

Martec Limited / Lloyd's Register

199 106,00 $

Remote Autonomous Data collection System for Arctic Marine environments 2 (RADSAM-2)

151 Research Inc.

180 800,00 $

Persistent Remote Maritime Surveillance and Warning

eSonar Inc

199 534,20 $

Wave Power Technologies to develop a Sonobuoy Array

BMT Canada Ltd.

197 563,55 $

Persistent Maritime Surveillance

CAE Inc.

199 978,99 $

GNSS-based mitigation of ionospheric noise for precise magnetic anomaly detection

University of Calgary

166 500,00 $

Passive Autonomous Acoustic Surveillance System (PAASS)

GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.

193 948,08 $

Deployable Battery Station for UUV Mission Extension

Cellula Robotics Ltd.

200 000,00 $

Persistent Maritime Surveillance using Wave Glider and Passive Sonar Technology

Maritime Way Scientific

195 519,38 $

Collaborative Persistent Surveillance using Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Thales Canada Inc.

199 674,81 $

AUV to ASV Docking to Enable Autonomous, Persistent Maritime Surveillance


199 991,26 $

8. Protection balistique légère

Graphene-Enhanced Ballistic Plates

Nova Graphene Canada

188 042,00 $

Development of Optimized Light Weight Female Ballistic Plates

Humansystems Incorporated

199 869,89 $

Soldier's Reconfigurable Armour System Testbed

Humansystems Incorporated

199 705,85 $

Élaboration d'une protection balistique légère pour le ministère de la Défense Nationale

Protection Humaine Inc.

197 803,50 $

Ultra-strong lightweight ballistic protection using gradient nano-grained metallic materials

University of British Columbia

43 220,00 $

Tactical Unloading Upper Body Chassis

Mawashi Science & technologie Inc

199 918,52 $

Modular and scalable blast and fragmentation protective combat helmet

Med-Eng Holdings ULC

199 814,62 $

Ballistic and impact protective knee and elbow guards


199 920,66 $

Enhanced multi-threat body armor system


199 912,07 $

Lightweight Ballistic Protection: intermetallic, heat dissipating composite material

Lumiant Corporation

186 484,49 $

Liquid Diamond and STF variants for improved lightweight ballistic extremity protection

Carleton University

104 818,80 $

Advanced Multilayer Materials for Ballistic Protection

University of British Columbia

161 370,00 $

Development of designed, anisotropic materials for blast and impact protection

Concordia University

117 600,00 $

9. Détection et planification des risques chimiques, biologiques et radiologiques

Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor Platform for CBR Detection

Applied Quantum Materials

134 809,50 $

Rapid amplification-free detection of specific DNA sequences in substrates

CNA Diagnostics Inc.

197 834,33 $

Development of highly sensitive and portable chemical and biological agent detectors using monolayer MoS2 surface acoustic wave technology

Simon Fraser University

200 000,00 $

Wearable Chemical Hazard Sensors

University of Waterloo

176 139,20 $

Optical detection of nerve agents

Concordia University

112 720,00 $

A 5D Visualization and Analysis Solution for CBR Threats

Intergraph Canada

88 935,52 $

Rapid City Planner for CBR Hazard Detection and Planning

Martec Limited

95 636,76 $

Robust, lightweight, medium range optical standoff detection, identification and tracking of warefare bio-agent clouds

Institut national d'optique

47 139,75 $

Personal Protective Ensembles for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazard Detection protection

University of British Columbia

98 450,00 $

Advanced Multiplex Technology for Pathogen Detection and Recognition

Queens University

65 315,00 $

Sensitive Detection and Identification or Airborne Chemicals and Biological Agents

University of Ottawa

200 000,00 $

10. Dissuasion proactive

BMU Deterrence Intelligent Room

Beam Me Up Labs

198 777,15 $

Personality and social modelling of proactive deterrence with Bayesian graphical networks

Lunar Medical Inc.

191 738,40 $

AI Deterrence: Science, Theory, and Practice

Carleton University

61 860,00 $

Deterrence in Outer Space Through Mutual Dependencies

Spectrum Space Security Inc

88 987,50 $

Concepts As Tools for Proactive Deterrence

University of British Columbia

23 680,00 $

A New Framework for Proactive Deterrence in Space

Space Strategies Consulting Ltd

164 151,50 $

11. Collaboration de systems robotiques

Human Robot Collaboration using a prototype human operated multi-domain control station to control and supervise a large team of collaborative autonomous UxVs

Cohort Systems Inc.

199 500,01 $

Light-weighting the Dismounted Soldier

AirShare, Inc.

192 600,00 $

Collaboration of multi-domain marine robots towards above and below-water surveillance and characterization of marine objects

Cellula Robotics Ltd.

199 976,10 $

Video streaming capabilities for an immersive UAV control station

Qube 4D Ventures Inc.

196 992,50 $

RoboMILconcerto - AI conducting of multi-type multi-role robotic systems

Moovee Innovations Inc.

198 750,02 $

Single Human Operator to Control and Coordinate Multiple Robotic Systems

General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada Corporation

199 999,11 $

Common Organic Ground Station (COGS)

General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada Corporation

199 995,15 $

SWARM - Micro UAV Swarms for Tactical Activity

Eomax Corp.

199 170,98 $

Autonomous Task Detection and Dynamic Specialized Agent Allocation For Multi-Robot Collaboration

University of Ottawa

198 687,00 $

Define the Limitation of Human vs Automated Control of Multiple Robotic Systems

General Dynamics Land Systems

199 999,58 $

Multiple Robotic Vehicle Control (MuRVCo)

Canadensys Aerospace Corp

200 000,00 $

Integrate control of a UGVs into ISS

Rheinmetall Canada Inc.

179 577,79 $

Beyond Line of Sight Organization of Robotic Groups (BORG)

Kongsberg Geospatial Ltd

199 885,70 $

A Heterogenous Swarm of Mobile Robots as the First Responder for Search and Rescue in Hazerdous Environments

Univerity of PEI

199 020,00 $

12. Positionnement, navigation et synchronisation résilients, non fondés sur le système mondial de localisation (GPS)

W-CLAM - Wearable collaborative localization and mapping system

AIWorx Inc

196 428,06 $

Resilient Positioning and Navigation System

Akimbo Technologies Inc.

199 993,05 $

LiDAR-Aided 3D Visual Inertial Navigation and Mapping Using Head-Worn Wearable Devices

Simon Fraser University

200 000,00 $

Système de reconnaissance 3D sans GPS à l'aide de micro-UAV

ARA Robotique

199 389,65 $

Resilient Geolocation using Deep Learning Cross-View Exploitation

MDA Systems Inc.

199 999,47 $

Quantum-Enhanced Navigational Sensors

University of Toronto

171 421,83 $

Life Vine by RTEng.Pro

Real-Time Engineering and Simulation

198 032,50 $

Resilient Non-Global Positioning System (GPS) Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing

BMT Canada Ltd.

127 682,09 $

Navigation and Timing in GPS-denied Environments using Hybrid Natural-SLAM Approach Integrated with Self-configurable Time Synchronized UWB Ad-hoc Networks

Carleton University

165 810,00 $

Positionnement, Navigation et synchronisation résilents, non Fondés sur le Système Mondial de Localisation

École de technologie supérieure

196 237,27 $

Solution de positionnement sans GPS

Louis Tanguay Informatique Inc.

199 964,52 $

13. Identification et caractérisation des objets spatiaux

The Space Situational Awareness Graphical Environment (SSAGE)

Geocentrix Technologies Inc.

198 620,00 $

SPA2CE (SPace Activity Analysis and Collection/Correlation Engine)

Thales Canada Inc.

198 906,75 $

Advanced Space Common Operating Picture (SCOP) System for Intelligent Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Object Identification and Characterization (SOI&C)

Globvision Inc.

196 538,28 $

Enhanced Space Surveillance using Star Trackers

Magellan Aerospace Winnipeg

194 934,47 $

Watchguard Space-Based Proximity Monitoring System – HD Zoom for the Common Operating Picture

Canadensys Aerospace Corp

199 990,79 $

High Resolution Tracking of Low Earth Orbit Space Objects

University of Calgary-Research Services

199 924,84 $

Space Common Operating Picture System (S-COPS)

MDA Systems Ltd

199 999,89 $

Artificial Intelligence Driven Platform for Identification and Detection of Space Objects


199 749,99 $

Holographic Display for Space Situational Awareness

Avalon Holographics Incorporated

185 077,32 $

Space Object Identification Using Optronically-processed Synthetic Aperture Ladar - SSCL

Space Strategies Consulting Ltd

176 388,00 $

14. Que contient un vidéo plein écran?

Système de surveillance maritime aérienne pour détecter des objets en mer ou en milieu côtier et identifier leur nature en temps réel

Université de Moncton

118 306,48 $

Multi-stream understanding of video using deep learning

Xtract Technologies Inc.

98 490,00 $

Full Motion Video Analysis: Generation and Augmentation of Datasets for Deep Learning

11008226 Canada Corporation

147 275,16 $

A Novel Platform of Artificial Intelligence-based Object Detection, Classification and Tracking Using Heterogeneous Computing Architectures

CMC Microsystems

198 779,43 $

Panoptes: Automated Behaviour Anomaly Detection System for Full Motion Video

MDA Systems Inc.

199 996,79 $

MIST (Multimodal Input Surveillance & Tracking)

Terra Sense Analytics Ltd.

191 205,00 $

Analysis of Full Motion Video using Deep Neural Networks

Discrete Integration Corp.

199 784,00 $

Multi-sensor video analytic with distance learning for anomaly detection

Complex Systems Inc

199 569,00 $

Real-time multiple-object detection, tracking and modeling from fixed and airborne platforms

York University

199 024,00 $

FMV and Still Imagery Tracking Toolset


199 778,10 $

15. Compréhension approfondie du contenu des médias sociaux

Deep learning for media fusion and analytics to improve situational awareness

Xtract Technologies Inc.

95 760,00 $

Improved Intelligence Capability Through Fusion of Actionable Intelligence From Social Media and Other Open Sources

OODA Technologies Inc.

199 999,83 $

Provenant - Tracing Mass Manipulation in the Social Media War of Influence

Uncharted Software Inc.

199 598,59 $

Intelligent Filtering of Social Media

AMITA Corporation

198 589,59 $

Making Sense of Social Media Chatter through Behaviour Analytics

MDA Systems

199 996,94 $

Real-time detection of suspicious events and foreign interventions in social medias

Thales Canada

199 517,88 $

Making sense of social chatter through augmented NexaIntelligence


199 500,00 $

Comprehensive analysis of social media in foreign languages for threat detection


197 750,00 $

16. Cyber attribution pour la défense du Canada

Semi-automated Cyber Attribution using CLAW

CybernetIQ Inc.

154 245,00 $

Cyber Attribution of Sophisticated Threat Actors in the Defence of Canada

Sapper Labs Inc

197 637,00 $

A Multi-View Fuzzy Consensus Clustering System for Cyber Attack Attribution

University of Guelph

152 100,00 $

Identification of the source of a malicious cyber activity

Computer Research Institute of Montreal

190 771,20 $

Scaling Attribution With Automated Software Analysis and Supervised Learning


120 006,00 $

Applying AI to Cyber Attribution

Phirelight Security Solutions Inc.

196 710,40 $

CATCH - Cyber Attributed Threat Classification Huntware

White Whale Analytics

199 500,00 $

    Total  26 600 300,89 $

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