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Son Altesse Royale le duc d'Édimbourg, In Memoriam

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Your Majesty, the Royal Family, Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the death of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. I greatly appreciate his loyalty to you and our country & he will never be forgotten. His commitment and leadership were exemplary as he took his place at your side. May God comfort you and your family at this time of mourning. May he rest in peace.

William Harry Chadderton
2021-04-10 05:03:37

Condolences, love and prayers to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family.

Junie Omand-Penner
2021-04-10 05:00:43

I was really rooting for you to reach 100!

Matthew D. Dho
2021-04-10 05:00:28

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty The Queen , on the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince Philip.

Leah Allen
2021-04-10 04:54:20

My sincerest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and all members of the Windsor-Mountbatten family on the passing of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Jennifer Cee
2021-04-10 04:31:35

I was saddened to hear of Prince Phillip's passing and wish to express my sincere condolences to the Royal Family for their loss.

Karla Ferguson
2021-04-10 04:16:07

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of HRH the Duke f Edinburgh. My deepest sympathies to HM the Queen of Canada and all the Riyal Family.

Roy Eappen
2021-04-10 04:12:46

My deepest condolences to the Royal family. May his soul rest in peace.

Jun Balinos
2021-04-10 04:08:56

Deepest condolences to her majesty the Queen and the Royal family. RIP !

Jawad Khan
2021-04-10 04:03:39

My deepest condolences to the Queen and the royal family,

Patrick Lauzon
2021-04-10 03:54:54

The passing of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is a loss for the world. May HM The Queen of Canada and the rest of the Canadian Royal Family find some small solice in knowing The Duke's duty to public service, to Canadians and the peoples of the other Commonwealth Realms, and to service to his queen and wife, was an example to all.

Gavin Guthrie
2021-04-10 03:51:52

My sincere condolences go out to Her Majesty The Queen. As a member of the cadet program for four years His Royal Highness The Prince Phillip’s death has hit close to home.

Christine Allen
2021-04-10 03:24:19

Your Royal Highness May you Rest In Peace. As a younger second generation Canadian who recently joined the service I have the utmost respect to Her Majesty the Queen of Canada and the Commonwealth and my most sincere condolences are with her. Your service is much well appreciated. Rest In Peace.

Samiul Islam
2021-04-10 03:21:28

Rest in peace.

Hudson Wei
2021-04-10 03:06:34

Thank you sir for your service to our Queen, your country & the Commonwealth, our world is richer for your endeavours. RIP.

Catherine McGhee
2021-04-10 03:05:18

We were saddened at the news of Prince Philip’s passing. Sending deepest sympathy to Her Majesty and the Royal Family from Canada. God Bless.
May he Rest In Peace

Robert & Adele McLennan
2021-04-10 03:01:37

Our deepest condolences to queen Elizabeth the ll . And to the entire royal family. Rest in peace Prince Phillip you will be dearly missed.

The Martin Family
2021-04-10 02:59:37

May God rest His Royal Highness

Bryce Eldridge
2021-04-10 02:59:16

Deeply saddened by this sudden news, as a Canadian Prince Philips news felt personal. Sincerest condolences to Queen, royal family and to whole common wealth for loss of this great vissionary leader. R.I.P. Duke of Edinburgh.

Saiyed Ehtesham
2021-04-10 02:58:42

You Majesty, it is very sad of the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh. Our sincere condolences to you and your family. Your loss is felt by many but he is now resting at peace. "Inis vitae sed non amoris."

Tim & Linda Popp
2021-04-10 02:58:32

To Your Majesty, My sincere condolences on the passing of HRH Prince Phillip. May he rest in peace and may you be comforted by family, friends, and your faith in your time of grief.

Briana O'Brien
2021-04-10 02:55:21

May the angels welcome you into Paradise.

Edward Moroney
2021-04-10 02:50:15

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family.
God bless you.

Marco Penado
2021-04-10 02:43:53

Je me joins à tous mes compatriotes pour offrir mes plus sincères condoléances à Sa Majesté la Reine. Quel que soit son rang, voir partir un partenaire aimé après de longues années est douloureux. Philip a su s'acquitter avec dignité du second rôle complexe qui fut le sien. Nous nous souviendrons de lui.

Henri Paratte
2021-04-10 02:43:01

My condolences to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Canada/Commonwealth realm, and to the rest of the Canadian Royal Family. Rest in Peace Prince Phillip. May eternal light shine upon you.

2021-04-10 02:40:55

Your Majesty, Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss. We mourn a great man. He will be missed here in Canada and abroad.

M&D Sanderson
2021-04-10 02:38:39

Condolences from the Salm family in Alberta Canada.

Michelle Salm
2021-04-10 02:34:14

My deepest condolences for your loss. You may recall a trip to Prince Rupert, British Columbia in 1972. I stood to the side of the roadway with my 2 year old son as you and Prince Phillip were slowly driven by us. The Prince saw us and gave us a big smile and wave. Of course, we were excited and waved back. I've never forgotten that special moment. May God be with you and Bless you at this difficult time.

2021-04-10 02:30:18

Condolence for Prince Philip, May he rest in heaven in peace, Long Live the Queen.

2021-04-10 02:30:13

My sincerest condolences Your Royal Highness for the loss of your beloved husband His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. May you be surrounded by love of family during this most difficult time. May your memories keep you both close at heart. I find myself feeling so sad for you my Queen. With deep respect from Vancouver Island, BC

Sandra Harrison Rockx
2021-04-10 02:29:08

Condolences to her Majesty and family. How wonderful to have had a partner for so long. He will be missed.

2021-04-10 02:24:55

I would like to offer you and your family our deepest, and most sincere condolences. May you be surrounded by love during this difficult time.

2021-04-10 02:23:34

My heart goes out to Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. While many royals have come and gone, only some have made the world a better place. The Duke of Edinburgh was one of the latter. May he rest in peace.

Helen Lu
2021-04-10 02:20:35

We send our sincere condolences to Her Majesty, our Queen, on the loss of her beloved Husband, confidant, partner, best friend, and Prince.

He was an extraordinary man, with a sense of duty, next only to his wife.

We thank you for your service.
May the Duke of Edinburgh forever rest in peace.

Suzanne Parnell
2021-04-10 02:19:08


Many prayers being sent for the Queen and the entire royal family.

Heather McVie
2021-04-10 02:18:10

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of His Royal Highness. He seemed a fine man.

Harris family
2021-04-10 02:16:57

Toutes mes sincères condoléances à la
Reine ainsi que la famille,

Martin Lacroix
2021-04-10 02:16:56

My Condolences to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her entire family. Prince Philip was the longest serving consort and it takes a man of great strength to be submissive. I had recently learned of all of the visits that Prince Philip made to Canada. His 70th visit was to replace a flag when he was 91 years old. I admire his dedication to the Duke of Edinburgh awards and his support of our beloved Queen of Canada Elizabeth II. May he Rest In Peace.

2021-04-10 02:11:45

He was an inspiration for his loyalty, his inexhaustible support for hundreds of good causes, and not least for his mischievous sense of humour.

Jonathan Miller
2021-04-10 02:11:16

We are truly sorry for your loss. We learned of the news of his passing during an emergency meeting and were totally dejected. It was hard doing our tasks knowing about this sad news.

Amon Gus & Tim Poster
2021-04-10 02:08:00

Altesse royale c’est depuis la franche comté que je présente mes condoléances les plus sincères et respectueux à la Reine Elisabeth ,j’ai toujours suivi votre carrière avec beaucoup de respect ,reposez en paix que Dieu vous protège

2021-04-10 02:06:46

I would like to express my most sincere condolences to her Majesty the Queen and to the Royal family.

Luisa Maria Canas
2021-04-10 02:06:26

Condolences to the Royal Family. *RIP* Prince Philip

Sheila Moulton
2021-04-10 02:05:16

Your Majesty, Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the death of your beloved husband HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. We have greatly admired his loyalty to you and the country. His strength and leadership were exemplary as he took his place at your side. May God comfort you and your family at this time of mourning. May he rest in peace.

Ellen Parkinson
2021-04-10 02:05:10

To her majesty the Queen I send my deepest condolences for your loss your husband Prince Philip and to all your family . I still have a plate of your coronation celebration I keep it preciously. I wish I was able to present my condolences in person. With our current situation stay safe and this one is for Prince Philip .... to honour a great man.

Pierre Paul M-Despatie
2021-04-10 02:00:31

Heart felt condolences - I am second generation Canadian and have long heard of my English roots on my mother's side.

2021-04-10 01:59:33

My thoughts and prayers are with Queen Elizabeth and her family.

Prince Philip was a constant support to Her Majesty and his services to the Crown cannot be understated. May he Rest In Peace.

Uzair Siddique
2021-04-10 01:55:38

My deepest sympathy to you, our Queen Elizabeth II. May you find peace and comfort during this trying time.

Veronica K.
2021-04-10 01:55:38

Rest In Peace good Sir! Thank you for your service - and for supporting Our Queen to the fullest. You will be greatly missed. Thinking of the Royal Family, and in particular, HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Sheila Levesque
2021-04-10 01:54:04

Our deepest condolences to the Queen & the rest of the Royal Family for their very sad loss of HiRH Prince Philip.
Prince Philip was a wonderful example of a very devoted husband, father, grandfather & great grandfather.
His duty, loyalty, commitment and service to his family & country was truly remarkable.
Thank you Prince Phillip for your remarkable life and May your Soul Rest In Peace.
May God provide strength and comfort to Her Majesty The Queen & her family at this very sad time.

Julie Singh
2021-04-10 01:52:44

Though he was old, he was still strong mentally and his quick wit was legendary. A true Royal, he will be missed. Rest in Peace!

Jon Raj
2021-04-10 01:52:32

I’ve had the pleasure of serving under Prince Philip many years ago while serving with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment. You will be sadly missed!!!

David Nunnamaker
2021-04-10 01:52:04

Thank you for your years of service and supporting out beloved Queen through out her reign.

Samantha Christianson
2021-04-10 01:51:14

My deepest sympathies to the Royals on this momentous day. As one of the young Canadians tasked with giving my blood in service to the crown, I am saddened that it was not enough to keep The Duke as alive as he always seemed to be.

2021-04-10 01:46:29

My deepest condolences and prayers to the Queen and all the family. Prince Phillip visited British Columbia many times and I feel he left a steady foot print here, representing his strength, fortitude and appreciation of youth and all that they can achieve. he will never be forgotten.

2021-04-10 01:45:28

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, Queen of Canada and the members of the Royal family. May we as the commonwealth join today to be your comfort and stay during this difficult time. It has been remarkable to see Prince Philip and his life long dedication in serving the crown and inspiring many across the Commonwealth.

Joshua W
2021-04-10 01:44:46

My heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty, the Queen and the Royal Family. Warmest Regards from the Province of Quebec.

Ernst-Udo Peters
2021-04-10 01:44:03

Felling sad after hearing the news. Rest In Peace

2021-04-10 01:42:39

I always admired an adored how as husband to the Queen, he fulfilled his duties with pleasure it seemed. His stoic and handsome face will be missed.

Marlena Martin
2021-04-10 01:38:39

As a person of Canadian ancestry, I am proud of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. I wish to extend to the Queen and the royal family my heartfelt sympathy and prayers. God save the Queen!

Mayor (Ret) Clayton Sure reach III
2021-04-10 01:37:19

My deepest condolences to the family of The Duke of Edinburg, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families at this very difficult time. God bless

Jeannette Hicks
2021-04-10 01:32:19

Thank you for everything you gave to your position, your country, your family and most of all your wife

Tracy Cross Gauthier
2021-04-10 01:31:48

May the Prince rest in peace and may the family find their own peace.

Melinda Robbins
2021-04-10 01:28:51

You have done your part, as Queen's husband, father, grandfather and most important of all, the founder of the DEA which brought much training and exposure to the Commonwealth children. May you rest in peace.

2021-04-10 01:28:38

My condolences to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family on the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. He had a great sense humour and was interested in people and what was going on in Manitoba.

2021-04-10 01:26:20

My heartfelt condolences to Queen Elizabeth and her family for the loss of such an outstanding human being. His memory will be treasured by many.

Anne Noel
2021-04-10 01:25:45

I’m sorry for your loss. May his memory be a blessing.

Jeanette Glass
2021-04-10 01:23:49

May the Lord Bless you and give you peace your Majesty in your time of mourning. You have lost a friend, confidant, loving husband. Prince Phillip a man of valour, strength shall live on in the hearts of many around the world. Rest In Peace Prince Phillip.

Linda Thomas
2021-04-10 01:21:42

Sincères condoléances. Quel vie extraordinaire a eu ce grand homme!

Jessica Fortin
2021-04-10 01:21:25

My condolences to the Royal family on the loss of Prince Philip. R.I.P

2021-04-10 01:20:03

My family and I have always had the utmost love and respect for the Royal Family . We Americans are with you in solidarity. God bless you!

Kim Drennan
2021-04-10 01:09:48

Sending my deepest condolences to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and The Royal Family on the passing of HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. May he rest peacefully after living such a remarkable and accomplished life.

Trevor M. McMullin
2021-04-10 01:08:05

I was born the year the Duke married Princess Elizabeth so the Duke has been a central figure throughout my life. I send deep condolences to Her Majesty and pay tribute to the Duke, who had courage, compassion, wit and much wisdom. May he rest in peace and may long may his widow reign over us in Canada and elsewhere.

Peter Carlyle-Gordge
2021-04-10 01:07:57

Deepest condolences on the passing of Prince Phillip. Fair winds and following seas Sir.

Kathy Cross
2021-04-10 01:07:15

"i feel a kinship to the royal family lies in every british subject, and in every soul it was felt the loss of a great and prestigious man, no more so than those closest to him."
"so may GOD's temple welcome his hetacomb in open arms and bless a cornucopia of royal blood to follow in his footsteps. GOD bless all."

Mr. & Mrs. Jules & Amery Participatience
2021-04-10 01:07:00

May you rest in power, and your legacy throughout the Commonwealth and beyond be celebrated for the rest of time.

Matthew Basmadjian
2021-04-10 01:06:35

On behalf of my family, myself, and our Doukhobor ancestors who were accepted into Canada, I wish the Royal family our deepest condolences.

Lisa M Sapriken
2021-04-10 01:06:04

North Saanich joins with residents of Vancouver Island, B.C. and Canada to commend the spirit of this mild mannered yet strong man who spent the greatest part of his life attempting to ease the burden of Her Majesty. And a fine job he did !!!!

Diana McBratney
2021-04-10 01:06:02

My sympathies to the family and the Queen on the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh. It was a life well lived and his D of E program will live on in his honour. Thank you for your service sir.

BeverlySimpson Headon
2021-04-10 01:05:35

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty The Queen, and the Royal family, on the passing of HRH Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh. He was a remarkable person and will be sorely missed.

Norma Bonnici
2021-04-10 01:00:57

My sincere sympathy to your Majesty Our Queen and OurRoyal Family. Hold tight the wonderful memories that Prince Philip left you with just as we in Canada will fondly remember him as a champion of Canada. He will be missed but now can Rest In Peace without pain.

Sandra Bednarek
2021-04-10 00:59:18

My thoughts are with the Royal Family at this time. We are grateful for the many years of Service and the affection for Canada from the Duke of Edinburgh

Michelle Kirkbride
2021-04-10 00:58:35

Condolences to the Queen and her family on the passing of her husband Prince Philip.

2021-04-10 00:55:46

I am saddened to hear of your loss. He was a bright shining star in the darkness. You have my whole heart. In the end grief is the price we pay for love.

David Carlé
2021-04-10 00:55:36


Trevor Myles
2021-04-10 00:52:29

Condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and her family on the death of HRH Prince Philip from the Buddhist community of Lytton B.C. Canada

Rev. Koten Benson
2021-04-10 00:51:54

I send my deepest condolences to the Royal Family and to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Today is a difficult day for the United Kingdom, Canada, and the entire Commonwealth.
Our collective sadness cannot be expressed in words; however, I hope that our collective support will get us through this upsetting time.

Braden Majic
2021-04-10 00:50:11

Our sincere condolences to the Royal Family, from Newfoundlanders. Prince Phillip was a gentleman and a firm support for our Queen throughout the years. Love and prayers

2021-04-10 00:49:44

I am from Thunder Bay, ON. I met the Duke of Edinburgh while in nursing school in the late 1950s along with my classmates. My family also saw him and the Queen at Old Fort William. Sending our condolences to the Queen and family. Frances Adderley and family

Frances Adderley and Family
2021-04-10 00:48:49

So very sad to hear of the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh. It has been the most difficult year for all. To have the Duke’s passing at this most time only adds to the tragic sadness of it all. Keeping the Queen and the Royal Family in my thoughts and prayers.

Janice Sissau
2021-04-10 00:47:19

My heart is so saddened by the passing of this lovely man. Truly dedicated to his beautiful wife, family and country. I’ve shed many tears today. My condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her family. Hugs to all of Britain He was a pillar of strength to many and will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace Prince Philip

Nicola Meyers
2021-04-10 00:45:36

It is with great sadness we are signing this book acknowledging a huge man for so long..His life will be sorely missed by his constituents and family..My prayers for Queen Elizabeth will be so sad to not have her partner for so many decades..

Nora and Mike Roy
2021-04-10 00:43:14

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and family. I had the honour of being part of an Honour guard for HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh back in the late '60's during his visit to Toronto. 'I have the honour to be, Sir, your obedient servant.' Formal wording used in correspondence for Her Majesty's Canadian Ships, circa 1967. Words that have been my life's compass. With gratitude and humbleness.

Linda Adams
2021-04-10 00:41:44

Definitely a man of strength. May his memory be for a blessing. My mother remembers watching the coronation of his wife, his Queen, on tv.

Hava & David
2021-04-10 00:41:06

Sincere condolences on the loss of Prince Phillip. May be Rest In Peace.

Laurie Bartlett
2021-04-10 00:41:01

For Queen and country. Thank you for a life time of dedication and service.

Capt Brennan
2021-04-10 00:40:43

Sincere sympathies in the loss of Your husband. May God send comfort to you and your family at this time and in the days to come. Hugs from Canada

Leah Legacey
2021-04-10 00:39:24

Our deepest sympathy to Her Majesty and The Royal Family...

2021-04-10 00:36:01

I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh. I thought i woke up to a bad dream. We went to Queens Park in Toronto & left some flowers next to one of Queen Elizabeth 2nds plaque at the side of the Ontario Government Legislative building. Thank you for your service to Canada and the Commonwealth both in a time of war and peace! 70 times you came to Canada. You are a loyal Canadian.

Christopher James Stemp
2021-04-10 00:35:57

The Duke of Edinburgh will be missed. My condolence to the royal family.

Jonathan Eng
2021-04-10 00:31:17


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